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Jun 26, 2012, 01:35 AM
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Second Glider Recommendations?

Apologies because I know this question comes up periodically but I have some differences in background and I'd appreciate your thoughts and recommendations.

I'm currently flying slopes with an X-It wing. Still lots to learn and I'm expecting some time before I jump for my second glider, but I do have a strong desire to switch to a full glider model, rather than just a wing - I think largely appearance and feel of 'true' glider flying. The wing was a friends recommendation for starting out due to toughness and is proving itself superb for that, but I want to start considering the next step.

Currently I am doing loops, rolls, some inverted flying and wingover turns as well as more gentle banked turns and steady flight (I enjoy both styles). I want to maintain ability to do this with a full glider, so I am thinking A/R/E rather than just R/E control. I'm likely to be mainly sticking with slope soaring, but good gliding performance in light winds and using thermals if I find them is also important (Yes I want everything! ). I am thinking foamie construction for toughness, repairability and reasonable initial price.

I'm also putting a lot of AFPD simulator time in to feel how different models react - There is a nice Easyglider model I use a lot and do like.

The other big factor is transport which is motorbike rather than car. Its a big bike, but no boot to chuck a model in. The wing is currently easily transported bungeed to a foam covered board on the back rack after removing the topbox. I've seen a variety of mods people have done to make elevator stab or rudder removable to allow packing back in a box, but obviously the less I need to mod a model the better. If it will pack into a flat box or bag I can strap onto the bike, then perfect.

So my thoughts are:

Muliplex EasyGlider Pro - Generally very good reviews, price reasonable but that big stab / rudder is non-removable in standard form

Radian Pro - Radian and Radian Pro are common recommendations for newish fliers. Stab is only taped in place which does give removal options to pack flat. I'm guessing people don't remove it every flight unless they need to (or do they?) Would this end up being a pain for retrimming, or would the control horn and clevis fixing give reasonable repeatability? I know a lot of people suggest the Radian, not the Pro, but it feels like coming from a wing aileron shouldn't be an issue (right or wrong?)

Flyzone Calypso - New similar style model I came across, but haven't seen much detail or reviews yet. any thoughts? This one bolts together, so again removable pieces for transport.

ST Blaze - Not one I'd thought about myself, but I guy I was flying with this weekend suggested - apparently that packs easily back in box for transport. Reviews indicate this doesn't seem well suited to a new flier due to higher speeds (warmliner if not hot) and I did find some concerns people have had with elevator flex and reduced control in dives unless reinforced. Is this still the case? I can do mods to stiffen, but being new and changing from a wing to glider my concern is how well I'd recognise what it 'should' feel like.

Multiplex Blizzard - Again I had'nt thought about it, but it gets compared wit hthe Blaze a lot, so lets chuck it out there for now

Radio-wise I'm using Spektrum DX6i which gives indication of limits for controls, mixes etc. I'd like to stick with this for now, rather than neeed to upgrade and think it gives me everything I should need for now.

So any recommendations/thoughts welcomed from your experiences. There will be plenty more practice on that nicely indestructable wing before I actually take something new out, but I can see there may be mods required to plane or bike mounting and I'd like goal to aim for and be able to start tinkering with it.

Many thanks in advance
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Jun 26, 2012, 10:32 AM
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if I were you, I'll go with the radian pro, but that's just me


easyglider pro is a good 2nd glider (or 1st glider, for that matter) but it does not have flaps

for radian pro - after you've mastered aileron flying, you can start playing around with the mixes like flaps and crow. that, you can't do on the ESGP

ST blaze is an adapted copy of the blizzard

the blizzard is a nice and fast sport glider that must be flown hands on at all times.

not something I really want for thermalling, that is
Jun 26, 2012, 01:37 PM
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Thanks Sunfire - good thoughts, and where I fly the landing area is a bit limited (trees on top of hill) so gettign thinking about flaps to avoid walks down the hill after every landing is a consideration.

Recent flying with the wing was in VERY blustery conditions - that was hands on the whole time (half a second doing nothing could have the wing on its edge in a gust) which is fun... but I'd definitely prefer something where its not always the norm - just in silly weather conditons :P


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