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Oct 08, 2012, 04:34 PM
Screw up!
Had a great time flying on Saturday. Sorry I couldn't make it Sunday. I moved up two places from last year (thanks Paul and Luke). Hopefully I'll move up a few more next year.

Great food, great folks, excellent competition organization. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun time.

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Oct 08, 2012, 04:47 PM
De Chelonian Mobile!
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Awesome contest!

I finally made it down to Wilson this year. Great field, super-great food, and literally *tons* of free peanuts! The DESS guys really put on a great event.

Conditions were challenging for most of the weekend, but we dodged the storm system on Sunday (or it dodged us) so everything remained dry. Our team ("Cannon Fodder") did not place highly, but we remain undaunted, and plan to triumph next year. I damaged my first-string plane in a midair during the second round of the flyoffs, and put my backup in a tree in the last round, but still had a blast.

Thanks to Dan for his tree-climbing skills, to Paul for being my timer in the flyoffs, and to the DESS guys for an overall wonderful contest.

I'm looking forward to next year's festivities.

-- Walt
Oct 08, 2012, 10:19 PM
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A Big Thank You to the DESS Gang. You folks have a great facility and really know how to manage an F3K Contest! I really appreciate all the work that went into this fun event. It was great to make new friends and see old ones. Just terrific folks in this sport! I just wish I could have arrived earlier Friday to do some AM as in Pro-AM...I like the instructional aspect. I came home and signed up for the Atlanta DLG event...I'm getting hooked,
Best regards to all, Paul Grieshaber
Oct 09, 2012, 09:10 AM
Jeff Carr
One of my favorite things is to go to a DLG contest and hang out with about 50 of your best friends. Its a stress relief and very relaxing.

At this contest I was very relaxed and excited to be here. I still havent flown the DLG very much but have been flying more in recent weeks. I made more good choces than bad this year. Wilson is one of the contests I usally flonder in. I was lucky this year to do better than I usally do.

The weather was very good on Sat. Sunday I thought we were going to be going home early. The wind blew but it was only around 10 mph so ballest was to be used. I flew my Fr3aK all day sat but turned to the Polaris for the windier conditions. I flew with 1.27oz in the Polaris and it handeled the wind very well. Later as the wind let up I switched to .97oz and this was another smart choice as it was still performing in the wind but was light enough to climb in the light lift.

I have some damage to the wing now as I had 2 midairs with the Polaris. One with Phils armored solid core original V2 wing. It has a carbon rod across the leading edge. It mashed the leading edge. I did tape it and it will be repaired. Well then in the Flyoff I had a midair with James Hohensee. His plane just about spireled in but he was able to recover with about 5 feet of altitude. Mine however suffered a nice blunt leading edge. I threw it but the performance was noticably worse. I made the time but took about 20 seconds to change planes. This hurt my score but the Fr3k was really a good choice as the winds died off again. I believe I have found my replacements for the Salonits I flew for 4 years. These 2 planes are serving me well so I think Ill stick with them. Im getting used to the Zone wing and I like the way it flies.

If you havent made it to Wilson you really need to make it to this contest. Its a great time with good people. Food, DLG's and great friends....

Oct 09, 2012, 08:28 PM
Service Engine Soon
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Larry Walls ( my kind of people) plans to cook Hot dogs and Hamburgers with all the fixins on Friday evening in addition to all the other food that we have. It was suggested that during the contest we take a 30 minute break for lunch but to start lunch during the contest. If you were in group C and timed in D then A and B in the next. It was a long wait with the hungrys.

As always we are up for suggestions and appreciate your support.
Oct 09, 2012, 09:00 PM
Registered User
What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Huge thank you to all those that we involved in making this event such a flawless success. Special thanks to the guys that ran the scoring all weekend, I know it’s a thankless job, and Larry for providing fantastic ribs and brats on Saturday night.

