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Aug 20, 2012, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by winndaddy
Been a little while since any new post. Talk about the hype is dying fast on this one.
I was all excited until the not-so-great reports started coming in. Part of the gamble when distributors don't check the planes well before marketing it. This is not to say that every single one quickly marketed will be bad...just one every now and then. Partly why PZ costs more. You'll find consumers on both sides of the camp...quantity or quality.
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Aug 21, 2012, 05:54 AM
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The Sbach seems to fly way better than my Edge. The detail comparison shows huge differences in the design:
- sbach is a low wing plane
- sbach has bigger wingarea
- edge is much shorter
- edge has much higher AoA of the wings

These big differences seem to confirm that this is a very experimental series.

Still trying to make mine fly...
Aug 21, 2012, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by nniibb
An update from my side: another try with lighter battery and reduced travel. It flies better now, still lost it after a unrecoverable stall...
Re: 'unrecoverable stall'...

When I get tired of flying this plane and I'm ready to retire it (which may not be long), I'm going to try once again to take it up three or four mistakes high and do an intentional stall, just for the challenge. And see if I can do a better job of recovery than I did the first time.

What happened to me that first time was, the stall led right into a tight, near-vertical spin -- even though I hadn't kicked in any rudder. It took me by surprise how quick it developed, so I had orientation confusion as to the direction of the spin (not to mention the fact that I was up pretty high, and it's a tiny plane). From my full-scale T-37 training, I knew that hard opposite rudder was the key to stopping a spin (assuming that a tiny foam RC model of an Edge bears any spin-performance relation to a full-scale T-37!)...but due to the orientation confusion, I wasn't sure whether it was spinning left or right. So I guessed the direction, and jammed in full opposite rudder. I guessed right and it snapped right out of the spin...and then it immediately transitioned into an identical spin in the opposite direction! So then I realized that I should have input something less than full rudder, or just a quick jab of rudder...not push-and-hold (like you do with the T-37 spin recovery procedure). So I made a milder rudder input to stop the second spin, and the plane did stop spinning...then I gently pulled out of the dive and gave it some throttle. But it still seemed to be at something less than full flying airspeed, as it kept dropping off on a wing (but not going back into a spin)...first to one side, then I would gently coax it back to wings-level, then it would drop off on the other side. I didn't want to goose the throttle too hard because of torque. But in retrospect, I wonder if that would have been the best tactic at that point...to just go WOT and force the plane out of it's lethargy, 3-D style? (I'm not a 3-D'er)

As it was, I had the plane seemingly nearly recovered (though still flying pretty slow) when I ran out of "mistakes"/altitude, and it disappeared behind a slope just past the end of the runway. So I killed the throttle, neutralized the stick, and hoped for the best as it fell the remaining 10 or 15 feet into a long grass area. Damage was minimal and easily repaired.
Aug 21, 2012, 08:20 PM
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I'm glad I read this thread before my maiden with this bird. When I purchased it I was thinking this little Edge would be capable of both fast and slow flight. Oh well I hope I cant get enough flights in to learn its habits without wrecking it

Do you think a simple rate gyro to the ALIE would be a wise investment?

I'm comfortable flying fast, but i'm not excited about the mid speed stall prospects reviewed in this thread as it sounds like a high maintenance aircraft thats going to cost me a lot of glue.

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Aug 24, 2012, 05:26 PM
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@herk1: I must admit, I have not a lot of experience with planes where th stall kicks in so violently, therefore I probably reacted the wrong way (I was at least 4 mistakes high). I am more the 3D guy, and with these planes recovery is not an issue.

@Bravo47: I don't think a gyro will help at all, it will not prevent the plane from stalling. Just don't stall it, always maintain plenty of power, also for landing, keep the inputs low and it flys. And no, it is not capable of slow flights but at least for fast ones
Aug 27, 2012, 05:27 AM
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same experiment

I own one of those fast little bricks, and had almost the same experiment as many of you.
I'm quite comfortable with speed (love my two funfighters, f4F and BF109), but this plane (edge) flies...bad. Not other word. with a CG at 29mm, and a 1600 4S, you must correct flying attitude each second, and if you go under 2/3 throttle, pay attention to these (quite) impossible to recover stall spinning.
Landing was very difficult for me. First time, i broke the gear (bad fatory glued). The other times, with a well glued gear, hummm. Not really crashes, but, not real lanndings...I've got around 15 planes, and it's the top bad flying one. (The second one is the 800 mm FMS mini spitfire, wich flies quite as bad, but is less powerfull).
Aug 27, 2012, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by raoulito9
you must correct flying attitude each second, and if you go under 2/3 throttle, pay attention to these (quite) impossible to recover stall spinning.
Landing was very difficult for me. First time, i broke the gear (bad fatory glued). The other times, with a well glued gear, hummm. Not really crashes, but, not real lanndings...I've got around 15 planes, and it's the top bad flying one. (The second one is the 800 mm FMS mini spitfire, wich flies quite as bad, but is less powerfull).
Excellent review, now i'm really looking forward to my maiden with this bird in a few weeks time hehe
Sep 02, 2012, 03:14 AM
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Yes i too have had the landing gear leave the plane
The wind and rain have been bad here so i only have 8 flights on the edge so far
Flight number 7 i didnt think i landed that hard and the gear just came off
Not much damage just a surprise and some paint on the bottom gone
Flight number 8 (after repairs and touch up paint) made a hard landing and took the gear off again (totally my fault) came in too hot and didnt flair
I love how the edge flies in the air and i hope i get better at landing it but i wish they would have ran the plastic gear insert to the top of the fuse or connected it to the wing inserts but i know if you make a part stronger it will just break at the next weak point and right now its had no real damage except for the landing gear coming off( and that sucks)
This plane lands better with a bit of wind but it doesn’t like any turbulence and like i said i love the way it flies right up to the landing
They made most of it bullet proof just not the landing gear
If it were not quite so heavy and had just a bit bigger wing maybe it would be better
or maybe my flying skill needs to catch up to it
I have also thought about the possibility of the wheels running into the wheel pant hard enough to stop the wheels from rolling and therefore pulling the gear out of the plane
There doesn’t seem to be any spacers between the wheel and the wheel pant (or covers)
Just a thought
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Sep 02, 2012, 01:57 PM
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ok, so after reading a lot of really disheartening reviews on this page, is this plane still a go? i don't own a real pre-built plane, i've scratch built everything i own, after having an electronics malfunction that ended up setting a field on fire with my fdc f-14 jet i'm trying to get away from that and sticking with ARF's and PNP's where its all done and calculated for you. for the winter i'm getting a mini swift and maybe a small durafly slick 360 490mm or rare bear 400mm to have some fun indoors with a little 3D and some fun aerobatic flight, but for the summer i want a nice solid plane like a 800mm to fly, this seemed like a great option, but with all the negative reviews, i'm not so sure...

