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Jun 02, 2012, 10:34 AM
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ALZRC 450 Pro v2 FBL build thread

Hey guys.
I'm a complete rookie when it comes to helis but not RC. I currently have three cars; a Mugen MBX-6T converted to electric, a Thunder Tiger ZK-2 and a Thunder Tiger MTA4 S50 (sam car as the AE MGT 8.0), also converted to electric. As for helis I've got a NE Solo Pro 270 and a couple of V911's but those are FP.

You probably wont see anything in this thread you haven't seen before so I apologize for being repetitive. I thought I might get some pointers on where I've gone wrong so to those who read through my posts or post comments I say: thank you!

Anyway, this is a simple documentation of my Alzrc build. I ordered it from on the 4/23/12. On the 4/24/12 I received an email notification that my package was sent. I also received a DHL tracking number but that never worked on DHLs site. On 4/30/12 DHL delivered the package at my door. Nice! Some parts have been replaced since I took the pictures simply because I broke them or they weren't fitting very well or broken.

Package contents:

1 ea. ALZRC - 450 Pro V2 FBL helicopter Combo -(40A ESC+3500KV motor)
1 ea. ALZRC - Remote control Neck Strap - Black
1 ea. ALZRC - Feathering Shaft Wrench - 450-500
1 ea. ALZRC - Plastic Ball Link Plier
1 ea. ALZRC - 450 Pro New CCPM Swash Plate
1 ea. ALZRC - JR Propo Neck Strap Balancer
1 ea. ALZRC - Metal rod reaming head screwdriver Set - Blue
1 ea. Helicopter Blades Balancer - Aluminum
1 ea. ALZRC - 450 New Carry Bag - Black
1 ea. ALZRC - 450 Pro Frame Hardware (12.9 High hardness)
1 ea. ALZRC - Digital Pitch Gauge

Hobbyking ZYX 3-Axis Flybarless System
Hobbyking ZYX 3-Axis Flybarless System USB
GWS Park HPX Servo 19g/.05sec/3.6kg
Turnigy 1800A Servo 8g/1.7kg/.10sec (3-PACK) Replaced by Towerpro SG90 9G Micro servos
Eurgle 9x radio with Smartieparts board, Open9x firmware and FrSky Tx module and Rx

I'll take apart all pre-assembled parts to make sure everything's ok.

All pictures are clickable.

The ESC supposedly is a rebadged Hobbywing Pentium 40A. I have HW LCD programmer and will try it with the ESC.

The FBL head.Everything seems to have a snug fit without slop.

Tail assembly.Same here, doesn't appear to have any slop.

The auto rotation gear doesn't have a metal sleeve like Align's does and I'll replace both gears with the Align versions. I opted for the new slant main gear.

Fiberglass canopy.

The canopy is slightly damaged which can be seen as a white mark towards the nose. It appears to have been damaged during packaging by the frame which is inserted into the canopy in the box.

No sharp edges on the CF as far as I can tell.

Disassembled the frame. Everything looks great

Motor mounted.

Made some holes for the cable ties that'll secure the ESC.

Discovered I missed something... the front cable tie isn't securing the ESC to the frame

More stuff!

Display of my cable routes. Discovered that the cables from the servos won't reach the gyro. I also made the mistake of attaching cables to both frame halves which is a bad idea for easy access to the inner parts of the heli.

Took one side of the frame off and re-reouted the cables.
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Jun 02, 2012, 10:37 AM
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This is to give an idea what it'll look like once all the wiring is done. A smaller receiver will be used.

Dis-assembled the head and swashplate and discovered something bad. Two of the linkage balls on the swashplate is spinning freely. The holes are way to big.

Two videos to display the issue:

Alzrc-hobby sent me a new swashplate free of charge. Very nice of them That swasplate shouldn't have been able to pass QC. This also proves that taking all pre-assembled parts is a necessity.

Some progress has been made. Cables are in place.

I'm a bit unsure if the cables are too snug and will transfer vibrations to the gyro. Time will tell

Took the tail assembly apart. The bearing in the arm isn't round so the arm is pulsating and chaning the tail pitch without input. Replaced the assembly with the Align one.

I received the new swash plate about two weeks ago along with a new landing gear, new gears (auto rotation gear and the new slant main gar and pinion), a smaller 6ch RX, new servos (broke the tabs on the first ones I used, Align main shaft and the Align one way bearing shaft. I didn't like the Alzrc main shaft design of using a separate collar to hold it in place. The Align shaft has a fixed collar on the shaft. I also had to replace the one way bearing shaft since the Alzrc one was too short for the Align gear. The bolt holes didn't line up.

