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Jun 12, 2012, 08:07 PM
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ACT Bridge to Bridge Race

“Bridge to Bridge Race”

July 7th and 8th 2012

The origins of the Lake Burley Griffin Bridge to Bridge race date back to the early eighties when three club members (Bill Kirwan, Ron Cooper and David Burns) decided to create the world’s longest race for international classes of radio controlled model yachts.

The trio agreed upon a course that would include rounding both Commonwealth and Kings Avenue bridges. The pontoon in front of the High Court was chosen as a suitable location to start and finish the race. Having formulated the general layout the trio presented the plan to the National Capital Authority and subsequently gained their official seal of approval.

The race was advertised nationally in the Australian Model Yachting Associations newsletter and also local media, which attracted a number of Canberra and interstate entrants.

Starting direction was dependant on the prevailing wind of the day, e.g. If the breeze was blowing from the east, competitors would start and sail toward Kings avenue bridge, round a nominated pylon and make their way to Commonwealth bridge, round a nominated pylon and return to the finish line. If the wind direction were westerly the reverse would apply, Commonwealth to Kings Avenue and return to the finish line an approximate distance of three and a half kilometers.

In the late nineties, Canberra Model Yacht club members voted in favor of a proposal to extend the race distance by moving the start and finish area to Bowen Park on the Kingston foreshores, a total distance of four and a half kilometers.

The yearly event is now sailed from Bowen Park to Commonwealth Bridge and return. As a marathon event, the competition serves to simulate and promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and lasting friendship with fellow interstate competitors.

The NOR will be available vide http://www.radiosailing.org.au/ and http://members.webone.com.au/~gbrown/cmyc/

Entrants are advised to bring their Winter woolies!
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Jun 15, 2012, 07:47 PM
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NSW Central Coast Competition

ARYA NCC has advised a new EC12 competition has been planned for early summer.

Details will be posted as final preparations are completed.

Contact with the NCC is encouraged.
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Jul 03, 2012, 05:48 AM
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2012 Queensland EC12 Championships

21st & 22nd July - Bundaberg Botanical Gardens North Bundaberg.

NOR now available vide: http://www.rc-yachts.net/index.php?o...nes&Itemid=300

A great opportunity to escape the Southern Winter conditions and enjoy the warmth of the North in good company of fellow EC12 skippers.
Jul 20, 2012, 12:37 AM
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2012 Queensland EC12 Championships

Be advised, the QRYA 2012 EC12 Champion event has been Cancelled.

Circumstances surrounding the cancellation are not known!

For those seeking further information are directed to contact the QRYA Secretary.
Jul 20, 2012, 12:44 AM
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ARYA East Coast 12 Proposed Rule change.

ARYA EC12 skippers are advise of the current proposal to change the previous rules.

Full dteails can be accessed vide: http://www.radiosailing.org.au/docs/...oposed%20a.pdf

The main thrust of the proposal is to include boats manufactured by the USA and NZ.

Your input is welcomed and encouaged; Present your views and/or contributions to the ARYA Technical Officer, Mr. Robert Hales.
Jul 20, 2012, 03:39 AM
Suspended Account

Do you have a contact email for Mr Hales..

My only observation is that the NEW Mould to be used to construct IE12's here in OZ is a direct copy of the US Mould.

Not sure why it isn't getting included other than the IE12 leadership simply don't want Older & Newer styes to compete alongside each other.

Silly Name IE12 (inter Eastcoast 12) IMHO as there current isn't a set of International Rules..

For me I would suggest Dual Rating any of the Aust Boats that aren't allowed to compete in normal OZ EC12 events so there will be no exclusion.

If it measures under the rules then it should be able to race regardless of some not wanting the Older & Newer Styles to intermingle.

I commend the Ozzie EC12 NCC for updating the rules to include many of the newer style boats from updated moulds. If only the Ozzie IE12 crew would see sense in having their boat & Hull measured for compliance under the current Oz Rules.

If the Hull met spec (I assume this would be a formality) & the Hulls were readily available to order by the General Public then I could see growth in the Class.

It's a pity Politics is such that I and others that want a Boat can't get one, simply because we do not wish to join an organisation that dictates rather than listens to & supports the greater mebership.

Dual rating the IE12 would put an end to control of what & where a skipper can sail his boat.. My guess is that should it seek dual rating then IE12 status could be in jeopardy.. I've asked but can't seem to get a simple yes or no answer.

I hear Yearly Boat Stickers & Registrations are on the radar for IE12's.


Jul 20, 2012, 07:34 AM
Registered User


1/I am not sure either seeing as all the points they are asking for are the same as we where denied 3 years ago.
2/The AEC12OA in the final set of rules as decided by the members includes all boats registered as an EC12.
3/The ARYA would Not recognise the new mould or boats produced for sailing in Aus events.That is why the new class was formed.

