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Sep 17, 2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Vince77
I've seen engines die from poor tuning + a lack of castor. Although at this size, most people chalked it up to .049ís being toys...
Lew Moran: Time was you could take real pride, in just getting there, flying used to be fun Lou, it really was.
Frank Towns: He's crazy Lou, he builds toy airplanes.
From movie, Flight of the Phoenix starring Jimmie Stewart (Frank Towns)

Iím sure you can get away without and I know synthetics do great, but Iíve no doubt castor has saved me a few times. Iíve thrown more than one airplane into the air only to hear it unload to a lean run, then followed it around the sky until it either died or ran out the tankÖ They might land smoking, but they always ran again.
I know what you are saying. Yes, on occasion and more than once, I've had that happen, and without damage. Flying over weeds and hand launching, one just waited for the fuel to run out 4 minutes later. It used to be that all fuels had Castor oil but not any more, hence why I asked.

Iíve also ruined a few ancient swap meet engines from running modern fuels that ate away all the varnish and crucial gunk that kept the motor sealedÖ They lost compression and got all sloppy.
Interesting. Same result would have happened if you had cleaned them of varnish (steel wool or Scotchbrite pad treatment). Sounds like you could rebuild them by running castor again. I've heard some go through the trouble and expense of having the cylinders and/or pistons being chrome or nickel plated to restore the piston seal.

Iíll keep adding castorÖ even if it now comes with a homeopathy label covered in cursive scripts and flowers...
That was a practical solution by another poster.

Aside from the occasional swap meet clunker, all my dead engines passed away due to sudden deceleration.
That infamous Figure-9 maneuver did wonders to crankshafts and cast aluminum casings. I've seen YouTube videos of modern turbine engine aircraft with engines costing that of a new mid size motorcycle crash totaling the engine. I'm glad I don't fly turbines! I guess on a positive note, at least they got more use out of the cash than gambling it away at a casino.

All had good points in their comments. I'll stick with Castor content fuel.
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