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May 11, 2012, 06:56 PM
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East Coast 12 Australia - RC Sailing

Welcome one and all; this is the first in a series of posts highlighting the sailing activities of our East Coast 12 (EC12) RC yachts. The EC12 class, in conjunction with other International classes, is controlled in Australia by our national organisation known as the "Australian Radio Yachting Association" (ARYA), it is through their management that allows the class to grow, prosper and compete from local club level through to State and National championships.

The class originated from an American test tank model of the older full keel America's Cup boats and from there has grown to become one of the largest classes of Model Yacht sailing throughout America. Australia's involvement stems back to the early seventies when a number of interested and likeminded enthusiasts (based in Sydney, NSW) made the decision to take up the challenge and subsequently imported a number of Dumas design EC12's. As a result, new friendships were formed with their American counterparts and it wasn't long before the Aussie's made the journey to America to compete in a major event known as the Morgan Black.

Thanks to the foresight of those Australian EC12 pioneers, the class has grown significantly and is now particularly strong on the Eastern Coast of Australia with smaller numbers being found in almost every State and Territory. Further information may be gain from accessing the following links: & &

Australian EC12 class owners are currently represented by an ARYA National Class Coordinator (NCC), while the role is not an executive position, the incumbent is required to uphold specific responsibilities governed by the By-Laws contained in the ARYA Constitution. For 2012, the NCC is Colin Durran; Colin has an extensive sailing background from Dinghies through to a number of larger classes. Colin also served with the Royal Australian Navy for many years and finally put his roots down in the ACT on completion of Navy Service.

Today Colin runs his own business and dedicates much of his leisure time to sailing his EC12. Colin’s has placed emphasis on introducing new ideas for the class with a view to extending the friendship and camaraderie experienced by many class owners.

You are invited to join in discussions, put forward your ideas, ask questions or just drop in and say hello, you will be most welcome.

Colin welcomes all enquiries and invites your contact vide: Colin Durran [email protected]

More to follow,

Bob S.
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May 11, 2012, 07:03 PM
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Getting Started

So, how does one become involved with the EC12 class? The usual starting point is to visit a Radio Sailing club in your respective area; there you will be made welcome by participating skippers who will be only too pleased to talk about their boats, regardless of the class being raced on the day. You will find the majority of Clubs have a vast network of contacts and will be able to steer you in the right direction.

The ARYA operate an extensive website complete with links to each State and Territory website, from these you will be able to locate and contact the local club/s nearest you:

For those interested in purchasing a boat, the ARYA website has a “For Sale” section which is always a good starting point; other alternatives include checking with skippers at a local club; contacting our NCC Colin Durran [email protected] ; check for sale sections in trading posts and major news papers and there is always E-Bay.

Production of EC12’s in Australia is controlled by the ARYA through their National Technical Officer who is responsible for class rules, associated amendments, approved Moulds and appointment of authorised builders to name but a few. This process maintains the purity of a One Design class boat.

In addition to Australian suppliers, an increasing number of EC12 enthusiasts import new hulls from NZ or the USA .

More to follow and thanks for your interest,

Bob S.
May 11, 2012, 08:24 PM
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All looks good..

Hope to follow this one with Interest... Keep the photo's Results & happenings around the traps coming.

No doubt you will welcome input from all over the place, especially the US , where the Class originated..

May 11, 2012, 08:52 PM
Sport R/C Flyer/Sailer/Driver
Nice looking boats. I've been looking for a larger boat lately.
May 11, 2012, 09:27 PM
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I'll stay out of your thread for the most-part, as we'd love to hear what is happening with the class overseas.
Here in the USA the class is very vibrant and competitive.
People can research the boat through the afformentioned websites.

On this side of the pond, The EC-12 was just featured in the AMYA quarterly, which was just released... So AMYA members can look forward to reading all about the class in a few days.
This surely will spike interest in the class, particularly given the quality of information.

on a personal note, I absolutley LOVE the EC-12.
but, Actually, my favorite aspect has nothing to do with the boat itself!

For me, it is a complete polar opposite to another class we sail in Marblehead (the M-Class)
M's & 12's... Good luck finding a similarity!
They are both top-notch boats. but are black & white on the drawing board.
May 12, 2012, 12:04 AM
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Interclub Series

ARYA NCC, Colin Durran has announced his intention to introduce an interclub series incorporating clubs from Terrigal to Tuross Head and all points in between.
Colin has expressed a desire for all EC12 owners to contribute their thoughts on this proposal or discuss other ideas you may have.
All comments encouraged and welcomed.
Thanks for your interest,
Bob S.
May 12, 2012, 04:21 AM
Suspended Account
Like most things the differences in Classes & Size allows for many innovative ideas.

The idea of transporting a bigger boat has always concerned me..

I noticed this on another thread..

And some of the EC12 photos (USA mostly) are quite amazing. Shows the class off to the novice sailors as well.

Australia is doing quite a lot to reinvigorate the EC12 & hopefully in time it will return to where it once was.
May 12, 2012, 06:27 AM
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Thanks Bob for starting this forum i request for all who use this forum to only use it to pass on usefull information and please do not use it for a back biting session, If anyone has a grudge about other persons within the ec12 fraternity please bring it to my attention i will act as moderator in the event that i cannot act as moderator i will ask the ARYA to step in.

I would like to invite you to comment weather it is worth trying a traveler series my thoughts was to have a 5 event with 3 to count, The intention is to primarely bring EC12 sailors together to spin a yarn get the boats wet and to bring back the fun in sailing.

On the weekend 6th may Rob Rixon from Tuross invited ec12 owners and Soling owners to a casual evant at Tuross at first the intention was to sail one class for three races and then the other class would sail there three races we ended up joining the fleet together with 16 boats and 12 races sailed we stopped for a short break to have morning tea and a quick adjustment then bacck on the water untill we stopped for a well earned bbq lunch then back on the water untill we completed the 12 races, we finished about 1430 had a quick presentation and headed home it was a fantastic day and we are planning for next year.

May 12, 2012, 04:59 PM
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As a person who travels internationally with an EC12 I have developed over time an easy and secure method of shipping where the boat goes as checked baggage - albeit through the oversize chute. When fully packed the bag weighs 23kgs which is allowed without excess charges. Includes hull, sails, radio gear, toolkit and masts - teh A rig has been cut and has a joiner in it but from arrival at site I can now be sailing in less than 1 hour and full pack up takes around 1 hour as well.

Further info and pics are available direct of asked for.

The bag is 1.6m long with a 400mm diameter, full length zips and carry straps. Around the bag as seen at top of bag is velcro straps to tighten to keep bag tight on internal packing.

This pic after arrival in Brisbane a couple of weeks back
May 13, 2012, 02:51 AM
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Tuross combined EC12 & Soling Event

With regard to the Tuross event mentioned in Colin’s post, the follow report has been submitted to local newspapers for circulation:

To the Editor,

The Tuross Head Model Boat group organised a model yachting regatta on Sunday 6th May at Coila Lake, Tuross Head.

Some 15 sailors attended from our local area, Canberra and Lake Tabourie for this “country picnic” sailing event. The wind conditions were light to moderate.

The sailors from Lake Tabourie sailed Soling yachts, a fast growing class.

The Locals and our Canberra visitors sailed East Coast 12’s which is a design taken from the 12 meter yachts that sailed in the Americas cup.

There were 12 heats and the East Coast 12 winner was Colin Durran from Canberra.

Peter Maddison from Lake Tabourie took out the Soling prize. They each gratefully received a pack of jelly beans. (Unfortunately all the black ones had been eaten)
The organisers were very pleased with the event which attracted new sailors and they are now planning an annual regatta.

Ray Sillett

Photo’s courtesy of Tuross Head members.
May 13, 2012, 08:29 PM
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Thread OP


Greetings and welcome MMangus, Breakwater and ec12nz,

Thanks for viewing and showing interest in our discussion, if you are ever in our neck of the woods “down under” please let us know, you will made most welcome.

It’s always good to learn what other EC12 enthusiasts are doing in different parts of the globe; there is much to be learnt from the experiences of other like minded skippers who work toward a common goal.

MMangus, you won’t be disappointed with purchasing an EC12, they are fantastic to sail and present different sailing characteristics when compared to other classes. Keep us informed with your progress.