The weekend provided some difficult conditions, high level competition, and unforgettably funny moments. I don’t know if I will ever figure out if it was funnier to see Gavin prove that he could launch a DLG with Phil riding him bare back or moments later watching Phil chase Reto across the field in an attempt to make a “Swiss sandwich”

I arrived Friday morning at 10:00 to find dlgs in the air and friends on the field. I had finished my new Fr3aK on Wednesday night and was planning to fly with a new Tx so I really needed the time to tune. Luckily everything went to plan and I had the model trimmed and flying by time Kyle started the Pro-Am clinic. This was a great experience there were lots of good questions and the actual event was run very smoothly. I used the time to get familiar with my new airframe and get in air reading mode. Flying while answering questions about why you are making the decisions you are making really forces you to think about the little things that push you one way or the other.

Saturday started early and I got off to a terrible start. I floundered in the light lift of round 1 group A and scored a 567, getting a drop round on my first round was not encouraging for my goal of flying 95% + for the Weekend. A couple of solid rounds later poker was up I once again totally failed waiting to long for the big call and coming up short. while the rest of the field easily hit big flights. Coming in after my last flight trying to stretch out a miracle my timer Reto tells me to watch the people and not hit them. I think my response was “I’m not going to……” my right wing tip caught Jim in the back of the leg. Sorry Jim. Note to self, listen to your timer and don’t make a bad round worse by making really dumb mistakes.

At this point I pretty much gave up on all my goals for this competition, which probably contributed to my performance in the next 5 rounds. I achieved a new personal best by stringing together 5 grands in a row to finish out the day. The Fr3aK came alive as I learned how it liked to fly and the incredible launch height easily took me through the 2:00 in the ladder task group D at around 6:00 in dead air.

Sunday started off with doom and gloom forecasts but turned out to be a great day of challenging fickle conditions and only about 10 min of light showers. I flew well and was thrilled with my eventual 97.17% finish although it got me close enough to the fly offs I was a little disappointed to miss them by a few points. Last year I flew a 66.93% and owe this giant leap in skill to Jim Cokonis, Phil Barnes, and Reto. Flying with you guy this year has been a true pleasure.

Random thoughts and flight:

Frank Dumas is the smoothest launcher and pilot I have seen. He flew a nearly flawless contest. He constantly showed what smooth inputs and total focus can do saving flights from 10 feet and out flying others in the same lift. He did it to me on a particularly difficult round poaching my strategy of working a tree line wave that was giving off little bumps. He came in late and low and when I fell out of it he kept it going to max the flight.

Never turn your back on a sportsman or a Blaster. Round 12 all up was dominated by less experienced pilots and Chris Wilkinson put on a clinic on kicking ass with a blaster baffling the sidelines over and over as he scraped 3 minutes out all below 60 feet 3 times in a row for the 1000. Donald and John took grands in this round as well putting some serious hurt on many in the top 10.

Phil Barnes would literally fly to the next state to chase lift if he thought he could walk that far. I timed for him in the fly offs and was treated once again to feel the full size and weight of his balls. Some early mistakes took him out of the running and when poker came around he was going to have some fun. During the prep time Phil found a really good piece of lift off the trees and told me 9:58, turned around and looked at the clock cursed at the more than a minute of time before the round and said its going to be long gone by then. Right before the buzzer he says screw it I’m going for it 9:58.

The buzzer sounds and he launches turns and burns down wind chasing the lift that was over the field over a minute ago. By some miracle he does connect and starts climbing. At this point he is already deeper down wind than I have seen anyone work this weekend, but there he goes working downwind. He tells me he is going to start walking down the road. After directing him safely to the road I check on his plane and see that it is still climbing and getting really small. We walk down the road about 150 yards and the plane just keeps getting smaller. At this point I am pretty sure his plane was on the other side of the highway. He says he is losing contact with the lift I can barely tell which way he is going. He turns it home and I direct him way up wind to some models that are climbing. he makes it back and starts to ride back downwind. 7 min has elapsed and he is losing touch again pushing forward again was a little premature and we were not able to get him liked up again. Landing in the beans at 8:04 of 9:58 has never been so much fun.

In closing. Damn this sport is fun and this contest is one of the best.

See you all next year.

