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Jun 05, 2012, 06:24 PM
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Got my first Dynam 10 - need some advice please


This is my first foray into EDF flying and I picked the Dynam A10 because of all the excellent reviews and how sturdy it is.

I decided the eliminate the landing gear and replaced it with skids.

I followed all recommendations regarding scraping away the paint before applying 15 minute expoxy to the vertical tail surfaces and the ducted fan assembly. Also put a dab of CA to make sure the servos will stay in place as well as using loctite on the control horn adjustment screws

Applied decals and added a AR500 receiver so now I am ready to take to the air but still have some questions regarding the strenghting of certain parts of the fuselage to make it a little more durable.

GC for is set for 72.5 from leading edge upside down and it balances very well.

Where should I insert any straightening rods to reinforce the wing and tail. Any other tips greatly appreciated including any other places for reinforcement. Should I cut a hole in the fusey for more air or just run by 2200 30 pacs.

Should I cut holes in the fusey for better airflow around the esc's

Should I use recommended aileron and rudder throws. Can I come in slow or hot.

Lots of questions... sorry... just want to make it right the first time. Thanks again.

I want this first flight to be memorable and enjoyable. Please let me know if I have missed anything. Thanks.... New A10 newbee.

PS. How long should I expect a flight to last flying normal speeds at running a 2200mah 30c pack
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Jun 08, 2012, 06:29 PM
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im seriously thinking about this plane. but i never had a any rc plane yet and i know this aint a trainer but its so cheap!
Jun 08, 2012, 07:27 PM
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Dynam A10

Originally Posted by shredder7753
im seriously thinking about this plane. but i never had a any rc plane yet and i know this aint a trainer but its so cheap!
After several flights including a bad hand launch and a tree landing I have to say this is one of the most resilient planes I have even had. Once I learned where the weak points in the fusey, the tail, and the wing they were reinforced with epoxy and CF rods and the plane is now built like a tank. I can get 5 to 6 min flights out of a 2200 30C running a 60% throttle. Trims out fine to where it can fly hands off. I don't run gear so belly landings are the norm. First belly landing took the cannon off so I covered the area with sticky tape and did the same around the wing area. One more suggestion is to put a 1/2 inch piece of CF rod thru the nose for better ventilation. This is my first EDF graduating from Ultra Mini sticks and really enjoy the plane. Don't be afraid to get one. Nitroplanes had one for $130 which included 40a esc's and all servos. I am planning on buying another. If you got any more questions let me know....
Jun 18, 2012, 09:06 AM
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Really like mine. Also hand launch with no issues. I use some reflex (up elevator) to compensate for a slight nose heaviness. Flies like it's on rails, and super durable. I bought the airframe only, and used my own stuff.

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