Breakwater, our ARYA Historian, Mr. Stephen Crewes visited Marblehead back in 2000 (from memory) and hasn’t stopped talking about the welcome he received. Steve was particularly taken with the history and heritage being maintained by your group of Model Yachties.

Steve was heavily involved with the introduction of the EC12 in Australia and apart from a few breaks while sailing other classes, he continues to own and sail the much loved EC12.

Ec12nz, what a great idea and on behalf of our NCC, Colin, thanks for sharing your idea, I’m sure this will save a lot of money for many EC12 skippers including those that are fortunate to travel internationally. The benefits are endless and in addition to air travel, this would be a welcomed addition for keeping the boat safe during lengthy car trips.

If it’s not too much to ask, did you have the carry bag professional made and if so what would be the general cost?

Thanks again for your interest,

Bob S.
May 13, 2012, 10:51 PM
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It's good to see the EC12's making a come back .
The class died off in the late 90's in Sydney .
The Northern Beaches club was one of the biggest EC12 clubs at the time with some 30+ EC12's .
Most races were match racing per the America's Cup
The skippers of " Wild Oats XI " Mark Richards was a member of the The NB EC12 club .

May 14, 2012, 03:30 AM
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Thread OP

What a surprise!

Welcome Greg and thanks for taking time to share a part of Australian EC12 history, it is most appreciated.

From discussions with ARYA Historian Steve Crewes, and Alf Willoughby I am aware of small part of the history however, if you have further information that you would like to share, we would love to hear and record it for future generations.

There have been many road humps along with a few blocked roads over the years that have attempted to derail the ARYA EC12 class but thanks to a few stalwarts, the class remains steadfast. This has been due to the efforts of a number of EC12 enthusiasts in NSW and the ACT. The names are many and yet the one man main stay in the Sydney area has been Leigh Grove.

Leigh’s dedication goes far beyond sailing as he has kept the East Coast Sailing Association club going in recent years almost single handed. If that wasn’t enough, Leigh has set about a quest to preserve the EC12 initial history by locating and obtaining one of the two Dumas designed boats that started EC12 interest in Australia.

Back in the 80's, Mr. Hub Bell (Life Member of the ARYA) imported another Dumas boat to be sailed against the USA EC12 represenative during the America's Cup help in Perth Weastern Australia. Mr. Bell's son Michael, skippered the boat and won the event. Leigh is now the proud owner of this Historic boat.

Leigh can be found at Scarborough Park and/ or Kogarah Bay Sea Scouts premises on alternate Saturdays from 1000am; contact details for Leigh are:

Another quiet achiever is Rob Rixon, now residing at Tuross Head. Rob placed an advert in the regional news paper some years back asking for an expression of interest from anyone interested in radio sailing to contact act him. The success is now history and as Rob had obtained the EC12 Lakesedge design mould, production commenced and continues to this day.

Tuross Head now boasts an active fleet of twelve with interest still being generated.

Thanks for your interest,

Bob S.
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May 14, 2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Viking50
Breakwater, our ARYA Historian, Mr. Stephen Crewes visited Marblehead back in 2000 (from memory) and hasn’t stopped talking about the welcome he received. Steve was particularly taken with the history and heritage being maintained by your group of Model Yachties.
We certianly apreciate your kind words!
We certianly enjoy folks from overseas to join us, and make an effort to join them in-turn.

Last summer, we had a group from England join us for a US/UK 36/600 Freesail match.
May 14, 2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Viking50
Leigh’s dedication goes far beyond sailing as he has kept the East Coast Sailing Association club going in recent years almost single handed. If that wasn’t enough, Leigh has set about a quest to preserve the EC12 initial history by locating and obtaining two of the three Dumas designs that started EC12 interest in Australia..
Are you able to expand upon the differences and distinguishing features between the 3 Dumas Designs?

I know of 2 Dumas designs.
One of which squats really-heavily in the stern without corrector weights.

I'm really curious to know, I actually just picked up a Dumas hull. The generation of such that does not have severe ballast issues.

I'll need to source or build a rudder for it, so any extra information I can plug in would be wonderful.

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