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Jun 06, 2012, 06:11 PM
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fox glider conversion

The fox glider was my first conversion from free flight to rc. The conversion was simple and some what thought out. I first found the motor i wanted to use, how many servos i wanted and the size of the esc and rx was also important. I started out with a 12" drill that i used to get inside the fuse. I started from the back and just turned it slowly, this will take time so dont rush it. after i got past the wing saddle i focused on the canopy/cockpit area. I took out as much as i could with out seriously weakening the side walls or the nose period. After i had it opened enough i re-focused my attention back to the drill bit whole i made. I took a dowel about 20" long and a circular file. I taped the file to the dowel end and began to open up the inside of the fuse,as i did so i left the nose of the plane pointing down so the small sticky beads would just fall out rather than getting stuck as they were. I opened up a second whole in the fuse as a hatch for getting my rx in the fuse and out of harms way. Next i made a slot for my servo to slide into and routed the lead in side the body. As you will see from pics the horn is the only thing sticking out of the body besides the battery connection. Next i went back to cockpit and glued in 2 pieces of ply wood(make them big enough to except screws) and slid the servo in. at this point your gonna need that dowel agan to push aileron servo lead into tail sec. I then moved on to the motor esc installation. i cut about 1" off of the nose and glued a 1/32 ply plate to the nose then mounted the motor and routed the wire lead into the cockpit. Next i made the connection to esc and the fished it into the body. I any one wants to try this mount the motor and esc first then mount servo. After all this has been done i took the wing and horizontal stab and cut out the aileron and elevator halves. I used tape to mount ailerons. Next i took a micro wire push round and guide tub and cut them at wire 1/2" tub bout 1/4". The tub is the bearing for the torque rod joiner for the ele halves. Cut a slot about the size of the tub and slid tub on to wire then make bends at both ends then glue tub with wire in it into slot making sure not to get glue inside tub as this will make it impossible to move freely once you glue the halves on. I glued the rod to the top of the halves after they were taped on and in place one good drop is all you need. iI used carbon rod for push rods .08 is best. I cut 1/2" pieces of wire (6) for each rod end . I cut out the center square in the middle of wing and placed my 180mah pack in it and slid the wing back into fuse. Use blenderm tape to hold wing in place instead of glueing the wing in. I cut a notch for batt wire to fit comfy exiting the side of fuse above wing. I also made a small hole for the esc battery end to exit under and infront of wing on the same side of fuse. I made my horns out of 1/32 ply and made a dry fit while i made my push rods. Once i was satisfied i finalized everything making sure everything worked as it should. the plane flys great and i get 10 minutes per flight. On windy days 5-10mph the plane will climb out into the wind like its on a string being pull up, and it has enough power to penatrate the wind. She will do rolls perfectly and loops but only out of a dive and power on during the vertical line. The fox was a well needed conversion and has become one of my favorite planes to fly. Its small and it will almost fit anywhere in a car. If you do decide to convert a free flight glider think things out first, find the total weight needed then take your time and dry fit everything so you'll know where the CG is mark it all down on paper and go for it. I like to keep my planes looking neat and clean thats why i routed the wires,rx,esc,and battery inside of fuse less drag!!!! Good luck
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Jun 16, 2012, 01:23 PM
Watt Waster
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Fox Glider Conversion

Looks like an interesting conversion. I don't think I have seen this one in the stores here, but there is one by Airhogs called a Titan. Lots of Youtube video on converting one of the Titan foam gliders into an RC flyer. Most use a hot wire device to open up the center and change or add wing surface. I suppose paying $10 for a foam glider kits isn't too bad to start, but one can use sheet foam at a much less cost and have the same thing if their skills are up to the task. I would probably just go with some 1/4" foam board and end up with something that looked more like a Carbon-Z Scimitar by E-flite. There is something very cool about how that one looks and wings are very easy to make fly and model. That is probably why there are so many variations on the theme. Of course one cannot easily dismiss the cool factor that comes with a conversion like yours. It is a good way to show off one's skills with foam and encourage others to give it a go. Thanks for sharing.
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