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Aug 31, 2012, 08:19 PM
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Australia East Coast 12 - ARYA Rule Base

Be advised the current ARYA EC12 Rule Base (RB) remains in effect until advised otherwise by the ARYA. While there is a proposal to amend the current RB lodged with the ARYA, this process is far from completed. Updates will be provided as they become available.

"Australian EC12 owners are required to abide by the current RB until notified otherwise."

For those seeking additional information or comment are advise to e-mail the ARYA NCC, Colin Durran eastcoast12@live.com.au
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Sep 01, 2012, 02:54 AM
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2012 NSWRYA EC12 State Title

Early reports indicate competitors have been faced with a variety of changing wind conditions from gale force to drifters that kept skippers on their toes with rig selection. The high winds also contributed to a number of equipment issues.

Glynn Pulling has made the best of the conditions and is currently leading the field.

More to follow.
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Sep 01, 2012, 05:02 AM
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NSWRYA EC12 Title Placings:

Congratulations to all competitors who braved the strong wind conditions;

Competitors started the day on "A" rig then quickly changing to "B" by the second race. ARYA EC12 NCC Colin Durran suffered an early demise to the day when a curious speedboat owner, distracted by the racing activity, run down Colin's boat; with luck, he was able to reverse and recover the boat before it vanished to the bottom of the Bay. Lyndon Wilson became another casualty as his boat developed a leak that finally ended with fried electrics.

Nearing the lunch break all competitors were down to "C" rig with wind strength increasing. After lunch racing continued with everyone remaining on "C" rig. After fifteen race a short break was called at 3pm with a view to continue more racing to gain another drop unfortunately wind strength increased necessitating a cancellation of further racing.

ARYA EC12 NCC Colin Durran, has expressed his appreciation to the numerous volunteers from organizers to race staff, without their generous support, events such as these would not be possible. Special thanks to the visitors and guests who braved the conditions, in particular, Steve Crewes. As many would be aware, Steve is one of the founders of the East Coast Sailing Association (ECSA) and remains a stalwart of the EC12 community.


1st - Glynn Pulling,
2nd - Paul Clark and
3rd - Neil Webb.

Photo's to follow:
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Oct 11, 2012, 04:46 AM
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Results for the NSWRYA EC12 State Title is available vide: http://www.rcyachts.net/nsw/NOR12/Re...p%20Report.pdf

Happy reading

Still waiting for the Photo's,,,,,,,, perhaps the carrier pidgeon is lost!
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Oct 17, 2012, 11:18 PM
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NSWRYA - Australia Day Regatta - 26 January 2013 - All Classes.

Following on from the ARYA Nationals, the NSW new year Sailing calendar commences with the NSWRYA, Australia Day Regatta. This is a terrific event that affords all skippers an opportunity to start the new year in the true spirit of RC Sailing while enjoying the camaraderie with all entrants.

The 2013 Australia Day Regatta will be held at Drummoyne Sailing Club. All classes are welcome to sail at the Venue and all entry fees including a light lunch and a soft drink will be paid for by the Association.

On the off change you may be unable to compete, how about sparing an hour or two of your day to come along as a spectator, bring your family and friends and enjoy the sailing and excellent amenities of the Drummoyne Sailing Club.

Oct 20, 2012, 10:27 PM
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Hold the phone Folks, we're not done for 2012 just yet!

QRYA - South Queensland EC12 Championship will be conducted at by the EC12OA club at Kawana during the period 27/28 October 2012.

Further information vide: QRYA Secretary: http://www.radiosailing.org.au/qrya/qrya.htm or http://www.ec12.org.au/?page_id=34
Oct 20, 2012, 10:31 PM
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To keep the ball rolling,

An inaural event to be known as the EC12 - IE12 Challenge will be held by the Central Coast Radio Yacht Club (CCRYC) on December 2nd, 2012, lets hope this will be a regular annual event.

NOR is available vide: http://www.rcyachts.net/nsw/NOR12/CC...0Challenge.pdf


Open to all EC 12 sailors. The competition is open to financial members of ARYA (Inc) affiliated clubs and to

members of a recognized Division Member of the International Sailing Federation-Radio Sailing Division. Entry will

be denied to anyone who has been expelled from the ARYA or any of the state or territory RC sailing associations

affiliated with the ARYA (Inc).

All yachts must have a current registration certificate.

Skippers lits: http://www.rcyachts.net/nsw/display_...02&type=screen

On-Line Entry Form: http://www.rcyachts.net/nsw/race_for...=CCRYC20121202

If you have any problems with the above links, access the following: http://www.rcyachts.net/nsw/index.html
Nov 06, 2012, 09:02 PM
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With regard to the QRYA S/Qld EC12 Championships, Secretary QRYA has advised the event was cancelled.
Nov 06, 2012, 10:43 PM
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2013 - "MORGAN BLACK - International EC12 Regatta" - AUSTRALIA

With Christmas and the festive season just around the corner it's time to make plans for the Morgan Black regatta. This is a first for Australia, the ARYA, QRYA and last but not least the AEC12OA.

