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May 22, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Easy Drone Build Along- FPV/Camera Plane

The Easy Drone is a remote control airplane that I designed myself for fpv. It is a very easy build and flies really good. The plane is very stable and gets good lift. Although it is intended for fpv, it does not need to be flown fpv. If you are not into fpv planes, this would be a great plane to build and fly.

Easy Drone Build Along (Part 1 of 2) (8 min 39 sec)

Easy Drone Build Along (Part 2 of 2) (8 min 4 sec)

Wingspan: 60 inches
Root Cord(including ailerons): 10.5
Root Cord(not including ailerons): 9
Airfoil: 5X60


length:5 incl. elevator
Middle vert stab height: 5
Side vert stab height: 3.5

Total Length: 44.5
Carbon Spar Length(from trailing edge of wing to leading edge of elevator): 18.5
Material: Dollar Tree Foam board and Home Depot 1/2 inch pink foam for airfoil
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May 24, 2012, 11:12 PM
Scratch builder
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A flight of this plane!
GoPro: Rc Airplane Pushing The Limits (3 min 3 sec)
May 25, 2012, 03:51 PM
Snipe the Skies!
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I caught your video with the fire department on another forum... pretty cool! You should put it up here.
May 26, 2012, 10:24 AM
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Here is the Fire Dpt. Video!
GoPro: Helping Fire Dpt. Find Fire! (4 min 4 sec)
May 27, 2012, 02:04 AM
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And here is some video around my high school!
GoPro: RC Airplane Flying Around School (6 min 17 sec)
May 27, 2012, 01:11 PM
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Here is the video of me hitting the power lines and destroying my plane...
GoPro: The Death of the Easy drone V3 (3 min 17 sec)

Off to build another one!!!!!
May 27, 2012, 02:13 PM
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Beautiful build and flying, Bix!

I love the simple stuff and that is a "have to have one" if I have ever seen i!

If you have any photos of the FPV gear installed with the top off thy would be lovely to see. And if you know the AUW you were flying at fully equipped that would be nice too.

May 28, 2012, 10:03 PM
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GoPro: Park Flying (3 min 59 sec)
May 29, 2012, 09:31 AM
Registered User
Neat plane and videos!!!
Can you tell us what is the AUW?
May 29, 2012, 06:20 PM
Snipe the Skies!
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Sucks about that power line! Couldn't see it until it was in your face! Do you have any info on your fpv system? And how about some video from your video receiver?
May 29, 2012, 07:25 PM
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I don't have any video from my video receiver. It just looks like any other fpv set up... Here is my fpv set up.
Receiver: Hobbyking 900mhz 12 channel receiver
Transmitter: 800mw 1.3 ghz
OSD: none
Antennas: Stock whip and inverted v
Fpv camera: go pro
May 29, 2012, 07:37 PM
Snipe the Skies!
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Sorry to bug you with questions but I am planning out my fpv system because it will take me a while to get it all and I can only afford to buy it once! what kind of range do you expect from your system, what freq. transmitter are you using, and anything you wish you did different?
May 30, 2012, 12:33 AM
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No problem!
I use 1280mhz for video and 2.4ghz for control. As most people say, range different for every one.There are so many factors that effect the range. I am limited by my spektrum dx7s. The range is pretty crappy on it! Video on the other hand is pretty good. I have never lost video because of range issues but the video does get pretty bad when I fly behind trees and other obstacles. The farthest i have flown my plane is about half a mile and the video was still going strong. One thing I wish I did do different is get a radio with more range! It really sucks when your flying and then your plane locks up..and then crashes!
May 30, 2012, 07:49 AM
jackerbes's Avatar
I think your ranges issues might relate, at least in part, to the 2.4 Ghz signals being blocked or absorbed by the near proximity to the ground you are flying at. The vegetation and structures will all contribute to that. You've probably noticed that if you fly for height your range is much better.

Can you describe how you are launching and making the transition from flying the plane by eye to using the goggles? I know some like to have a second person and even use buddy systems with a second TX to do.

And describing the routine you use for landing would be nice to hear too.

Over on the more "pure FPV" forums they don't go into much of the details of the actual getting it in the air and getting it back on the ground process.

Thanks for sharing!

May 30, 2012, 08:56 AM
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To launch my plane i put the goggles on my forehead and launch the plane LOS. I fly it to a pretty good height then i take my hands off the controls and put my goggles on and then return my hands to the controls. For landing I just land with the goggles on... It is actually a lot easier than it looks

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