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Nov 07, 2001, 04:15 PM
I hate waiting for parts
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Aerial video/still photo from Partenavia

I was reading Franck's thread about the $3 camera that he strapped to his TwinStar and became very interested. Thought about picking up a cheap auto-wind camera and attaching it to my Partenavia. I also became intrigued at the thought of in-flight video. Is this feasable?? Does anyone have information about affordable airborne video equipment?
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Nov 07, 2001, 10:01 PM
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Air Video

I am undecided as to purchase a KP or the new Multiplex Cargo. I have heard many GREAT things regarding the KP flight performance.

Keep me posted on your experience.

Regarding air-video check out or check out the slowflyers section here. I have seen several good leads and actual in-flight video from airbourne equipment.

Good Luck.
Nov 08, 2001, 10:48 AM
I hate waiting for parts
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Flight videos

I'll check it out. I have a VHS-C camcorder, but there's two problems with that. 1. The Partenavia isn't strong enough to lift it, and 2. I have a IC plane that would lift it, but I wouldn't want to put that plane nor the camcorder at risk. I've heard of small, almost fiber-optic sized cameras that can be mounted in an RC plane. I'll check out the slowflyers section and see what I can dig up. I may just have to be satisfied with still photos from the KP.

The Multiplex Cargo is pretty cool, huh?? That might be my next project, but I'll have to get rid of something else to make room for it.
Nov 08, 2001, 11:56 AM
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Mike, go to:
This is Tom Rust's web page. I was at Half Moon Bay, Ca. elec. fun fly and watch Tom fly his plane as if he was the pilot in the plane. He used a pair of Sony TeleVideo VR glasses. Be prepared to be impressed.
After I saw Tom's plane I went to work and hope to complete a plane with camera in a few months. This is not a system that just takes pictures, this is a system that lets you sit in the cockpit and fly the plane. This, to me, is the ultimate!
Nov 08, 2001, 01:50 PM
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Have you been able to get a ROG weight with the still camera? Is this affecting performance or duration greatly. What kind of weight do you have without the camera? What battery are you running? I was looking into putting a camera on my KP, but after checking the weight on a postal scale this week, I found I built mine heavy already. Must be the UltraCoat Plus and the liberal use of 30 min epoxy! Doh! Mine comes in at about 59 OZ with the 8 cell 2400 mah pack. According to motocalc, this is borderline for this airframe.

Nov 08, 2001, 11:48 PM
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Go over to the modeling science forum and search on XCam2. There's several of us flying hacked X-10 XCam2s for downlinked video. Total weight, about 2 ounces if you power it off of the motor battery. This is one of the trickier aspects, however.
Nov 09, 2001, 12:14 AM
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Hi Mike,

Check out for my link on getting started with aerial video. I talk about some of the considerations of lofting a camera into the air.

Also, has done a lot of similar stuff but attached to his heli.

And for an example of the results you can get, check out the videos at

Nov 20, 2001, 01:20 AM
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I just checked the Tom Rust web page to get more details on the video system and the Sony TeleVideo VR glasses. Would someone please give other sites or details to what equipment is used and where to get it? Thanks
Nov 20, 2001, 09:10 AM
Stupid gravity!
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