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Mar 04, 2013, 12:12 AM
M Seid
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Reto: If I were an f3b pilot anywhere in the world, other than florida, I would be dubious reading this claim about the world record. 11 seconds? I would be thinking, great speed run for 50 meters......but your post was if nothing a stamp of complete validation... congrats on a great weekend to everyone! Great to hear!. I hope someone got some videos! Congrats on all the PBs and to DK for the win!
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Mar 05, 2013, 06:20 PM
Challenge is rewarding
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Wow, what a weekend. My face is still chapped, and my eyes dry. We faced cold temperatures, high winds, strong thermals, heavy sink, crazy chop......and great camaraderie.

I would like to start by thanking Gordon Buckland. He put in tireless, thankless hours organizing this event, while starting a new business, and running the efforts for the current US F3B team. Way too much. Hats off to you sir. Also, thank you to Gordon's wife Sheralynn. thank you for putting up with Gordon, thank you for giving me a ride in your whip, thank you for scoring the entire contest. Next, thank you to Roman "Lomcovak" Vojtech. You flew from The Czech Republic just to heard cats all weekend and ensure the success of the contest. I can't wait to visit you this summer.Thank you to the high number of helpers who made it happen. Guys like Phil Rieger (B base) and Andy Fox (A base) who drove down to the contest just to press buttons. I am indebted to you. Shoot me an email and let me know what I can help you with. I love to pay it forward (helping with the F3F and F3J TS.....). Finally, thank you to all the other contestants who flew in from around the country and world. WOW. Hats off to you all.

Tom and I traveled out to the Gator Wednesday night via red eye and landed uneventfully. After breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen, we made our way to the field and joined others as they trickled in. Eventually we setup our gear as Roman and Gordon setup the course. We got in some practice before we headed off to the Days Inn to clean up before we went out to dinner.

Friday we got up early to pack the van before the hotel's cafe opened at 7:00 and got to the landfill as the gate opened at 7:30. Luckily, I started my phone tag session with Colleen Pierce at the AMA to get my FAI card at breakfast that morning. Friday was nuts. We flew some uneventful duration (one round) then moved on to Distance. Distance was a bit slow early as we got all the volunteers trained, but eventually it picked up. Then we moved on to speed in the afternoon. the first round I was fortunate. I got some great air and threw down a 13.01. I was really proud of it. My run was clean and tight. So was the altitude management. If you know me, you know I think PBs are meaningless. They are about conditions, not performance. I am proud of my clean tight runs that were made under pressure. In the second round I was a ditz and backed off the pressure and ran a conservative run on a mediocre launch. Peter Hubbertz poured it on to win that round.

Saturday started much the same way, but we were smart enough to go back to the Kountry Kitchen for breakfast. It is the spot. Again we flew round 2 duration, then moved on to distance where we finished 3 more rounds completing 6 rounds of distance with only 2 rounds of duration and speed. We picked up round 3 of speed and the magic began. Mike Lachowski showed us what was possible. He always flies heavy and he launched to the moon. Further more he dove 80% of the altitude off and flew a fairly flat, smooth, and crazy tight course to an 11.89. My first reaction was disbelief at the number on the screen. Tom Kiesling knew better. He knew how fast and tight it was. We stopped the contest for a bit to take some pictures of the clock and congratulate Mike. Peter threw down a high 12 second run. A great PB, but not even the round win. Doesn't that suck. I was up later in the round. I had a bunch of tungsten in my plane for a total of 70 ounces of ballast. I got a massive launch and went at it. I entered too high and flat and later cut the last leg after flying it slightly diagonally. Mathematically, it was the right round to screw up. I was a little bummed. I had low 12 second energy and screwed it up. I flew a low 17 with the cut. In the next round I was timing for tom and he flew another strong 14 second flight. He had been conservative yet again on the course length. We were there to win, not to set records. But against guys like Peter Hubberts, Armin Hortzitz, and Mike Lachowski flying conservative lengths wouldn't work. I took this to heart, and threw down on my next flight. As Tom put it, no "Pussing" out. I got a massive launch with the 70 ounces, dropped 700 or so feet in the dive, and flew tight. Result- a new World Record 11.90 seconds.I was proud of this flight for not "pussing" out after I cut the previous round other than that, it was just conditions. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, this doesn't make me the best speed pilot in the world. It makes me a good pilot that had GREAT conditions. We then flew round 5 where I had a strong 14 second run. Mike L and I were the only too get a 900+ point flight against Armin's run in round 5. Then it was on to duration. It was brutal. Loads of wind, setting sun...... I won my round with a 9:24 and a 100. I flew it with 30 ounces of ballast. I surfed around for about 5 minutes before I had to turn down wind and work some small patched of air. I ended up against the eastern tree line deep int he woods working some choppy lift. It was there to get out on but I was worried about loosing my plane. tom and I discussed me not having the "balls" to go more hero or zero for another 30 seconds. Never the less, as I headed back we realized most people were down and I had launched first. I was working some more weak choppy air trying to make the last 30 seconds when it was apparent I was the last one up. I cut it short and hit the tape. It hurt a bunch of people in my group. Armin landed out around 6 minutes I think. Tom was up next. He had an epic flight as well getting his full time. He and Mike L killed the group but Tom beat Mike by a little getting the 1000. It was dark, the sun had set.

