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Jun 24, 2012, 06:17 AM
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Dx6i fail safe mode


New to the forum and I've searched around but I'd just like to get a few things clear in my head!

I have a spectrum dx6i radio with ar6210 receiver and I'm using this to run a 1/8th truck with a gopro mounted on a pan and tilt system I've built and mounted on the back.

What I'd like to do is run the truck on the left stick (this is a mode 1 radio) as both axes are sprung and then use the right hand stick to manoeuvre the pan and tilt - this will involve removing the spring on the left/right axis. This way I can position the camera and leave the stick in place without the camera returning to a central point. Conversely, if I release the left stick the truck will straighten up and power down. All good so far!

Where my problem lies is should I lose signal from the radio to the truck, the camera tilt - on the throttle channel will centre but the ESC which is on the elevator channel remains in its last position which if it was powered up, remains powered up...... Runaway truck!

Is the failsafe setting a function of the receiver? I'd previously used a dx5e with a different receiver and when bound together the receiver memorised the radios positions for both sticks as a fail safe, which was cool but I neede the flexibility of the dx6i to drop the top speed of the truck right down when using it as a camera truck rather than just filming it haring around.

As ar as I can deduce, solutions are 1) get a similar receiver to the one that came with the dx5e - more money!
2) change the radio to a mode 2 system and mess around inside adding a spring to the throttle stick and removing the 2 springs from the other stick - a lot of faffing about and I've already changed the system with the shop to go from the 5 to the 6
3) go inside the radio and swap the elevator and throttle channels with some soldering and heat shrink effectively hard wiring the radio to the truck only unless I use some plug/sockets to make them swappable - I have a blade 120sr I'd quite like to try out with the dx6i and such drastic chopping inside would scupper that...

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/solutions apart from keeping posts a little shorter!! They'd be greatly appreciated... Maybe someone knows a trick I'm missing...
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Jun 24, 2012, 09:02 AM
AndyKunz's Avatar
The failsafe is a function of the receiver. On that receiver, only the channel marked THRO will go to a preset position on loss of signal. All others will hold the last position.

You set the failsafe position by having the controls in the desired position when you bind the rx.

Jun 24, 2012, 10:03 AM
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You would need to get a receiver equipped with preset failsafe on all channels.
Jun 24, 2012, 12:42 PM
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Why not control the truck with the right stick and shift the spring centering mechanism over to replace the throttle stick ratchet? It takes about five minutes to do. By far the easiest solution.

Then use the left stick for the camera.

That would get failsafe on throttle. I'm assuming you are using a reversible ESC that is off when the stick is in the middle.
Jun 24, 2012, 02:37 PM
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Andykunz & freechip thank you... Confirmed what I'm starting to learn about the kit!

Daedalus - thank you also for your reply... I did consider that option but wasn't sure how easy the mechanics of the job would be, I might have another closer look at that option although being a lefty having the truck on my right thumb causes me some concern!

I'll have more of a ponder and let you know how I get on.

Thanks everyone.
Jun 24, 2012, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Phatnphunky

Daedalus - thank you also for your reply... I did consider that option but wasn't sure how easy the mechanics of the job would be, I might have another closer look at that option although being a lefty having the truck on my right thumb causes me some concern!
Any decent pilot uses both hands almost equally. I'm right handed but fly mode 1 mainly, so have elevator and rudder on left stick. I do all ground steering with the left hand, which is also controlling throttle. So it shouldn't be hard for a left-hander to do it with the right.

Otherwise, the only way to get fail safe throttle with your current equipment would be to interchange the wiring of the elevator and throttle pots (and the trims). It might be possible to disassemble the stick assemblies and interchange, but I don't have a DX6i to check. Either way, it would be a lot more effort than just moving the centering mechanism and ratchet, which is designed to be easy.

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