Well.. it looks like you fly 3D.. but.. What mixes do YOU like? - RC Groups
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Nov 07, 2003, 04:02 PM
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Well.. it looks like you fly 3D.. but.. What mixes do YOU like?

Well.. just what the subject says..

Most of us here already fly 3D.. Some of us are learning.. Some of just are just dilusional to think we'll ever fly 3D.

Anyway, for the newbs and not so newbs to mixing, expo, etc..

What do you find yourself using?

Are there any mixes you just cannot live without?

I personally have not used very much mixing throughout my 3D career.. None actually.. but that's all about to change. So color me newb I suppose..
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Nov 07, 2003, 04:18 PM
And You're Not
That's why I went with dual aileron servos...so I could mix!

I find myself using flaperon a lot, it will tighten the loops up to the point it looks like an upright waterfall. Also gives me 3 servos working pitch, which can't hurt. And speaking of waterfalls.. just amazingly tight.

Then there is spoilerons...these little 5 oz/ft loaded planes will harrier, but elevators are tougher for me. Until you add spoilerons. Now harriers are even easier, more controllable...elevators are still needing practice.

I run all the throw I can get and about 35% expo...I think, I'd have to look. This keeps it manageble in normal flight, but lets it rock when you mash them sticks. I don't use dual rates at all, high all the time. Rudder is 30% expo.

Actually, this is the set up from my Sledge.. I just copied it to my OMP FF 540, then on to the Trident.. So all of my aerobatic 3D planes are running the same set up.
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Nov 07, 2003, 04:23 PM
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I used to have a flaperon to elevator mix, but I hardly ever used it and now I don't even bother to set it up.
Nov 07, 2003, 04:38 PM
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No mix, unless your counting flaperon and spoileron.
No EPA, no expo, max throw on control surfaces.
Nov 07, 2003, 04:42 PM
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well, I use flaperons and spoilerons (pretty nice for stopping wingrocking in harrier flight specially on those profiles) as well as of course exponential, some aileron differential (more up moving then down moving on each aileron), and also use mixing sometimes to get rid of Knife Edge coupling. Mixing is of course also used to assign different switches on your transmitter.

Nov 07, 2003, 06:54 PM
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Guys, this new thread is perfect timing for me. I am very new to this 3D style of flying and I'm loving it. I do have a question that I hope you can help me with. I have devoured my manual for my Futuba T6XA radio, and although it does mention flaperons, from what I can gather, Futuba's definition of flaperons is different than what you guys are talking about. I'm under the impression that you're talking about coupling the flaps and elevators so that they move together but in opposite directions (up/down, down/up). This would certainly give you that tight turning radius that everyone is talking about for loops, waterfalls, etc. I also remember reading somewhere that in 3D flying, the spoileron function means that you are moving the ailerons in the same direction as the elevators (up/up, down/down). If I'm reading my manual correctly, it seems that the flaperon function that is built into my radio will either raise or lower the ailerons together, but it is not designed to work opposite the elevator direction. My question is, can I program my T6XA to work flaperons and spoilerons in true 3D fashion, or do I need a more advanced radio? I have an airbrake switch and a landing gear switch on my Tx that are currently unused, maybe one of them could be programmed to work the flaperons and spoilerons somehow. As always, thanks for the help.

Nov 07, 2003, 07:27 PM
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flaperons is using dual aileron servos and mixing them together so that they function as ailerons and flaps, which can then be slaved to the elevator in either direction. Don't know much about your radio so can't help there
Nov 07, 2003, 10:00 PM
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Cougar346, for the T6XA, I think what you are looking for is the section titled "2->6 Elevator -> Flap Mixing" (pg 35)
Nov 07, 2003, 10:20 PM
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paulm-you're on the money. Guess I didn't read the manual as carefully as I thought-I kept focusing on the flaperon section. Thank you.
Nov 08, 2003, 02:59 AM
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Depending upon the maneuver:

Flaperon Mix: Loops, Wall, Blenders, Climbing Inverted flat spins
Spoileron Mix: Waterfalls, Knife Edge spins, *Harrier, Elevator.

*Note: Not all wing designs benefit (read: lessen wing rocking) from spoileron mixing. Mostly big fat airfoils benefit from this as you're trying to keep the wing from completely 'flying' at high alpha.