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Jul 07, 2012, 08:27 AM
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Ron,You mean that the tail rotor are tilted??
The real on has the tail banked at aprox 20 degree.

TF models has a tail that is driven directly by a electro motor.
Thats the solution what I consider


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Jul 07, 2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by 11reb53
Hi Jan,

Actually what Iím looking for is the tail rotor gear box that tilts the tail rotor upwards away from the tail as shown in all full size photos. I saw this advertised a few months ago and have not been able to find it since!
I have the Smart Models raised tail gear unit, thatís not what I am looking for.

hi Ron, thanks for the heads up. To be honest, thats excellent, as i dont like straight forward builds, i need a bit of a challenge, and we all know scale modelling is ALL about problem solving, so any little jobs that need tweaking i will gladly sink my teeth into. I have the V3 Blackhawk with white gel coat coming. im told this version has the bugs fixed. theres so many variations in the moulds for each model, you may have just been unfortunate.

are you using the smartmodel raised tail gear unit in the blackhawk? was there enough room in the tail tower to fit the housing for the raised tail unit? from what i cant ell in the manual, theres a pretty tight squeeze down here. My black hawk is in the country but currently being held by customs as i have to pay a goods and sevices tax of around 150 on collection, and its the weekend here so im out of luck until monday. if i dont like the look of the unit supplied by rc aerodyne ill probably order a smart model unit.

and yes please, if you ever come across the link for the angled tail rotor head, that would be superb. ive read u can use shims to try achieve the same result.
Jul 08, 2012, 01:36 AM
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after a bit of discussion at the airfield today, im tossing up the idea of running a motorized tail rotor for the blackhawk. this would allow for the tail rotor to be angled to suit. food for thought.
Jul 08, 2012, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by JayNZ
after a bit of discussion at the airfield today, im tossing up the idea of running a motorized tail rotor for the blackhawk. this would allow for the tail rotor to be angled to suit. food for thought.
The TF sulution ? Jay.

That will do the trick I guess


Jul 08, 2012, 07:03 AM
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Iíve got the Smartmodels raised tail kit as well as the TF Models DD tail unit but other projects have kept me from starting on the Blackhawk. The Blackhawk combo I have came equipped with a flex drive system so I intend to use the raised tail kit in it. That way I donít have to worry about the flex cable failing in flight. If I happen to get started on my build before you do Iíll let you know about how well it fits.

I thought Iíd put the DD tail unit in my Huey as the belt drive system has a meshing problem between the supplied belt and the drive gear. Every few turns the belt wants to ride up on the drive gear. Get rid of the belt, get rid of the problem!

My AS550 has no raised tail so Iím hoping my 600ESP will slide right in with little to no problems.

Currently I have a Cobra on my workbench that I need to complete before I start on another project. Itís another belt drive system so Iím crossing my fingers that this one will work.
Meanwhile Iím going to keep searching for that tail tilt kit. Itís out there somewhere and Iím determined to find it!

Jul 08, 2012, 09:01 AM
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Hi Ron,

Will the TF Models DD fit nicely in the tail of the blackhawk? because you have the TF unit and the blackhawk if I'm correct.
the motor looks a bit big as far I can see because there are no dimensions on the TF webside

Jul 10, 2012, 10:00 AM
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Angled Tail Drive Unit for the Blackhawk


I found a company that makes these angled tail drive units, however they may or may not have one that fitís the 600 size Blackhawk. Turbine powered helicopters is what they cater to. In any case I have inquired about one and hope to get a reply soon.

The TF DD tail unit would require making some kind of mount in order to do what I want it to do! As it is, it would only allow for forward or backward tilt since it attaches directly to the torque tube end. It will serve me better in my UH-1 Huey.

Jul 10, 2012, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by 11reb53

I found a company that makes these angled tail drive units, however they may or may not have one that fitís the 600 size Blackhawk. Turbine powered helicopters is what they cater to. In any case I have inquired about one and hope to get a reply soon.

The TF DD tail unit would require making some kind of mount in order to do what I want it to do! As it is, it would only allow for forward or backward tilt since it attaches directly to the torque tube end. It will serve me better in my UH-1 Huey.

awesome that looks promising, and being designed for turbine models, you know its going to be of high quality. if you do find out if they make the units for 600 size, please let me know i will most definitely get one. the angle looks great.
Jul 12, 2012, 04:57 PM
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Hi all!

Well, after forking out the extra taxes and duties to the customs man, i received my RC Aerodyne UH -60 blackhawk V3 torque tube edition yesterday.

She came well packaged in 3 boxed layers. Quality! no damage whatsoever to the interior box which put my mind at ease even before opening.

Upon first glance, DAMN! Shes a big bird! 150CM Long, and 63cm wide with the wing mounts attached. theres no way im going to be able to fit 3x 600 scale helis in my car now... heli tetris is not ideal. thats another story.

The fuse construction looks to be of the highest quality. nice thick and even moulding, no warps or defects. you can tell that being RCA's 3rd edition of this bird, theyve ironed out some kinks so i highly recommend purchasing RCAs uh-60 v3 kit. a little more expensive but by the looks of it, for such a big bird, this is going to be a very straight forward build.

