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Jun 13, 2012, 10:05 AM
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Team Enforcer 46 Attn : look at my last post Ron Olson

I was thinking about buying one of these with the M5 upgrade is there anything I should know about this boat before I purchase? Anything bad about it? Thanks any input will help?
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Jun 13, 2012, 10:30 AM
RC boat Rock Star
They're not a fast boat but a well-made one. The problem lies in that the hull bottom may have some hooking or uneven spots in it so check it out with a straight-edge.
Ask about their new motor as so far reports have been very good on it.
Jun 13, 2012, 10:56 AM
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I will take a good look at it thanks It comes with the DX3S radio and the SR3300T reciever for $ 875 I think it is a pretty good deal and looks brand new. Anymore info?
Jun 13, 2012, 10:57 AM
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I also dont want to fast of a boat it says it does 40-50mph that is fast enough for me.
Jun 13, 2012, 11:09 AM
RC boat Rock Star
The Spektrum DX-3 part is what kind of scares me. Make sure that is has the Marine receiver in it as the regualar one has very poor range on water. I've seen them lose contact in less than 100 feet.
With the M-5 mod done it should run in the low 50's, any faster than that is when the handling issue start to turn up.
It is a great 1st boat for anyone as you really don't have to mess around with much and with the hull having a heavy lay-up it will take a beating from wake-jumping to hitting a dock or shore better than anything at this price range.
Jun 13, 2012, 06:15 PM
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Thanks Ron Appreciate the info.
Jun 13, 2012, 06:20 PM
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This is what it is according to the guy I am buying it from let me know ??
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Jun 13, 2012, 11:49 PM
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Here's your choices for a Marine RX,
The boat seems to be a good buy besides that.
Jun 14, 2012, 06:05 PM
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Take a look at this Ron please. How old do you think the boat is and just give me a general opinion from someone that has seen alot of these. Any Input would be great Thanks again for all of your help.....
Jun 14, 2012, 11:38 PM
RC boat Rock Star
Warehouse Hobbies has been in business for around 27-28 years now but the good thing is that this is a newer boat. It would be hard to age it unless it has a tag glassed into the hull with a number the Tony could give you a close estimated manufacturing date.
I wouldn't myself place it as being very old, maybe a year or so at the most as it's very clean inside. The give-aways are the motor and the transparent radio box, especially the box as it's only been out a couple of years.
Do yourself a huge favor and hit a store that sells pool noodles and buy at least 2 in your choice of colors. Dollar General has some big-un's this year where you can put a smaller one inside their larger ones. Wal-mart also has a good supply of them in various sizes, shapes and colors. The few bucks you drop now could save you a lot later on if the boat flips. Stuff all you can up in the front and run one down each side. Keep them away from the pipe and carb.
Jun 15, 2012, 05:42 AM
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Thanks again Ron. I will look for the tag inside and buy some pool noodles.
Jun 15, 2012, 09:04 AM
RC boat Rock Star
Tony is on this site so possibly he can give you better input than I can. Still, you got a very good buy on the boat regardless of age.
Jun 24, 2012, 08:59 PM
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I paid $775.00 for this thing it was made in 2010 and looks brand new. I cant wait to get this thing out.The guy I bought it from said he oly ran it once.

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