4/Anyone can obtain a boat from the AEC12OA.
5/You have not asked the right people.
6/WE listed to what the members asked and came up with a set of rules that reflected there intrests.
Jul 20, 2012, 07:37 AM
Registered User


PS Stickers are being considered as a way of keeping track of owners and boats to keep them informed.
Jul 20, 2012, 09:49 AM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by Harry54
1/I am not sure either seeing as all the points they are asking for are the same as we where denied 3 years ago.
2/The AEC12OA in the final set of rules as decided by the members includes all boats registered as an EC12.
3/The ARYA would Not recognise the new mould or boats produced for sailing in Aus events.That is why the new class was formed.

4/Anyone can obtain a boat from the AEC12OA.
5/You have not asked the right people.
6/WE listed to what the members asked and came up with a set of rules that reflected there intrests.

(5) I asked & was told by the Man Himself...

(4) From their own website there is a restriction on who can & can't purchase a Hull..

"Only AEC12OA members can order boats but a person, who also submits a Membership Application including membership fee to join at the time of ordering, will qualify."

Simply don't want to be a member of the AEC12OA because of the Politics & how it is run.. A Lot of people feel the very same way.

Sure you can go to NZ or US & get a boat there. Bring it back & get it certified in OZ & away you go.. But Not Locally... Sounds silly to me.. And a shade embarassing to AEC12OA IMHO...

Point 2 is a load of Rubbish.. The AEC12OA are rules only for the IE12. If they are the rules for all EC12's in OZ then older styles cannot meet the measurement requirements. Look at Section 5 of the IE12 Rules HULL SHELL.. No Tolerances at all.. Which means older EC12's simply don't measure...

Point 3... The man refused to provide a Hull to check measurement & receive Recognition... How come . . ARYA are still waiting.. But AEC12OA aren't coming to the party..

All of this I got from the Horse's Mouth...

(6) What members were polled & how many did not meet the requirement of EC12 ownership.. I know several that could not hold membership for this very reason. I cancelled my membership of AEC12OA because of just such an error. A measure of Integrity... The constitution still requires Ownership which the bulk don't qualify.

Instead excuses were made & a dodgy process was engaged to make people believe there is greater support out there for the AEC12OA agenda.

Just a question.. How many Non-Australian Residents (ie Foreigners ) voted

The ARYA & Original Vote failed as it did not meet the agreed standards.. So manipulation had to happen. AEC12OA Couldn't take the result & move forward finding a compromise..

(1) But here we are the EC12 NCC as has always been the case attempting to improve the situation. A pity The Man (previous EC12 NCC) jumped ship & left the class rudderless for 12 months.

Now there are 2 Classes of EC12 Boats in Australia & we will all have to agree that is a Good Thing... NOT...

Maybe The Man is not as open as he should be with the membership.

Much prefer to see it in writing rather than empty & hollow promises..

Originally Posted by Harry54
PS Stickers are being considered as a way of keeping track of owners and boats to keep them informed.
Stickers are actually a way of ensuring continuing membership of AEC12OA. Let the membership lapse & the Boat is immediately de-registered..Then the Older Boats don't comply & will not be re-certified nor re-measured....

Again from the Horse's Mouth..
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Jul 21, 2012, 07:03 AM
Suspended Account

And one last thing on the Politics & Rules thingy..

Here is a copy of what I received & asked to make comment on..

My reply is quite well distributed & in case you were wondering here it is.. Dropped the Name to avoid their embarassment. And apologies to Mr Mundine for any unintended comparison by using "The Man"
"The only comment I would & could make is this...

The IE12 (The Man's Mould) is no longer an EC12 within the scope of the current EC12 rules & Regulations... Lets not confuse The Man's Mould (MM) with the true MM (Micro Magic) as that would be a disservice to MM sailors worldwide..

Unless re-measured & Dual Rated as a compliant EC12 within Australia it (IE12) could not race in Sanctioned EC12 competition..

It is clear from the Rules put forward by AEC12OA that they do not wish the different styles of EC12's that have evolved over time to interact within their Rules.. Their choice & they want a "Strict One Design" from a control mould & under their dictatorship.

The same could be said about the hulls that come from their mould, now interacting with Australian & Older EC12's .

I would however see common sense in suggesting that once measured by an Authorised EC12 measurer (Aust) & it complies under the Aust EC12 rules then dual rating should not be an issue..

My reasoning for this is simple..

Australian EC12 Class wants to include & grow the EC12 Class within Australia where as "The Man" is clearly & openly denying any interaction between New & Old styles of EC12..