My last build was a tf-model ah-64b apache, which needed a lot of wood work and gluing before installation. this has none. The wooden floor mounting panels are already installed, all you have to do for this heli is install your lights/cockpit, attache tail, mount mechanics, and bobs your mothers brother. Simple. I like to make life hard for myself, so i plan to automate my horizontal stabilzer, add a long wire antenna down the port side from just below the back door to just before the verticl stab. im also going to add a drop down landing light, and hunt down some scale pilot & crew figures and have them seated along the door lines ready for deployment. Im also considering building a radar hub on the nose which would involve a little bit of work. Plenty to do! in the meantime in need to get a dx18 to accomodate all these switches!

So last night i built my mechanics up and will head to Hobby City Albany today to pick up some plugs, servo extension cables and assorted bits so i can make my Y lead and mount my ESC & Bec. All servos mounted, as well as the gyro and receiver. The side frames supplied were very straight forward, and even with no instructions, anyone with a half decent knowledge could transplant their mechanics parts over no worries.

I went to add the motor and found it was about a millimeter too wide on either side so cranked out the dremel and cut out enough free space for the motor to spin without grinding away at the mechanics frame. the Frame is also cut on a forward tilted angle, so your main shaft will automatically tilt forward when mounted to the heli. This saves the need for shimming your mounts. good thinking RCA!

The raised tail elbow gearbox looks very simple. Im not 100% sold on it as im extemely happy with the smartmodel version of this, and theres definitely enough room inside the tail boom to fit the sm gearbox so ill see how this plastic one performs and if its not up to scratch ill replace it. a 10minute job max.

I Added the front and rear landing gear. These went in very easily and seem like they will be able to withstand a decent hard landing. But we dont do those....do we fellas? the spring loaded suspension seems a little pointless as it only moves up and down about 5mm when mounted due to the angle of the external gear mount. i might take to the fuse with a cutter and give the main strut a little more pivot room so the gear can expand and relax when weight is loaded and lifted.

Thats all for now. Luckily for me, i work only on weekends, and only late at night (musicians hours) so ive got as much time as i like to work on this bird so i wont keep you guys waiting too long in between posts! time to build.

Next step. rivet dots. i estimate 8 hours.
Jul 14, 2012, 04:24 PM
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hi all. yesterday i spent the day at hobby city with my mate ben who kindly gets involved in my scale builds as he likes to see them fly just as much as i do. hes a 3d pilot but i secretly think he is in the scale closet because some of his ideas are great.

so i got the mechanics flying. unfotunately theres problems with the plastic pushrod linkage on the elbow gearbox at the tail unit. the little plastic lever both your pushrods join to on the elbow gear box is very stiff causing massive feedback in the gyro. i noticed it was also cracked, i dont know if it came like that, because it was already assembled, or its happened in flight due to stress. but i nearly lost the heli a couple of times so landed her and am today building one out of carbon left over from and old side frame.

Ive also spent the last two evenings adding rivet dots to the already embossed panel lines on the fuse. RCA seem to want to make your life easier. its great. no need to search out scale heli pics and squint away trying to find where the panel lines should be. i wont bother posting a pic until ive undercoated the fuse as you cannot see white/clear canopy glue on white gel coat.

todays "to do" list includes undercoat and paint the interior exterior. paint and clearcoat the landing gear, and work on the antenna's, peto tubes and main beacon.

pics in a few hours!
Jul 15, 2012, 08:29 PM
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Hi all,

Busy sunday. heres the latest.

I started work on the bulkhead of the fuse, adding rivet lines, and then cutting holes where intakes and vents appear on the UH60, from what i can find in pictures, i think i got them all. 2 on the side of the bulkhead and one square vent above the cockpit which i can only speculate is a ventilation duct for cockpit/pilot ventilation. im probably wrong.

I then cut out sheets of wire mesh and epoxied them to the underside of the holes

and also in the engine intake ducts

and the turbine exhaust housings

for the forehead bulkead vent, i used a fine dremel grinder disk and cut through 3m ply, then filed, sanded and epoxied into place


i made an antenna out of wood and cut a slit for it to sit in and epoxied, then proceeded to undercoat the 2 bulkead sections and the engine exhaust/turbine sections.

while i was doing this, my wife got amongst the rivets for my tail section. good woman is my wife!

today, im working on automating my rear horizontal stab wing, and adding the led lights to the tail section. the kit didnt come with the red beacon caps, so i plan to use clear red paint on some caps/lids taken from my friends diabetic sons hyperdermic needles. they look exactly like the red light covers used on beacons. ill put up pics to give you an idea.

have a good day folks!
Jul 16, 2012, 05:05 AM
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back again!

today was very productive,

I installed the LED Lights and soldered wiring extensions as the turnigy kits are not very long. stowed wires away neatly etc etc. pretty straight forward. i had to drill new holes as the ones provided were 4m and i had 7.5m leds and sockets so i drilled as carefully as possible through the plastic sockets already attached and popped the lights through.

