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Jun 26, 2012, 02:16 PM
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Razor 450 - Need a little help here please

hows it going guys, i have the razor 450. just replaced the tail boom and belt yesterday.

went out earlier to try and fly this thing, but it looks like im having 2 problems here..

first problem is It dosnt look like one of the blades will pitch, only one blade pitches while the other one just remains still..

Second problem, when i try to take off. I can go full throttle.. and the best way i can describe it is that it looks like the copter is pushing itself against the ground..

I can litterally have it at full throttle and it will just pretty much kiss the ground.

I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to helis, i have other rc experience, but im not sure on this one.
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Jun 26, 2012, 02:49 PM
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Did you crash this and rebuild it? Pushing down means the pitch is reversed. That could be a transmitter setting, but it's usually caused by flipping the blade grips over and attaching them to the wrong side of the linkage.
Jun 26, 2012, 06:10 PM
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Yes, well actually my brother crashed it and bent the tail boom, so we put a new tail boom on, belt, 2 tail rotor blades, and 2 main blades.

Actually i just noticed another problem, that little rod that comes out of the gyro that slides up and down in that bracket ( i guess it keeps the rotor straight ) is broken also, so that bottom piece of the gyro spins side to side now..

But can you tell me how to correct the pitch problem?

EDIT: The part im talking about thats broke is on the swash plate, its that rod that comes off, and rides up an down in that bracket. i guess its to keep the swash plate centered?
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Jun 26, 2012, 08:08 PM
Cranky old fart
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You are referring to the anti-rotation bracket pin and if it's not there the swashplate will spin and won't move up and down properly. You MUST replace it.

I still say somebody flipped linkage, maybe when replacing blades. Disconnect the motor and see which way the linkage and blades moves when you increase throttle. If the pitch is moving down as you increase throttle the blade holder linkage is wrong. If the ball on the blade holders is on the left, disconnect the linkage, rotate it 180 and connect it to the linkage on the right. If it's on the right, switch it to the left. Of course you will have to flip the blades, too.

One more thing, it's hard to believe you did that much damage without bending a feathering shaft. I would disassemble the head and check the feathering shaft. Make damn sure you keep track of the order of the bushings, grommets and washers when you do this. Or, you will have one hell of a time putting it back together.

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