We headed off to the banquet after showering. The restaurant is a great choice for the banquet. They handled the huge group with ease.

Sunday would bring 3 more duration flights and two more speed flights to complete 6 rounds plus an additional speed. Duration wasn't a piece of cake in all the groups, but mine were fairly easy. I ended up with all 10.00 and 100 landings making it my first contest in years I didn't need to throw out a weak duration round. It was on to Speed to decide the contest. I was in pretty good shape, even with hanging on to my 17 second run against Mike's 11.89 for a 690, I was in first, but it was tight. The Top 4 were within 200 pts, and when there is world records out there, that isn't much. Luckily I dropped a 12.70 on the group gaining a few more points. Tom was poised for a 1-2 finish with me but had some bad luck. Darrell slipped while throwing his plane and smashed off the tail and the wing tip. It was a zero, and worse it meant he had to keep both of his runs against the 11.XX in rounds 3 and 4.

Finally we were on to round 7 speed for the end of the contest. We flew it in reverse order. Tom was forced to go for it. He had a super clean run going and just barely missed the last turn. I even told him to roll. He was super close. Peter also cut on his run and Mike L had a fairly slow run. Finally Armin flew a high 14 forcing me to fly a mid 15 or better for the win. I threw away my first launch and re lit to a higher launch and better air. I was able to fly a conservative course for a mid 13 second run. Rich Burnowski flew a PB of 13.10. It was super tight. Kudos buddy. He has won a speed round at the last 2 Gators.

Other notable story lines-

It is no longer Daryl Air, it is Tim air. Tim Traver gets amazing air. He gets it in practice in Perris, he gets it in Florida both in practice and in competition..... He had some great runs in practice with a 13.XX. In the contest he flew in some crazy air.

All designs go fast in big air. Radicals, Freestylers, Shooters, Fosas.....

Dillon Graves is an animal. He has amazing plane control. Send him out to summer camp in San Diego for a little bit, he could be a Junior World Champion. I have ever met someone so coach able.

Dennis Phelan is an awesome person. I want to hang with him some more.

The Chilean Team was great to meet. I want to go to Chile to hang with Andreas Cordova.

F3B is full of great people. I am always inspired by the people I meet and surround me in this sport. Just amazing.

Finally, my team was fantastic. I was really encouraged by how well my team worked and communicated together. We salvaged many flights though great communication. distance went very well. We have many things to work on but we are headed on a great track. I am proud to call Tom Kiesling, Darrell Zaballos, Glauco Lago, Don Sciegle, and Gordon Buckland my team mates.

What an event. I'll be back next year.

Time to get back to some hard training. The world championships will be hard.

Please check out to support our team. We have some amazing raffle prizes up for grabs, as well as some nice apparel Jerseys and Jackets

Raffle Details

Team Store

Also, I will have my World Record setting plane up for sale soon. I have some newer Freestyler 4s coming.
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Mar 05, 2013, 07:03 PM
Ricky Windsock
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Re: The Gordon Report - Thursday practice and Day 1 Friday

Photos of practice day and 1st day Friday
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Mar 05, 2013, 08:02 PM
Ricky Windsock
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Quick Video of Mike after setting World Record of 11.98

Mike Lachowski.
Mike Lachowski after setting World Record F3B Speed 11.98 seconds (0 min 0 sec)

David Klein after World Record of 11.90 in F3B speed at the Gator F3B (0 min 47 sec)
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Mar 05, 2013, 09:37 PM
Team USA F3F Member
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What a contest.

Like everyone, I am still recovering, and still on a contest high.

I would venture to guess that those conditions were some of the most challenging conditions ever for an F3B contest. The air had incredible lift, and incredible sink, and it wasn't always luck that got you either (I have to admit that I had some luck though...