PS DC Lame Ducks were a late entry to the team event, and won! I am proud to be part of the team. During round 13 Reto and I were lamenting not going through with our email discussion of a team with Phil. Chairman Golovidov overheard, making an executive decision he said sign up and get it done. Reto, Phil, and I kicked all your asses and the Ducks will return to reclaim the throne next year.
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Oct 09, 2012, 09:36 PM
Kyle Clayton
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Finally some time to type! I'd like to start off by saying that yes, history does repeat itself, and that is a double-edged sword. Every year, this is one of my favortie contests to attend, and this year was no different. If their is any "home field" for me, this is it as I fly here and with the DESS pretty regularly, so its somewhat like having all your buddies come over and party for a weekend Add the great food, people, and how smooth the event runs, and you've got a knock-out combo for a great event.

However, on the sharper edge of that sword, this is usually the contest every year where I have the worst luck and the worst performance, and just like the great food and people, it was no different this year as well. My first ECHLGF in 09, all three of us that came together destroyed every plane we had with us. In 2010, I flew exceptionally well as a Sportsman, even made it into the top 10 overall, only to have my only flyable ship destroyed in a midair in the very last prelim round. I then borrowed a plane for the flyoffs, which then suffered a mechanical failure in the second round of flyoffs. With nothing left to fly, I sat the last two rounds out and took 3rd. Last year, I flew so poorly for the entire weekend that I considered moving back to Sportsman. I have never landed OB more times in a contest or hit more tents/streamer poles than that one, it still currently holds the record. This year, I managed to destroy both airplanes in consecutive mid airs, the first in the 2nd round, the other in the 3rd round, fixed both, and crashed one of them again in the 5th round, which hit another pilot on its way in, another first for me (Sorry Austin!). I called a 9:57 in the poker round on Saturday on good knowledge that the air was there, others were also making the call, and because Frank D. told me I had to because he had told everyone else there thats what I usually do when I fun fly with them. I couldnt let Frank down I flew 9:40 of it. The lift crapped out 5:30 into the flight and the altitude I had bought me enough height to just barely scrape (literally) back over the trees, but not enough to seal my time. I'll do you all a favor and stop with the misery there

HOWhowever, I still had a great time If there was anything good to be taken out of all of that, I would say my best success of the weekend was the Pro-Am and task strategy seminar I ran on Friday. Other than some last minute pilot addition/removals, the event went off very smoothly and I had a great time coaching my sportsman Mike for the afternoon. A couple of the participants thanked me afterwards for running the event and giving the task lesson, and that made all the effort worth it. I was really glad I was able to give back to the sport and pass on the knowledge I've learned to the guys who are in the same place I was 4 years ago. Maybe I gave away too much info, as many of those Sportsmen, and even a Novice (!) beat me in the prelims.... I'll let you let that sink in for a minute....

Timing for Oleg is probably the easiest job in the world, even in a fly off. He rarely needs help because he practically creates his own lift, and you can actually have an off topic conversation with him while he's flying It makes for a fun fly off even if you're not flying it. Sorry I drug down the Ninja's team score so badly guys! I guess I shouldve offered $20 to make up for that

Also this year, I was really glad to give back to club that has given so much to me. I helped as much as I could with organizing and running it between the scoring and the team trophies and it was a great experience. Of course, sharing some beers with old friends, making new ones, and a whole lot of laughs in the afternoons after the flying is done is another experience no amount of bad flying can ruin. See y'all next year!
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Oct 09, 2012, 11:44 PM
Oleg Golovidov
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A few pics from Sunday. What a change in weather - look at the clothes on Saturday and Sunday

Oct 10, 2012, 07:47 AM
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Just read Kyle's post.

I want to take a moment to publicly thank him for that Pro-Am and the tactics instruction.

The tactics instruction alone was almost worth the weekend....then we had the opportunity to go right out and give it a try. Incredibly effective.

Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by Kyle's briefing. This was only my 4th DLG contest but I've listened to other rambling tactics discussions that made my ears bleed. Kyle, on the other hand, went task by task, hit the objectives, the techniques and the gotchas. Short, sweet and impressive!

Since I don't know many people in DLG, I kept thinking all the people who contributed to this contest were in the same club. Turns out not to be the case!

The SYNERGY (want one) of the event created an environment where us sportflyers could feel included and have alot of FUN!! (the objective)

Bottom Line: We sportflyers may be on the periphery of the sport, not consistently competitive and sometimes we unintentionally get in the way. BUT, we have the economics (cabbage, cheddar) to keep the sport going and the enthusiasm to spread the word. Oleg and the folks who ran the ECHLGF clearly understood this.