i then started on my horizontal stab. this was fun, and pretty straight forward.

ingredients were as follows

1 x cup of tea
1 x quick think
1 x trip to hobby city
1 x du-bro flexi cable
1 x trip home.
1 x fun session of nutting out the design, & then building.

i simply drilled a hole through the stab, then made a oblong shape groove just below where the stab sits for the cable to travel through, made some guildes out of ply and epoxied them to the inside of the tail boom straight down the middle. i checked to see if the tail boom of the mechanics would have enoight clearance and theres plenty of real estate down there so its all good! i bought an atlas 4.5kg digital servo which i will mount up on the platform the mechanics mounts to for easy maintenance and adjustment.

its all pretty staight forward in the pics.

stab with flex cable affixed stright through and secured to the top side, then epoxied to lock. hinges attached, holes drilled to fit.

Rear of verticle stab before

home made guide bracket


sanded to shape

attached, rod insterted through guides, throw and travel is good and smooth movement through guides and external hole.

inside view

stab down

stab up

Jul 16, 2012, 07:03 AM
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Jul 19, 2012, 07:40 PM
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Hi there.

Painting progress, and a little dry fit of the cockpit.

nato black tamiya xf-69. i used the aerosol version forst for bulk undercoat and then finished with the airbrush simply because the accellerants added to the spray cause it to become glossier that the paint pot finish. its more time consuming but a much better finish. still tossing up wether or not to start adding a little flat black to the mix and doing panel line weathering. ive also decided not to make this a gunship, but a medi vac helo, so im booked in to get some medic/red cross decals made up tomorrow.

Its mentioned earlier in the thread that the cockpit doesnt fit inside the fuse. i took off the seats and this allowed me to slide the cockpit platform in there, but the raise platform is too high and when you ad the front cockpit panel, it sits too high in the front window, so im going to cut about an inch off the base of the platform and it should slot in there nicely.

in the pic of the heli, u can see the mechanics sitting under the table. out of curiosity/stupidity, i attached the smartmodel carbon/wood blades. i gave them a spool up after setting them all to 0deg. they nearly shook the heli to bits, and there was almost an inch of unequal tracking at 60% hover. so i weighed them and there was upto 2.5g difference in one of the blades. sending these back to smartmodel today as kin as finally refunded me! thanks kin. Ive put TF Model semi symmertical blades on the mechanics, and done around 25mins of hovering and tail gyro adjustments in the back yard. shes flying perfectly, and ive also discovered the reason why im getting cyclic wobble in my two other 600s. ive had the cyclic gain waaaaay too high on pot #1 on the beast x. ive reduced it by around 45% and now my heli seems to have no wobble at all, even when theres a breeze, or is hovering in its own downwash, which was when i would notice it the most on my other helis. very happy. ill see how it holds in forward flight but im feeling confident.

i also installed the servo that automates the horizontal stablilizer wing, it works perfectly. ill post vid soon.

The powertrain is running very cool at the moment. it will increase when added to the fuse.

headspeed is 1350
running time is 9 minutes with 30% residual battery but will drop wen i ad fuse
esc temp - 23degc
motor temp - 42deg
bec temp - 13deg
2 x hyperion 4200mah 6 cell.

looks promising!
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Jul 20, 2012, 09:42 PM
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hey all.

final leg.

Yesterday i made myself an antenna seen running up the side of the tail boom on blackhawks, by cutting out some brass sheet into little rectangles, and cutting bits of steel wire and soldering it all together. i got the idea from a chap who brought in his new model boat to the hobby shop while i was there. he had made handrailing for his cruise launch. he happend to be completely deaf so he wrote down his method for me which was very helpful. i thought it looked great so adapted it to the antenna instead of using cotter pins as shown in horsemans thread. a bit of 5min epoxie and it was all attached. great fun making this too.

decal time. ive not added the wings and extra fuel tanks with the red cross symbol on it yet.

glued in the windows and added the cockpit after cutting it down. it now fits perfectly.

view from cabin interior

so, i got all that done, installed the mechanics which have now done a solid 45 mins straight flying time so the gears and everything are nicely worn in. it was pretty straight forward. re-attaching the vertical tail boom was tricky but it worked out. theres plenty of clearance in the tail housing so thats good.

ive hovered her up, theres vibration in the tail wheel, it needs a couple of washers at the axle joint to stop it from shaking but thats easy.

at first, it felt like it was really tail heavy, but in a hover the disk sits flat and the body look to droop. this is because of the tilt-cut mechanics frame from RC, which causes your rotor disk to tilt forward to give it that scale look. Taking off is tricky compared to the apache, which has a swiveling rear wheel you can move to a sideways position to stop the heli wanting to roll forwards. this girl wants to roll because the tilted rotor mast. you have to be on top of it, but everything will come right after a couple of flights. the weather is crap this weekend so i wont get a chance to take a video of her maiden this weekend, but ill be back soon with footage.

all in all, this heli is highly recommendable. theres plenty of work room inside the heli, the build is very straight forward. its solid. it looks great, im super happy with it!

hope youve enjoyed the build.

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