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May 09, 2012, 10:03 AM
Time for me to Fly...
Mr. Wiz's Avatar

What other kind of flying do you DLG guys do?

I've now been a DLG addict for about 10 months. Since I bought that used Taboo in the middle of last summer I've only flown my other planes once or twice. About a week ago I took out a Telemaster .40 that I had converted to electric. I went to a seminar at Toledo about aero towing and I was all fired up. After flying the Telemaster, all I want to do with it now is sell it and commit the funds to DLG use.

I also have a beautiful F3A pattern plane that I have now not flown since last August. I use to be a pattern nut! I posted it for sale here at RCG a couple of weeks ago but no takers so far. I have a Trex 450 heli that I wanted to get back to as well but I never seem to make it a priority.

This development has kind of taken me by surprise. Is this typical? Do DLG guys generally develop a one track mind or do some of you guys find enjoyment flying other things?
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May 09, 2012, 10:49 AM
Master of the Wind
G Norsworthy's Avatar
Cross country, a little slope and TD, and a collection of dope and tissue electrics converted from rubber power kits. But mostly DLG lately.
May 09, 2012, 11:49 AM
Registered User
I have flown many forms of rc but have flown gliders since 83 fairly exclusively.

SOARING in general will never leave your mindset once you realize there is no end to your learning.

I have a hardtime keeping my month shut at the power field. So much bad info about conditions.
Soaring in many forms can be observed most anywhere. I find myself at baseball games watching birds. LOL
May 09, 2012, 12:05 PM
Registered User
I used to build scale models (plastic, non-flying) and rubber-band-powered free flight of several kinds. I got into RC soaring because I couldn't afford a motor (and all the motor accessories).

That was about 1982. I started flying full-scale seriously, but again, went to soaring because of the great soaring club in Aluquerque. I couldn't beat the price or support, and flying a sailplane throughout its performance envelope is a whale of a lot more entertaining than firing up the ol' Cessna, and leaving the throttle on max from takeoff to final descent. And staying wings-level every minute of the time in between.

I had one of those Park Zone T-28s, but gave it away. After the 15th landing, I realized I was bored. It was a great airplane in a great package for a great price, but it was just a toy compared to a model sailplane focused on performance. I gave it away to the local Community College, which has a terriffic aerospace program.

Handlaunch thrills me because I can go out and do it, and there is simply no infrastructure involved. A Hi-start is simple enough, but compared to hand launch, it's still too much for me. Having said that, I've been flying my 2-meter Dove more and more, and now I've hauled out and brought back to life a 2-meter full-house sailplane.

I'm having a ball, just flying around. I've tried to interest others in my area in soaring, but they are all still fixated on the power. Most common question: "how do you land without an engine? " They don't get me; I don't get them. Just one of life's mysteries, and I'm OK with that.

Yours, Greg
May 09, 2012, 12:08 PM
ground penetration specialist
Nathan Schmoekel's Avatar
My favorite plane right now is my Parkzone Radian Prop to altitude, level out, and grab a chair and a cold drink! Heck I don't even have to get up to re-launch!!
The Radian is such a relaxing and majestic plane, not to mention extremely cheap and durable!

Other than that, my DLGs and Alulas get the most flight time. I have my Radian set up to carry and release the Alulas

On the shelf are a Radian Pro, 3-4 various park fliers, and large 3-D foamy. My DL-50 and QF-2 DLGs have also not flown in ages.
May 09, 2012, 12:08 PM
Jim C
ShadowFalken's Avatar

your not alone

For the past two years, this baby has resided in a trailer. I recently sold it to a new owner in a local club. Sad to see it go but would rather see a friend enjoy it. Already sold the 50cc plane last year.

I have two more giant scale birds coming along slowly, but engrossed in DLG for now.
May 09, 2012, 12:17 PM
Will fly for food
davidjensen's Avatar
I also have been through many forms of RC. I flew Pattern from 1990 through 1996 when the price for admission to the podium went way up with the 4-stroke motors and bigger airframes. I started flying Heli's in 1995 and gave them up in 2003. I started flying slope in 2000 and still do. I had my first winch launch in 2004 and still love it. I started Scale Gliders 2008 and now it is my second passion only because I don't get to fly them as much as DLG's. Last weekend we had an Aerotow with hat sucker thermals. 6M scalies were mere specs in the sky.
Most pilots had to land due to stiff neck syndrom. TOO MUCH FUN.
May 09, 2012, 01:16 PM
Father of Fr3aK, DLG Pilot
tom43004's Avatar
Glow power up through jets in the 80s and early 90s with HLG, TD, and XC sailplanes sprinkled in...

Helis in the early 90s when they were big and heavy with more DLG, TD, and XC sailplanes sprinkled in...

Now I fly almost exclusively sailplanes, TD, F3J, F3K... I have a Radian Pro that I don't fly enough, couple of electric helis mostly for indoors stuff during the winter.

I'll probably concentrate most over the next few years on whatever my son is attracted to. Right now that's DLG and helis.
May 09, 2012, 01:26 PM
hot air rises...
jfinch's Avatar
Pylons! (www.utahpylonracing.com)

Slope, DS, etc...
May 09, 2012, 01:38 PM
Aeromodeller by heart!
RubSon's Avatar

Started wit aeromodelling in the late eighties. Got hooked up with a local CL-club and flew F2B, GoodYear-racing, F2D and diesel combat.

Took a job as eveningschoolteatcher and got into RC in the mid nineties. Mostly electrical and depronplanes. But whent along with the HLG and DLG bug as it really kiced in here in Denmark.
Got kind of stucked and allthough i have several planes with build in thermals i usually fly the planes without. They are so pure and simple. You just need your plane and TX to have a great time.

The last 6-8 years the kids and I have done some indoor freeflight aswell. Thats just as good as DLG flying, and much warmer in the wintertimes.

My son also flies DLG, but heīs still to small to have a really great launch. Being smaller in heights than the plane spans dosnīt help
you alot. BTW heīs 12 years old..

May 09, 2012, 01:41 PM
Lift is where you find it.
I'm one of those quad-rotor desperadoes. When I flew my first glider, I thought it got helis completely out of my system, and that's the way it was for a few of years until recently when a bud of mine started talking quads and it bit me with a vengeance.

So, now I do quads, DLG and e-gliders. Rather a mixed bag that goes with me to the field.

I'm with Nathan though- I love launching my SoarWatt and floating around in thermals until I've had enough. But the quad is cool, if intense, and my favorite (and only functional) DLG is my sweet little Bug.

May 09, 2012, 02:15 PM
The ground's the limit.
shawnc's Avatar
Slope, but not lately. Bought a cheapo heli and saw a dark path of much time and money that I reluctantly chose not to go down. Flew full sized glider for 16 years, but got burned out from the cost/time fiddling with the glider/cost/time waiting for a tow/cost/risk from being less and less current/cost, it's expensive too.
Borrowed a friend's rock crawler for giggles, and can see some fun there too. We'll see how much I want one after I've returned it.
May 09, 2012, 02:20 PM
Registered User
danfitz's Avatar
My evolution has been free flight gliders, then hang gliders (starting at age 13!), then RC gliders, and full scale gliders. I have a bunch of neglected electrics that I should sell but these past few years I've been flying TD, a little slope, a lot of DLG and full scale. Since I was a little kid it's always been about gliders for me.
May 09, 2012, 02:39 PM
Time for me to Fly...
Mr. Wiz's Avatar
Here is what I'm finding interesting about this DLG development in my life. I always looked at glider flying as boring. