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May 10, 2012, 07:16 PM
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~{Firesale}~ Getting out of the hobby! (Price Dropped! AGAIN)

Alright guys, I have a lot up for grabs here. I am looking to sell it all as one box, if that happens I'll throw in a lot of extra gear that would normally go to the trash heap such as tools, wire, control boards, and even an 16gb Iphone 3gs

I really really really dont want to have to split this up, there will be significant discounts if I can keep this all as one package remember!

Alright well here goes!

First thing in this beautiful package is a hexicopter with 850kv motors, 30a esc's and an arducopter APM1.0 Revision H shield. It comes with GPS, magnometer and sonar installed for full autonomous operation. The props are on propsavers (I am missing 2 O-Rings but could probably scrounge some up if its a deal breaker)

5 UBEC's on the ESC's have been disabled to prevent ground loops and the ESC control wires have been directly soldered to the APM board to prevent vibrations or my clumsy hands from accidentally disconnecting them on the ground or in flight. This machine was designed to be stable as can be and it really is.

More Pic's
More Pic's
More Pic's
Picture of the APM1.0
Picture of the APM1.0's GPS
Picture of the APM1.0's Sonar

Next up is my "Big Ticket Item". Its a fairly custom simple quadcopter, built arround Rusty's frame. It uses Pulso 2820/14 motors and APC E 13x6.5 props. It uses 30A reflashed DYS esc's that have a rediculous refresh rate. I have hit 60mph with this and reached altitudes of 2000 ft above sea level (in international waters of course) Its big, a bit loud, extremely fast and agile and a LOT of fun to fly. I will be posting the links in one big chunk as my fingers are starting to hurt but some of the features specific to this build are...

APM2.0 with improved sensor and SensorFusion technology. Its one of the original prints of this board without the sensor scaling issue. I can update the firmware for you but its so damn easy and changes so frequently that it would be easier for you to. It's fully telemetry capable, has full and unlimited way pointing capabilities, can automatically tune PID's (or atleast get them close), and can control RC planes, boats, cars, whatever you want. It offers a lot of different options, check out DIYdrones.com for a full writeup. Its probably the best board out there for the money considering all the features you get.

I will be including already mounted on this aircraft a full FPV setup configured for a GoPro camera. I never ended up ordering a GoPro but the TX/RX piece works fine. I will also be including a rather unique gopro mount for this aircraft.

Rusty's landing gear was added to this craft, and take off for shipping purposes but I will include the tools to add it back on.

The sensor board is mounted on a rangevideo sensor tray, its suspended by elastics in the air in order to eliminate vibrations. I was having problems with resonance so I added a different kind of elastic and now the sensor noise is pretty much nonexistant.

This chopper comes with 3 spare reflashed ESC's

I will also include a spare parts bin-thing for anyone purchasing a LOT of times, this includes Motor shaft replacment, butane torch for soldering in the field, a spare APM1 imu (missing fuse, easy replacment) an FTDI programmer, spare sonar, and a Current sensor to measure how much battery time you have!

Also included are some spare motor mounts

I also have 5 30c 4000mah 4s lipo's for sale and two high quality 4s 5500mah batt's, they seem underated for the large helicopter but thats only because they are meant to be run in parralell. The large choppers power bus is setup to take 3 inputs for long flight time and 2 inputs if your using FPV.

Another view of the batts

For the lucky person that purchases the whole thing (if there is someone like that) I will include this laptop to function as the perfect ground control station. It has two keys missing but they still work.

I also will be including a prob balancer

For the FPV setup, the ground portion is taken care of with the renown haire 7inch screen, two 900mhz recievers. The transmitter and gopro plug is already on the helicopter and a rubberized filtered power supply.

To keep those batteries charged, I have dual smart lipo chargers. These both wire into a re-purposed computer power supply unit that you can sortof see in the backround.

I also have pretty much a lifetime supply of props for both helicopters.

The power supply, if its intimidating to you I can wire it up nice and neat but you'll loose some of the other options (access to the other power rails).

Some odd's and ends, like the landing gear and the side of the big quadcopter.

To control both of these aircraft I will include two Turnigy 9x radios. One is a bit broken, its limited to 4 channels because some of the switches broke off I use to to fly the hexacopter as a result and it works fine. The other has custom arducopter er9x firmware installed, a USB bootloader in the back, a UV backlit screen and a LiPO conversion kit (included lipo battery).

Here are some shots
of the big quadcopter and some other included odd's and ends

The board and hub

Gopro and FPV setup

One really nice thing is that this chopper come with so many spares, Im including a spare motor, spare shaft, spare motor mounts, 6 spare aluminum arms, and literally as many spare props as you could ever need.

This is the power train setup

About pricing

This is a lot of stuff, I've paid a lot of it and kept it in really nice condition. Considering how comprehensive and full this is, I would only really be willing to sell it to one person as a complete setup. I am looking to get $2000 $1750 $1500 shipped for the complete setup but am willing to haggle a BIT on the number. I can ship it however you want, if you purchase it all as one unit however, I will upgrade you to 2 day shipping FREE (insured of course)

And what the hell, to sweeten the deal even further im including a free 16gb iphone 3g.
to the person who buys the whole thing

I will put up prices later for individual stuff if noone wants the complete setup. Make an offer in the meantime so I can get a feel for pricing out there. Thanks!
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May 10, 2012, 07:19 PM
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Adidas4275's Avatar
i am interested in the quad if you part it out.

let me know
May 10, 2012, 07:31 PM
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skyhulk's Avatar
do you have any 4s 4000-6000mah batteries if so please pm me with price
May 10, 2012, 08:00 PM
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that's actually probably a decent price, i know i have WAAAY more than that invested in my FPV gear.
May 10, 2012, 08:08 PM
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If someone wants it I can send it out tomorrow and it will be at your door by monday. 2000 for the lot of it to paypal, I really want to get rid of this stuff (as you can tell by the price)
May 11, 2012, 08:26 AM
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I think you would have allot more luck parting out. 2k is a big pill to swallow.
May 11, 2012, 05:25 PM
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Dropped the price 250 bucks for the next week only, after that I will be parting it out but the additional shipping and effort involved will obviously not let me sell it for the complete package figure I was advertising originally.
May 11, 2012, 05:27 PM
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Adidas4275's Avatar
If you do relist definately add some $$ to cover shipping.

No one here expects you to eat a massive loss

it is great that were all able to buy and sell gear that we need or have extra of to help others in the hobby.

if you do have to part I know i will be buying
May 11, 2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Adidas4275
If you do relist definately add some $$ to cover shipping.

No one here expects you to eat a massive loss

it is great that were all able to buy and sell gear that we need or have extra of to help others in the hobby.

if you do have to part I know i will be buying
Indeed. Pm sent about batteries.
May 17, 2012, 06:49 AM
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Price dropped to $1500 shipped

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