Where EC12 Class is concerned I do not see indulging or engaging "The Man" any further to be fruitful nor of any advantage to Radio Sailing in Australia..

His bitterness will only increase disharmony & as such I do not see even pandering to his agenda to be worthwhile. Let him live or die by his own actions.. Lets not hasten his demise nor shore up support by pandering to him.

By all means encourage dual rating of the boats so that those that wish to compete in sanctioned events can do so. "The Man" & his IE12 class will no longer be able to claim National Status nor reference to EC12 class & cannot run proper state or national events until such time as his IE12 class can meet ARYA standards for such championships..

Something I think should be addressed to the ARYA to ensure "The Man" does not overstep his position & attempt to bluff everybody into believing he is the EC12 Class within Australia..

God only knows what he will need to do to compete overseas in an EC12 event when his boat is not sanctioned as an EC12 in Australia.. IE12 is not seen as a class Internationally..

That about sums up where the EC12 class currently resides in Australia. A Pity there are some hell bent on destroying the foundation.. Using a well known saying bandied about by AEC12OA, Unity or Death.. There is a preference from them towards Death rather than find reason & compromise in Unity..

Which is a Pity really, considering the Hulls are clearly NOT available to the General Public... Perhaps you are not Talking to the Right People or maybe they aren't being straight with you..
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Jul 24, 2012, 03:23 AM
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ARYA East Coast 12 = Australia

Thank you WABOATS,

Constructive and factual information is appreciated, sadly this appears to be lost on a minority of people who search out various forums only to make unsubstantiated, unacceptable, inaccurate comments combined with attacks against ARYA EC12 skippers and the ARYA Executive.

Frankly, I’ve had enough from these individuals who have nothing to contribute and less to do with their own time apart from trolling various Forums to inject their unacceptable comments. I thought we had seen the last of these people following the attacks from an international EC12 skipper against the ARYA but this is not the case.

Subsequently, I will advise those who have issue with an individual EC12 Owner and/or the ARYA, to demonstrate a little personal fortitude and make contact with the aforementioned and deal with your issues; this forum has not been established for you or anyone else harbouring grievance, it is dedicated to likeminded individuals without egos and/or hidden agendas who have a genuine interest, active participation and/or genuine concern for the EC12 class fostered and managed by the ARYA!

Following the ARYA decision not to transfer autonomous control of the Australian EC 12 Class to the AEC12OA, the OA Principal Executive made the decision to cease negotiations with the ARYA. As a consequence, the operations and conduct of the AEC12OA is not the concern of the ARYA and similarly, the OA designated IE12 Class remains an independent class of RC yacht not supported by the ARYA.

It is equally important to acknowledge the efforts of the ARYA, the ARYA EC12 NCC and individual class owners who made attempts to reach an amicable resolution with the AEC12OA Principal Executive, unfortunately these were all rejected. (For those seeking validation and/or clarification relating to the aforementioned OA circumstances are advised to contact the ARYA vide their contact protocols. (Additionally, I have copies of all posts submitted by the OA Principal Executive on a privately operated Australian Forum, these clearly chronicle the Death or Unity attitude and personal attacks aimed directly at the ARYA and individual EC12 Owners who made a democratic choice to remain with the ARYA.)

To reiterate, this forum has been established for those likeminded individuals and/or participating EC12 enthusiasts interesting in the operation of the ARYA EC12 Class. Class politics and/or personal agendas will not be tolerated!

Failure to comply will result in closure of this Forum.

Australian ARYA EC12 Class first and foremost – before personal Ego!

Bob S.
Jul 24, 2012, 07:12 AM
Suspended Account

I know what you mean & How you Feel.

I think you mean Thread not Forum...

My Point before I got jumped was that a Person Looking for a New EC12 Hull in Australia is well behind the eight ball.

The AEC12OA claim their boat is an EC12 but who knows when they refuse to have it recognised as one in Australia.. Bruised Ego is my guess..

And for the Secretary to Say anybody can get a Hull & then disappear without explaining the anomaly with their own Publications I find very curious..

It really is a pity that the Class is caught up in such a mess in Australia & with the Morgan Black to be sailed here next Year, you only have to ask a simple question.

Can the IE12 actually race in the event? Is the event now degraded because it can't bring together all factions?

If it is being run by AEC12OA & under their IE12 rules then Older Style EC12's don't measure & can't race.. But as usual there is Nobody prepared to stand up & give a simple & open answer.. Supported by proper written publications that people can rely upon.

The NOR states
The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the current edition of the racing rules of sailing as modified by appendix E, the sailing instructions and the EC12 class rules of sailing.


The competition is open to financial members of ARYA (Inc), affiliated clubs and to all members of a recognized Division Member of the International Sailing Federation-Radio Sailing Division. All boats must have a current registration certificate for the class entered.

