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Jun 17, 2012, 06:22 PM
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Hi, Im starting FPV now!

Hi all,

Kevin from Norway here,

Been flying RC for 15 years now, planks, helis, quads and so forth.
After a couple of years of absence, i started off last fall, and i now only fly planes.

At the moment, i enjoy a FunCub alot (really good plane) i fly a F27Q Stryker to prepare me for my new Habu 2 already ordered, and i got a Radian Pro for those long flights in the chair hunting thermals.

I got a reasonable deal on some FPV gear, and figured i'd give it a go. Its going in the radian, and i really think it wold be nice for the thermal-flying. Sitting there in my garden chair for the long hauls.

I also fly full-size on a PPL (mainly C172 and PA28) and i am looking forward to bringing my two hobbies even closer together.

Im using the DX8, and this is what i got for my radian:
ImmersionRC 5,8 600mw tx
Some low-end sony camrea from HK
Black Stork 2 OSD
All going in the radian pan/tilt pod from RMRC, and i am planning to power the fpv gear of a seperate 3s800 pack (would this be enough??)
Have to check the AUW but i might throw some 3s2200 in the radian as well. I don't have alot of experience loading the radian up, but i guess some extra weight is favourable to be able to penetrate better. (got reflex/camber set for the plane as well)

I also got the FatShark Dominator with the 5,8 intigrated RX, and HT module. Also got the HT cable for the DX8 from RMRC.

I also ordered proper clover-leaf antennas from a lokal guy here in norway.

How would this be?? Im not planning long-range, but my biggest consern at the moment is the spektrum range. Does anyone know if im able to tap into the AR8000 to get RF-link strenth on the osd? If not i might use spektrum telemetry to monitor my control link, but its not all that while using goggels.

What sort of range could i expect from my DX8? I'm afraid my video-link is way better, so theres no indication there.

If i don't have the range i want, i might go with some sort of UHF link and go for 2.4 on the video, ang get antenna tracking and so forth, but thats really level 2 for me.

The plan is to do a couple of flights with the gear installed but without the goggles to get a feel for the plane with the added weight, and then, well just have to give it a go...
Given my full size experience i guess i should be able to do it, but then again, i don't have all the instruments to help me. Im thinking of making some low-end visual angle of attack indicator visible in the camera to help me get the speeds right on approach, but i don't know. I have plenty of RC experience, but this is a different perspective.

I see some giys spread their gear all over. Is this nescesarry? Im planning to mount the vtx and osd/gps on the camera pod, as a plug and play unit. Maybee making room for a batteri in the fuse aft of the main wing to power my video-gear and balance the weight.
Why should i mount the vtx all the way out on one wing like some do?? Could i have interference between the vtx and camera/gps/osd 2,4 link if they are too close together?

Well guys, any tip is appreciated. I need all the help i can get!

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Jun 18, 2012, 12:35 AM
I Like Popcorn
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Firstly, separation of electronic equipment is key. Items like the gps receivers are very sensitive to noise so these need to be put away from cameras, Tx's and esc's.
Most of the other questions you ask - about range etc. are an unknown, you will have to range check with all the equipment turned on to determine this.
Jun 18, 2012, 09:02 PM
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I really hope some others jump in here and help with Kevin's questions, I am trying to learn some of this info too. W
Jun 19, 2012, 07:40 PM
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flylite, thanks for the tip, i really need to figure out how to arrange my setup then, to keep components as far apart as possible.
I want to keep the wings clean for easy detachment for transportation, so im thinking vtx on the vertical, osd/gps somewhere on the fuselage, and the camera on the pod. The battery goes where the battery need to go to get the CG correct.

Regarding my control-link range consern, im also considering getting an osd with return home ap capability. Just as a safety measure if i end up flying out of range.

Any recomandations regarding reasonally prized osd with RH??

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