Oct 10, 2012, 08:50 AM
Registered User

Mid aired a Bird!!!

I almost forgot! In the strangest new event for me I mid aired a buzzard or nearly did it was hard to tell. I was at the top of a major blender, the whole field was in the same spot and I was trying to stay clear when I see a "plane" come into view from the left on a collision course. I was too focused on my plane, cringed and waited for the impact. Well the other "Pilot" grabbed the S**t sitcks and took evasive action. I watched as the wings folded and twisted to an impossible shape then my plane came out from behind it unscathed I took a look to see the buzzard back in a normal flight mode moving off to the right. Really a wild experience, I actually crossed his path again a few minutes later in the same flight. Guess he came back over to see who the idiot was that almost hit him.

Something new every time I fly.

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Oct 10, 2012, 12:44 PM
M Seid
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I was timing for someone in that round, and saw that happen. I said to the pilot at the time, that Ive never actually seen a bird come that close, and sure looked to me like contact. Totally the birds fault by the way....
Im glad to see the thread not die, since Im still in bed with a fever, and a nasty GI virus, probably the worst ive ever had. But being up all night has afforded me the opportunity to watch Team USA kicking major F3F butt at the WCs in Rugen on the live feed that Horizon genrously sponsored. Have you guys seen 17 year old Kyler? What a contest he is having. No doubt making his dad both proud, and worried about being overtaken. Check it out if you havent yet.

Speaking of father son teams one of my memorable flights from this past weekend came when John Hohensee asked me to time for him in round 12d. He and James were working together and they were head to head, AULD. Earlier in the contest John had had an ahem, "moment" in AULD on saturday where on I think the last flight, the plane never left his hand at the buzzer, and everyone just heard James either yelling "GO!" or "Throw!" but the end of the buzzer came and John did not get the throw off. So round 12d was the next AULD. We had a little laugh about it.... Well, on the first flight we were upfield, upwind, and I think we had maybe one or two other pilots on our same upfield location, with everyone else, including James down field, and closer to the tree line. It was windy, cold, and very cyclic lift. John was flying an older, heavily ballasted bagged model. John launched upfield and surfed, I remember looking at james top out and head over the trees and immediately pick up and start circling. John managed a very respectible first flight given that he never really got any meaningful lift. James I belive was one of a few, if not the only one one to max it. The second flight James landed very early. Hell have to recount what happened, but John launched and went upwind again and took some turns and found some decent air and managed a great result. He put a pounding on a lot of other pilots. The last flight. Im holding the watch, hearing the countdown, watching john in his ready position.. i hear the buzzer sound, and john is ....late... I hear myself yelling GO GO!! and he just gets it off.... The plane goes up, and over, does a complete loop and he tops it out into some decent air..... and goes on to win the round with the 1000!. It was great fun to see John get all his throws in this time, and take james down to boot! Great flying John!
Oct 10, 2012, 09:26 PM
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Pictures from ECHLFG

Hey Everyone,

Kelley was kind enough to shoot some pictures while she was at the contest Saturday. I think they came out really good, so I hope you all enjoy. Pay special attention to the two with the bird in the frame, he's really close to a couple of gliders! Sorry in advance that there are a lot of pictures of me, that's how it goes when your girlfriend runs the camera. I did spare you (most of) the flower, jewelry, fingernails etc. pics Hope you enjoy!
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Oct 11, 2012, 07:22 AM
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I think I can speak for the rest of the unwashed masses when I say that there is NO PROBLEM WHATSOVER having Kelley at these contests taking pictures.

Some of us (not all) slouched a little less, sucked in our guts a little more, chewed our food, farted a little less noisily, etc.....

So she can come out and take pictures of you and all the flowers she wants!

However, competitive r/c soaring as a spectator sport rates right up there with philately in attracting beautiful women, so it probably won't last. Rats.
Oct 11, 2012, 08:46 AM
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Donation to F3K Team

I finally got all the money totaled. I will be sending a check in the amount of $560 to AMA for the F3K Team fund. Thank you very much everyone that contributed.


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