AEC12OA use IE12 rules so none of their boats will be eligible if not recognised as EC12's .

If it is a sanctioned EC12 Event through ARYA as it states, then I assume the current Australian EC12 Rules will apply.

Common Sense dictates if a boat is not measured & registered under the Rules of the Event then it can't compete. Sounds simple enough.

What rules are at Play for the Morgan Black? Depending on which will determine who & what can compete.

All I can say is what a Bloody Mess...

And where can I get me one of those new EC12 Hulls. The lakes in WA are weeding up & only going to get worse...
Jul 25, 2012, 01:08 AM
Viking50's Avatar
G’day John,

Yes, the current situation is a mess and an embarrassment that need not have occurred but that’s history; perhaps someone in the near future will realise what a ridiculous situation and agree to reopen negotiation with ALL EC12 Owners vide the ARYA processes. There is desperate need for one common goal, “what is best for the EC12 Class in Australia that will include everyone without discrimination”, it’s not a difficult or impossible task to achieve.

Regarding the Morgan Black (MB) event scheduled for 2013; I believe everyone (all Ec12 owners) not only supports the event but also whish the very best for a successful conduct and completion. The benefits are endless for the EC12 class, the ARYA, QRYA and the Nation. Let’s hope the ARYA will consider adding this event or something similar to their events calendar.

Regarding eligibility of EC 12 Class designs for the MB, that will be a matter best left to the controlling body – the ARYA. A NOR has been presented, accepted and implemented; should there be reason for complaint, I have no doubt a protest will be lodged in accordance with existing policies.

Now, where can interested and/or prospective members obtain an EC12 hull? In the first instance, the ARYA EC12 NCC, Mr Colin Durran is an obvious starting point. There are a number of pre-loved boats on the market at very reasonable prices or new hulls can be secured from existing moulds. I am aware two moulds are currently being refurbished in accordance with existing ARYA procedures and are nearing completion.

A number of skippers have upgraded to the international standard hull with more due in the near future. As the numbers of new hulls increase I’m sure interest will increase and once again we'll see larger numbers turn out to competition.

Bob S.
Jul 25, 2012, 01:52 AM
Suspended Account

Morgan Black Entry....


One can only hope that things can get resolved ASAP... New Hulls regardless of where they come from can only increase the numbers of EC12's in Australia.

Having to go to NZ or US to obtain one of these supposedly superior & more exacting Designed Hulls is a problem in itself. The delivery costs would be extreme so I guess that is why the new OZ Mould is being held back from general distribution so as to dictate membership & control to a single person & their body. I find that a Blatant & Unacceptable form of Discrimination..

I don't think control outside a National Standard or Body is a good idea...

When it comes to competition travelling can get quite expensive & knowing those involved I can only see problems for those that don't meet the exacting IE12 standards & may face problems when it comes to compete.

I asked the Man himself on this & he was very vague saying only that once he had control then he would decide if the Old Boats could compete. So I am scepticle when I see the NOR not covering Both Old & New EC12 styles.. If it was as it is supposedly stated as a Friendly likeminded get together then I see no problem with being open about interaction between the Old & New.

The Ego is so bad that I can forsee an issue with Owners being denied entry after paying for the travel & accommodation costs.

So until I see a Communication in writing from the ARYA & QRYA calrifying the issue then I would see sense in treading cautiously when dealing with the AEC12OA.
Jul 25, 2012, 03:49 AM
Viking50's Avatar
Hi John,
I wish I could agrue against your comments however, as usual, you are right. We are faced with a situation that noone wanted but we are forced to accept the cards as they have been dealt.

Having to go to NZ or US to obtain one of these supposedly superior & more exacting Designed Hulls is a problem in itself. The delivery costs would be extreme so I guess that is why the new OZ Mould is being held back from general distribution so as to dictate membership & control to a single person & their body. I find that a Blatant & Unacceptable form of Discrimination..
Discrimination John, hell yes and I'm sure this has been intentional from from the start; a well executed hidden agenda But again, it is what it is and we'll just have to suck it up and get on with an ARYA process for the greater good of the EC 12 class as opposed to pandering to any organisation or person that seeks total domination, regardless of casualities!

We need to concentrate on what benefits the class and support the ARYA NCC. Colin Durran has done more for the class in the last few months than what was achieved during the entire term of the previous incumbent. Colin's goal is simple,,,, establish a class for the enjoyment and participation of all EC12 owners; this includes members of the OA, no hidden agendas, just one common goal!

As I have stated previously on every Forum thread,,,,,,, Class first, ego's not wanted! It's a simple solution that is extremely hard to implement!!!!

Bob S.
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