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Jun 20, 2012, 05:20 PM
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CG specs for the 35mm EDF jets by Jpower, Skyangel, Blitzrc, etc. and FAQs

To clarify, the 35mm EPO jets from Jpower, Skyangel, Blitzrc, etc. are all from the same manufacturer which is JPower. So regardless if you bought the plane from Banana Hobby, Nitroplanes, Hobbyking, Toysonics, or from some other online vender.... they are all from the same manufacturer. It's commonplace these days for all sorts of RC products. This thread's purpose is to collect the data for easy access in one place for the CG range of best performance for these jets. This should help anyone wanting to find the information as this thread can be linked when the questions pop up.

If you have additional information, please post and the original list will be updated. If you've flown a particular model and have a cg recommendation then post it! Measurements are great, pictures aren't bad either. This should be a helpful resource for the RC community. There is a similar thread for the 50mm Jpower jets as well.


Here's what I have so far.....

CG listing

Single EDFs

F-18 = 33-36mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint.
T-45 = 24mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint.
F-86 = 59mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint. Works at 62mm back as well.
F-16 = 55mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint.
Mig-15 = 43mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint.

Twin EDFs

A-10 = mfg. spec of 25mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint is incorrect. the model needs 20mm back.
Mig-29 = 36-37mm back from leading edge wing to fuse joint. Can work as far back as 40mm back from the leading edge.
F-15 = 32mm back from the leading edge wing to fuse joint.


Q: What plane is best for a beginner?
A: None.... EDFs are not for a beginner, things happen far too quickly and really require previous 3 channel flight experience to be successful. Sure people have done it, it's the exception that really makes the general rule.

Q: Will the stock motor handle 3s voltage?
A: Yes, there seem to be zero problems with that. Tested kV averaged 7400 rpm/volt

Q: Will the stock fan handle 3s voltage?
A: There appear to be zero issues with the fans on 3s voltage.

Q: Will the stock ESC handle 3s voltage?
A: In short..... nope. A few have managed to survive, but most times it fries as soon as you apply voltage. Swap the ESC for a 10A esc rated for high rpm outrunner use. A CC 10 Phoenix works, so does a few generic 10-12A escs.

Q: Can I use a bigger battery for longer flight times?
A: People that ask this question really don't understand the function of the battery. Not only does the battery power the plane, it also balances the plane for a proper CG for flight. A larger battery is heavier and will most likely cause a nose heavy condition. The more weight you add, the more power it takes to drive that weight and the worse the plane performs at slow speed. So the answer is "Maybe", but other things usually suffer. Some of these planes have a battery compartment that will hold a 1200 mAh battery. That doesn't mean it can fly with one. Your best bet for longer flight times is to buy quite a few extra lipos. When performance starts to dwindle, land and swap packs. I actually prefer flying for a couple minutes and landing to swap packs.

Q what lipo do I use?
A: The one that offsets the tail weight of the plane and allows the plane to have a correct Center of Gravity for flight. The higher the C rating for discharge, the easier it is on the battery. Generally, I tend go go overkill on the C rating and use 40C (minimum) packs.
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Jun 21, 2012, 01:16 AM
ozzi supercub's Avatar
Great idea Joe. Thanks for posting the info. I think each and every category should have a sticky thread detailing the CG measurements of any model in that category. EG warbirds, foamy jets etc etc
Sep 17, 2012, 11:27 AM
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Original post updated, the mfg. listing for the A-10 is incorrect at 25mm back, that will result in a wildly pitchy aircraft. the model needs 20mm back to fly correct.
Oct 12, 2012, 09:01 PM
Battery Puffer
What size ( mah ) do you guys fly with. I sell a very good battery and I want to get some sizes you guys can use. I can get some 350 65c packs if you guys are interested.

Oct 12, 2012, 09:38 PM
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lighter, high C rated packs would be of interest. I've used 360, 370, 460 mAh packs in the single fan models, up to 3s 800 mAh packs in the twin models. A 3s 350 65c would be nice to test. The single fans on 3s will draw about 7.4 amps so it would have to be able to handle that. What sizes can you get?
Mar 30, 2016, 01:54 PM
Watt Waster
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CG Data for Small EDF Jets

OK, I see the Topic is for 35mm EDF jets, but found the link in the 50mm jets thread. A little odd since I didn't know there was a series of 35mm jets made by JPower.
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