i have a ton of experience flying my blu baby with ailerons and going nuts with that at the fly field (mostly because it doesn't get damaged by crashes) pulling 3D and all kinds of stuff that i don't know the correct name for, along with experience with flying well over 100mph with my FDC f-14 with the huge motor i was running on it.
-so i don't know where that puts my experience level, but would you recommend this model? i'd like to get a nice aerobatic plane for less than like $125, so hk is always a great choice for budget, but i've seen so many models that are so similar for these sport planes,
-yak 54
-edge 540
-sbach 342 or something like that

which model is typically the most forgiving but still a lot of fun? i've gotten the impression that the yak 54 is considered the best at slower speeds and more forgiving on beginners, but i really love the look of these edge 540's haha..

so i don't know, i'm simply asking for your guy's opinion since i have no experience with these types of models, i know wayyy more about my trex 500... its a little easier decision with helicopters, basically how much you want to spend is how big of one you get
Sep 02, 2012, 05:41 PM
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Short answer: "no," I would not recommend this plane.

I recently retired/scrapped/binned mine after 18 flights. On the last flight, that badly-designed plastic motor-mount base part came apart inflight (all four of those skinny legs broke away at the 90-degree angle). I was only half in control of the plane at that point, and I managed to wrestle the plane down to a semi-controlled crash. Damage was not too bad, but when I saw what the problem was (motor broken loose in the cowl because of failure of that motor-mount base), that was it...I am done with this model. I could fashion a better motor-mount base myself from ply/spacers/etc., but at this point, I consider the model to not be worth the trouble.

As far as the landing gear mount, that has two problems. The first is no biggie, poor quality of assembly (not glued well). The second is another bad design issue, in that the foam fuse is very thin and unbraced where the gear mount glues onto it. So guess what happened to my Edge on one flight? I misjudged the landing glideslope by a hair and touched the grass just prior to the threshold of my club's hard surface runway. I had glued the gear mount on well, so my glue-job held. What happened instead was that all of the thin foam that the gear mount is glued to tore right out from the fuse! Just from touching down on grass at landing speed.

You say you're looking for "a nice aerobatic plane for less than like $125." Well here's one I can recommend that (barely) fits that price category: http://www.nitroplanes.com/60a-dy8945-sbach342-arf.html (at least, as of this moment it fits that price category...Nitro's prices are a constantly-moving target). Or it's a little more at Grayson, if you'd rather not deal with Nitro. I got it about a month before I got my HK Edge, and have about the same number of flights on it (19)...with no real problems at all so far, and it's an outstanding flier.
Sep 02, 2012, 07:20 PM
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wow, that sbach looks awesome, i love it so much, its a little bigger than i was looking for, but man its awesome... do they happen to make a little smaller one of these? lol... i just love watching the videos and watching them roll like a simulator plane, i can't wait to fly something like that...
Sep 03, 2012, 07:17 AM
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I've been putting my Edge540 together this afternoon and I have two screws left over? Does anybody know where the two 16mm x approx m1.75 screws go?


ps- One other thing regards CG. There is quite a difference between the manuals CG reference point of 40-45mm from LE, and the forums CG reference of 28mm from LE. Could somebody that has one of these flying well please clear this up for me? Thanks
Last edited by Bravo47; Sep 03, 2012 at 05:15 PM.
Sep 06, 2012, 01:41 AM
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Keen to know about the CG as well. what is the latest verdict ?
Sep 07, 2012, 04:16 PM
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@mr-michael: My all-time favorite foam plane is the Rarebear style Mustang from HK (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...3s_4s_ESC.html)

It flys like on rails, looks cool, is real fast and cheap. The take off is the only moment which is a bit shaky, but with some speed and altitude it is really forgiving. if you add a rudder (and cfk), it definitely has better aeorbatic capabilities than this Edge. If you still want one of these, go for the SBACH 342. It flys much much much better.
Sep 15, 2012, 03:31 AM
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I had a maiden flight mishap at take off when I didnt tighten the elevator push rods tight enoungh. Anyway not to much damage, but i was curious whether there is an engine mount availlable? If not I guess i'll fabricate something. Parts availlability yet, or cross match with other aircraft?


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