Simply holding on to the plane to get a good launch was difficult, and hooking into 20mph winds with gusts was just crazy. One of my brand new Pike Precisions folded one of its stabs on the way up from the pressures of launching. We barely had enough of the 1.32mm line for the contest, with several teams scrounging to tie lengths together to get line.

And of course, doing all three disciplines in those kind of

My contest started out pretty well with the practice day. We were doing speed runs to have the helpers practice speed (Thanks Andy and Phil), and I just got better and better...Flew a 16.xx, then a 15.xx, then a 14.xx (new PB), then a 13.67 (another new PB) !!!

I was pumped going into the contest, feeling really good...Unfortunately, it didn't materialize as much as I had hoped in speed. My first two rounds of speed I only managed an 18.xx and a 17.xx, and it was mostly due to not good launches, and taking them when I should have re-lit...learned my lesson there, because those points hurt bad. Through the contest, I eventually got better, and ended up on the last speed run with a 14.5...still a great run, but when the top brass are doing 11's...ouch...

What I was most proud of was my distance rounds. Out of 6 distance rounds, I won three of them, and two of those I had 30 laps. Granted, I had great air, but when you have it, you have to fly it good, and that is what I am proud of. I've been working on my turns and anticipation, and on both of those 30 lap runs I probably only messed up one up-wind turn...being able to put the smack down on Tom and Dave felt awesome...

My duration rounds were pretty good too. I made most of my times and won 1 round. The others that I lost, I didn't lose by too much...

Overall, I am proud of how I flew, and it feels good to be competitive with that crowd, especially in those conditions. I just need to work on my speed, and my time management during speed to get the best air that's there...

Congrats to Mike and Dave for their 11 second runs. They were perfect runs in great air. Amazing to watch.

Thanks so much to my teammates Armin, Peter, and Don. We had everything organized and didn't miss a beat. Its so great to get an international perspective on this sport, and they brought so much experience and were such nice guys. Thank you so much! Don, thanks for your coaching, and for helping organize everything and being supportive on the stuff I need work on. I was bummed that you couldn't fly the last day. I so wanted to give you one of my planes to fly, but you wouldn't take one...

Everyone flew so great in their moments.

Dillon, I was amazed at your ability to pick up the speed runs. You beat me on several. And your duration rounds were perfect. Truly you are an up and coming all around pilot. Keep up the practice. Gordon, you've steadily improved for sure. Its hard to concentrate on your own flying when trying to run a contest. Jody, sorry you were only able to make it the one day. And Jeff, keep at it man. If you guys can get a cell down there in Florida to practice together, you will improve so fast...

Rich, wow! For not flying since last years gator, you were seriously throwing down! Reto, as always you were a force to be feared. Mike, you are always a threat in all the tasks, and Cookie, you were almost kicking my ass, right up until the end...

Of course, team USA, you were firing on all cylinders. Dave, you flew an amazing speed contest. You only cut once, and the rest were right on. Tom, you were too, but didn't quite get the air that Dave did. Darrell, seemed like a tough contest for you, but you hung in there and put a blazing speed run at the end. And Glauco, for not flying for so long, you did great, and its always great to see you. Thank you for letting us borrow your winches.

And to the Chileans, we are so glad that you came up to the contest. I can only imagine that being down there by yourselves and coming here has opened your eyes as to a full contest. You guys really hung in there the whole contest and gave it your all. I hope to see you guys next year.

Dennis, Lance and Brad. Way cool of you to come out and compete. I'm sure you learned a lot, and you were super good sports about it. I hope that you'll keep on flying these kinds of models and come back with us.

Of course, like everyone has already said, thanks to you Gordon and Sheralynn for being the organizers of the contest. I know how much had to go into it, and you were super cool for putting it on, and worked tirelessly...

Thanks everyone, and I can't wait for next year!

Mar 08, 2013, 06:23 PM
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Gator video

Dear all

We really had a wonderful time in Cocoa. Thanks to all of you.
I have done a "condensed video" from it. It contains also some fiction. I hope you enjoy it
Kind regards


Gator F3b marzo 2013. Coca USA (8 min 47 sec)
Mar 08, 2013, 07:46 PM
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'B'...eautifull ..!!!
Apr 01, 2013, 11:31 AM
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Lost Ober Sleeve


I just got my Ober winches from Gordon and can't find one of the small Ober drum sleeves.

If you had an Ober winch at the Gator, please check if you have an additional small sleeve. Mine has my name and initials on both shoulders and inside too.

Thanks for checking and please let me know if you find it.


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