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Jun 26, 2012, 12:14 PM
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My incredibly BAD experience with a LotusRC T580 - Please LotusRC READ

I've bought 3 months ago a T580 from the italian distributor, and after assembly during first tests (on the ground) i mounted a prop in the wrong way so the T580 had a semi-flip, the prop touched the ground, and in LESS THAN A SECOND the upper esc burned (and an engine too) - OK, MY FAULT #1

The italian distributor gave me ANOTHER T580, at his expenses, I assembled, DID TESTS KEEPING THE T580 IN THE HAND, everything was fine, then i started to fly. 3 minutes later, during landing, i did a mistake, the T580 flipped, a prop touched the ground again, and IN LESS THAN A SECOND again, upper esc burned (and another engine again) - OK, MY FAULT #2, but huh, WHAT AN INCREDIBLE EASY-TO-BURN ESC

I ordered new esc from a china reseller, after 3 days they said it was not available and that 2.0 release was going to be released

As suggested here, I found a 2.0 at HiModel; they have been extremely professional, and delivered my orded in about 10 days with fedex.

Finally i received new ESC and new engine and NEW control board

But no manual, no installation instruction, no online support, NOTHING; NO WAY TO UNDERSTAND WHERE I HAD TO CONNECT +/- BATTERY (you could sell at 50 dollars instead of 46 AND SEND IT WITH CONNECTORS, what do you think???)

I removed old hardware, and installed new one looking at the old one, and SUPPOSING it was ok.

I connected the battery, then the start up procedure begun. All good! Good beeps!!! wow!

So, i took my T580 in hand, and started testing with your radio, at (of course) idle speed. Everithing was good, but in less than one minute, without any reason, big smoke from the esc and again, BURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HARDLY CAN BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what have i done? where is the mistake? Why don't you put a damn manual in the card?????? Why don't you send pre-assembled esc without need to manually solder battery connectors????????

Can you hear me? can you help me??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you have some images of my burned, brand new, 2.0, almost unused ESC
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Jun 26, 2012, 05:15 PM
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Pic #2 is funny.
Are you sure to have followed the T580 manual ?

It should look like this ( ) :

There is a thread about T580 :
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Jun 26, 2012, 05:58 PM
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i don't know what do you find "fun" in my picture

in any case you are showing the protocol v.1 of the electronics, while i'm talking about the release 2

there are THREE version of the manual on the web, neither of them explain how to connect terminals of the battery - i've read all more than one time, and read the thread on this forum

what i want is an answer from LotusRC, and suggestion about ELECTRIC SCHEME, and to understand if they see the chance to give me a sort of warranty on my last esc
Jul 08, 2012, 03:12 AM
There's Always a Way
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Problems with Lotus T580

I had so many problems with my T580, after about 30 'flights' trying to rectify them, it flipped over and drove itself inverted into the ground. THat was the last straw. I'll never have anything but bad things to say about Lotus.
Jul 08, 2012, 03:31 AM
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I want to expose here that i've no received any single answer from the company, after this post, some direct messages to LotusRC account here, and some mail.

I could even accept a negative response to my request of a warranty changeover of the burned esc, but i find very sad a complete no response - silence, call u as prefer

i've received yesterday a DJI NAZA equipment and Hobbywing ESCs, and i will work to completely change electronics on the T580. Next, i will change the multicopter as well.

In summary, normally good product, but as for me really bad in electronics especially for a beginner, and no support from the company (their website can explain the idea better than my words).
Jul 07, 2013, 01:25 AM
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Please upload videos or Email to: flying.yan ​​@。
You can contact the seller directly, he should mistake the product for service to you.
Aug 19, 2013, 09:58 AM
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mr yam come up with this anser to my emails

warranty is for all users, do not exist because I leave or change.
Please contact the vendor directly.
Aug 26, 2013, 10:12 PM
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HI Mr.Yan from LotusRC

Thanks for telling me about this, but after I bought a LotusRC t580 from one of your dealers , and after only flown it 3 -4 times before it had a flip of death
And after contacting you and after you told me you would replace the esc after you got me to send you my video of the crash and some pictures of the flight board and the esc ,
Then for some reason after you told me you were going to send the replacement parts out, you never answer any more emails, and I did not get any parts from you
, after 7 months of waiting for the parts I gave up and put the t580 in the bin,
Now after this sort of service and promises from you do you think I might be wasting my time buying this new T600G from you, after you let me down and I had nothing to show for my money after 3-4 flights?

after this i was told to speaking to mr yan on skyp

After a long chat with my yan over skyp for over 2 hours and promising to do some work for him I was told he would send me aT600G for just the price of the post and paypal fees
Mr.Yan you told me because I had problems last year with a t580 and because I was going to do a lot of good work with flight test videos and other work I would only have to be paying the shipping costs

Then I got an email asking for $510 from Becky from Lotus

I think something is very wrong here

Becky from LotusRC was told by mr yam to charge me the full amount 1, T600G ARF 1pcs $407.0 Shipping cost(Fedex) $84.0 paypal fees add 4% fee.$19.00 = $510
Then i sent a email to Mr.Yan

Mr.Yan you told me That you send me it for the cost of the Shipping cost (Fedex) $84.0 paypal fees add 4% fee.$19.00 = $103

not $510 please Mr.Yan tell Becky from LotusRC about this and I will be waiting for the reply soon

after contacting mr yan agan he comes back with

9:56 AM (3 hours ago)

to me
Please check out my conversation with you, this new machine, it is impossible only charge shipping.
Best regards.

i don’t trust lotus rc they don’t keep there words and are a waste of time and if something goes wrong with your quad you will be the looser as I was and a I still am as you can see

T600G ARF lotusrc dont trust them (1 min 56 sec)
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Aug 29, 2013, 10:41 AM
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well to every one on this thread that has been following my argument with mr yan now you see the truth look on the LotusRC T600G(GPS) thread

he would rather close the thread

well this shows every one your true colours dont it mr yan, you are all promis with no action , you are one of the biggest liyers on the net and on the RCG ,selling faulty goods to innocent people and you do not have any cares in the world what would happen if any of your faulty goods fell out of the air ,
and hit killed scared cut maned, any one even children ,
you are a disgrace to RCG and lotusrc , lotusrc should sack you because they will never have a business while you are with them ,,unless they are apart of you and if this is the case lotusrc do not deserve a business;, you should not have a acount on the RCG because you make RCG look bad,
and you are using RCG to make money out of innocent people, then ripping them off
Oct 12, 2013, 07:14 PM
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i must say Mr yan told me 5 weeks ago he was going to send me a t380 as a oligopoly for messing me about for years , well i think it was just to sut me up well mr yan because you have let me down again i am back to have a go at you be worn d i am now starting my big email compane against you on the net

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