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May 25, 2012, 04:11 PM
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Hobby King doesn't even try to please their customers

I placed an order on 1/27/2012 from the US warehouse, which included item "Sold-ST/19240 Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range", which was on backorder. On 4/3/2012, I asked when the item will be back in stock. I did not receive a reply until 4/11/2012, and was told by "John" that the item was discontinued, and asked me to confirm if I wanted to remove the item from my order so the order could ship. I looked for something else to add to my order to help make the shipping cost worthwhile, but the other 2-3 items I asked about adding to my order weren't in stock either, and I was told there was no ETA on when they would be back in stock. Most items at the US warehouse were (and probably still are) out of stock.

After emailing back and forth a few times to clear up what my shipping cost would be, how much store credit I would receive back after removing item Sold-ST (which some replies back to me took 3 days), I asked support to remove the Sold-ST and ship my order. Four days later, John replied and said that he had now done this and my order would ship. This was 5/15/2012 (110 days or 3 months and 19 days after ordering). Late that afternoon, I received an email stating were packed and sent to the dispatch area, and to "Please allow 48hrs for any tracking information to be displayed/updated.". Wouldn't you know it that same night, I received an email stating "An item on your wishlist has been added to stock: Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range (USA Warehouse)". Within minutes of receiving that email (still 5/15/2012) I sent a reply back to John's email (where he had told me he removed the Sold-ST so my order would ship), and summed up the situation again and asked him to add the Sold-ST to my order. I didn't receive a reply until 5/18/2012, where John stated that it was too late to do this. I replied back the same day and explained how I feel it's unfair the way I was treated, but have not received a reply back.

It seems that since I wasn't told until I had waited over 2 months, and even then not until I had emailed to ask when the Sold-ST was going to be back, that it was discontinued, and since the same day the order item was removed from my order, it comes back in stock, and since I asked the same day to add it back to my order, and since I've now waited over 3.5 months for the order, that I deserve the Sold-ST be shipped to me with free shipping (using my store credit for the item cost). Does Hobby King think I've been treated fairly, or like they wish to treat their customers? Not counting ebay "stores", I don't think I've ever been treated this way from a real business, either online or B&M. Even though I was lied to, I was willing to see if Hobby King would like a chance to satisfy me, but they chose not to.

Another problem is that I was charged more for shipping than John told me I would be after removing the Sold-ST from my order.

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May 26, 2012, 07:55 AM
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Sorry for your issues. Hobby king has some issues for sure. FYI, This will probably get moved to the United Hobbies /Hobby King Forum.....

My recommendation is that next time, ( if there even is a next time) you pay via paypal and if you continue to get a runaround, file a claim within 45 days of the date of purchase. Paypal is the kind of leverage you need in order to get Hobby King's attention. paypal will make it right. My last two orders needed paypal intervention. It's sad, their service used to be acceptable. I spent alot of dough there and now their service is substandard. Good luck, put on your flameproof suit and hold on. It's not going to be fun.

My last two orders and Hobby King's lack of acceptable service has weaned me from their spell of cheap prices. If one is diligent, most of the same stuff is available elsewhere in this global economy.
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