The Morgan Black will be held in Australia from Monday 25 February to Friday 1 March 2013 at Lake Kawana on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. For full details go to the Location, Notice of Race and Entry Form vide: http://www.ec12.org.au/?page_id=129

NEW CLOSING DATE FOR MORGAN BLACK ENTRIES - The closing date for entries has been brought forward to 14 December 2012. Late entries may be accepted but a late entry fee of A$50 now applies. This is to facilitate organising catering and to ensure we have the number of merchandise articles needed per head. Late entrants may still miss out on some things so get your entry in and paid up as soon as you can. Reference: http://www.ec12.org.au/?p=461

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting the acting Secretary, Garry Taylor, 07 5438 7613 or secretary@ec12.org.au
Nov 10, 2012, 04:29 AM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by Viking50
With regard to the QRYA S/Qld EC12 Championships, Secretary QRYA has advised the event was cancelled.

Sad news indeed.. Hope not too many people were inconvenienced.

Any news of the NSW Event planned for December 2012 still going ahead. Only asking coz the AEC12OA (IE12's) who have a great stake in the event haven't listed it on their pages..

Noticed only 4 entrants so far & some travelling quite a distance.

Any idea how many of this New You Beaut IE12's have hit the water so Far..

G'Tec's I assume they are to be called (design wise)..

Nov 12, 2012, 03:43 AM
Viking50's Avatar
Hello John,

The cancellation of any event is always of concern, more so in Queensland (Qld) as this is the second such cancellation of QRYA events. With Qld being home base of the OA with a reported, thirty plus membership, it is difficult to comprehend reason for cancellations.

Fingers crossed for the new EC12 - IE12 Challenge event being staged. As you are aware, a tremendous amount of effort goes into each and every event and in particularly, from those who volunteer to ensure participating skippers enjoy a well run, hassle free competition. The event is authorised by the NSWRYA and I'm sure, all EC12 owners are welcome regardless of affiliation (at least I hope so). The EC12 - IE12 Challenge has a potential to eliminated discrimination of factional loyalties and focus attention on the Class and establishing friendships regardless of which side of the boarder you reside.

Fair winds and good sailing to all.

With regard to IE12 numbers, I'm certainly no authority however it has been suggested that three have been completed and are sailing under the OA Rule Base.

Regardless of how you look at it, there exists a catch twenty two scenario regarding competition rules. EC12's are governed by the ARYA and the IE12 by the AEC12OA with the later not be sanctioned by the ARYA. I'll leave that debate for the executive of the ARYA to clarify.

The recent cancellations of EC12 competition in Queensland does give rise for concern, one can only hope the trend does not flow through to the International "Morgan Black" event.

I was fortunate to have sailed at the Sunshine Coast location a number of years ago (ranked last) and can attest to how beautiful the region is; very good and affordable accommodation; loads of attractions that cater for all ages; excellent beaches and surfing. This is caped it off by a very good sailing venue with good viewing opportunities.

The only disadvantage I found was the excessive number of shopping venues that my wife made full advantage of. Suggestion; make sure you have plenty of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

All the best.
Nov 12, 2012, 08:43 PM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by Viking50

...... Regardless of how you look at it, there exists a catch twenty two scenario regarding competition rules. EC12's are governed by the ARYA and the IE12 by the AEC12OA with the later not be sanctioned by the ARYA. I'll leave that debate for the executive of the ARYA to clarify.

The recent cancellations of EC12 competition in Queensland does give rise for concern, one can only hope the trend does not flow through to the International "Morgan Black" event.
Lets Hope it doesn't come to that... If only the AEC12OA were open & up front with proper writings that are publicly available & could be relied upon..

30+ members.. All scattered around & many O/Seas. Majority don't have boats...

Sad part is you can't obtain a boat unless you join their party.. Too Political for me.Can't swallow some of the BS.

I can't even get that NZ Boat I told you about because every attempt to include the Moulds in the current EC12 Class Rules ends up with Objections & ramblings from some AEC12OA members.. All designed to keep the divisions going..

From my time as a member of AEC12OA I found the desire of some individuals to be Total Control or Destruction of the EC12 Class as it currently stands in Australia. No thought to History...

The only problem I can see for the future of the EC12 in Australia is the divisions that are opening up between the IE12 & the EC12. Soon we will have the 2 Classes, both diminished in Numbers & Neither having the right to Claim National Class Recognition.

The criteria hasn't been met for a few years now.... Maybe it is time & No doubt if this was put forward as an ARYA agenda item for the upcoming AGM, I bet the solution would soon be found.

As is sometimes the case, when we get older we tend to lose a lot of our flexibility, we become grumpy & some become very Narcissistic.

With the introduction of this new IE12 & production being slow, I sincerely doubt the Morgan Black event can run under any other rules than the current ARYA approved EC12 Class rules as sanctioned in Australia (ARYA)... I assume the Sailing Instructions will allow for Internationally Accepted & approved EC12 boats from that country..