New swashplate, landing gear from the t-rex 500 and new gears are now in place.

T-Rex 500 tail fin mounted.

Close up on cable routing.

I've leveled the swash plate but after an hour or so of tinkering I realized I had set pitch curves in the radio which I guess means I have to redo the whole setup.
This is what's left to do before the maiden flight:
Swash adjustment
Gyro programming
Adjust tail rotor
Set blade pitch
Set mixes and pitch curves
Go over the setup at least three times to ease my mind

After those steps, and this scares me to death, I believe it's time for the maiden flight.
Jun 04, 2012, 01:05 AM
Micro Boat Forum Founder's Avatar
The bolt holes do line up on in the antirotation gear. You just have the shaft the wrong way. I thought the same thing before I compared two shafts.

Have fun.
Jun 04, 2012, 02:53 AM
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I know the main shaft holes are in different positions, I was referring to the one-way bearing shaft (Align #HZ026T). Sorry for being unclear!

Here's a pic to better illustrate the difference between the Align and the ALZRC shaft:
Jun 06, 2012, 04:57 AM
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Did the main shaft come with a loose collar? All the ALZRC 450 pro shafts i've bought have fixed ones like Align. Odd that the V2 pro would come with a loose one.
Jun 06, 2012, 10:31 AM
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It did indeed. It seems there are different revisions of the kits. The ESC for example has been switched to a Hobbywing now. My ESC is the Alzrc one. Don't know if the main shaft is has been changed too.
Jun 13, 2012, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by J.F.S
It did indeed. It seems there are different revisions of the kits. The ESC for example has been switched to a Hobbywing now. My ESC is the Alzrc one. Don't know if the main shaft is has been changed too.
I had also ALZRC ESC but it only lasted for two flights:

Does your ESC have soft start? On that other thread we noticed that ALZRC ESC didn't have any soft start (at least those ESC's that we had).
Jun 13, 2012, 12:51 PM
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To be honest the build has come to a standstill. I've had to prioritize other things. However, I did try my Hobbywing LCD programmer on the Alzrc ESC. No go. The manual states it has a soft start function built into it but programming the ESC using the TX is a pain so I'm not certain I've managed to properly configure it.

I have a Hobbyking programming card as well which I'll try on the ESC when I get a chance to. Hopefully I'll be able to give the heli some love this weekend.
Jun 14, 2012, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by J.F.S
I have a Hobbyking programming card as well which I'll try on the ESC when I get a chance to. Hopefully I'll be able to give the heli some love this weekend.
If you have Turnigy/Hobbywing programming card like this:
It should do the programming.

Oh and couple of tips for you:

1. I crashed on maiden flight because screw on the tail blade holder (that screw which is tightened against tail axle) started to slip and my tail lost all it's rpm's, so heli started to spin and I couldn't save it from crashing because rudder stick input commands didn't do anything. This is very easy to prevent. In that tail axle there is that slot, but because it's all around, it only prevents tail blade holder from moving left and right. take file and make a small slot where tail blade holder screw will be tightened (as with motor pinion screw on motor axle). Here's how I did it:
(I also moved that slot closer to edge so that I can get more pitch. Remember to leave small edge before axle ends, so that tail blade holder doesn't drop off)

2. Last weekend I went flying and got new problem (It was a cold day). On my second flight tail box started to slip from tail boom (tail thrust was no longer horizontal). Keeping heli from moving around was hard but I still managed to land safely. First I thought that my tailfin screws were loose, but no my threadlock was working and screws were tight. It was fifteen degrees of Celsius colder than normaly and thermal expansion has made tail boom to slip. Btw that hole on the boom and plastic knob just keeps tail box so that it doesn't fall off. On my heli those allows tail box to turn about 15-20 degrees on both directions.
Fix for this is simple. I took tail boom off and put some Scotch tape on the both ends of the tail boom. I already had Scotch tape on the boom were vertical stabilizer is as manual says, but manual doesn't say it's needed also on both ends. I didn't have this problem in my other helis, but I thing that this is related to TT. Torgue tube axle makes torgue to tail box compared to heli's which has belt.
Jun 14, 2012, 06:08 AM
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Yup, that's the card I have

I've been following that thread for a while but had forgotten about the tail blade holder so thanks for reminding me!

I'll put some tape on the boom to prevent it from slipping in the mount. Great tip

I've ordered a few Alzrc alu parts: Battery tray, canopy mount, tail servo mount and anti-rotation bracket. The reason for this is that the plastic parts ar showing fatigue from being fastened and removed several times. The screws are spinning. Being inexperienced means more tinkering I guess

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