I still can't fathom why the AEC12OA do not take the opportunity of having their IE12 measured and accredited as an EC12 within Australia.. Must be that Narcissistic Approach. Sympathy seeking from any party is so unbecoming & never really solves the problems, only makes them worse..

No the IE12 "IS NOT" an EC12 under Australia's current rules.. If they took the opportunities available then this could quite easily change, almost overnight.

But when some of the protagonists can only see it their way & have the attitude of " either their way or there is no way", it makes it impossible to get the Groups talking together to Instigate a solution.

Perhaps it needs a Sacrifice on behalf of the Current AEC12OA President as the main objector, with new heads with new ideas. The rumours are still going around of his intention to Resign but it seems as usual the signature is rarely enacted.

This would perhaps show some degree of openness & demonstrate to the greater sailing community this is about the EC12 & not individuals.

Unity or Death.. Death can be the only outcome where there is no willingness to compromise & bring the parties together.

Unity : Agreement, Accord, Harmony, Bringing Together, etc etc..
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Nov 13, 2012, 03:40 AM
Viking50's Avatar
G'day John,

It is important to focus on the running of the International Morgan Black for the benefit of Australian skippers and most important, the international visitors. The problems facing the class are not trivial as you have identified and won't be resolved in the near future; if at all. As for the rules, the NOR has been accepted and issued, should problems occur they will be addressed by existing procedures.

I'm sure those fortunate soles that are able to attend will have an enjoyable and memorable experience and with luck, look forward to similar events being held in Australia. Wouldn't it be great to hold future Morgan Black events in other capitals of our Nation and give the international skippers an opportunity to experiences more that Australia has to offer. The potential benefits for the class and the ARYA are endless.

Now here's a idea for you John; like Australia, the USA is a vast country that has seen the emergence of not only the East Coast Twelve but also the West Coast Twelve. What is there to stop twelve metre enthusiasts establishing a similar scenario in Australia?? There is interest in WA and like the mighty Micro Magic, where there is interest there exists skippers willing to participate and you know this better than I.

I'm not familiar with the WC12 rules or differences between both but the Internet will soon sort that out. The potential success for twelve metres in this country is only limited by those who are unwilling to grab an idea and run with it!

Class first and foremost - nothing else matters!
Nov 13, 2012, 04:30 AM
Suspended Account

You are fairly accurate.

The common sense thing will eventuate & anything that was once known as or is an EC12 (incl IE12) regardless of which country will be allowed to Race at the Morgan Black.. Local Politics will be set aside & then all hell will break loose after the event...

Any other outcome would be a complete embarassment...

Once it is done where to from There..

My belief is that the Past, Currency & Future of any & all existing EC12's should be assured... Once an EC12 Always an EC12... And it should be Enshrined in any purported EC12 Rule base..

Just like the Vintage type Marbleheads... Then can still race & participate in the class if they so choose. Might not be competitive in the current ranks but still welcome. Some guys choose not to constantly chase the next moulded boat. What they have does them just fine...

This IE12 now in Australia simply wants rid of the Older EC12's & have that as the only recognised boat allowed.. Nothing in their Rule Base reflects the retention of the Older EC12's for eternity.. That is the simple fault in their attitude & focus.

I know this because I got it from the Horse's mouth...

Then we come to who can & can't have an IE12 Boat.. Must join that & pay homage, otherwise no boat for you.

And Mr T posted here that this wasn't the case but when pressed with the IE12 Rules that state different we haven't heard a word since.

Not a good Vision of the Class coming together in Australia..

And if you read their rules proper no Older Style EC12 can measure. They have restricted every single measurement to their IE12 Mould with no latitude as happens in the Older EC12 Boats.

So the Older Boats don't comply & are immediately out.. From the Horses Mouth yet again.

The One Glaring Fault with a copy of the EC12 Class Rules & with sham amendments is the mere fact that no Below Deck Measurements are applicable... The assumption is the Moulding is accurate.. No Test Fairings or check mouldings sent to measurers for confirmation of Hull Integrity..

And for that matter who or what are AEC12OA approved measurers..

Do you have one down your way... We certainly don't..

When it comes to WA & the EC12 have to say it is perhaps a disaster waiting to happen.. For now I doubt I will discuss further the NZ EC12 Boat & the possibility.. Instead a few C-J's have arrived.. Maybe something similar in type but smaller..

Wouldn't say we have a venue worthy of Speactator enjoyment. The one venue tehy use constant has the wind in such a direction that courses are set miles away. Bring it in close, Tight & Personal & both skippers & spectators enjoy the spectacle more..

Windward Return is getting rather boring to watch... Keep it in the IOM's I say & set more challenging courses for Classes where skill becomes a factor over the computer designed straight line runners..

Pure speed runs, don't in my opinion produce good or fun racing.
Last edited by waboats; Nov 13, 2012 at 07:44 AM.
Nov 13, 2012, 03:59 PM
Registered User
Well Put This is the reason the silent majority did not join this group

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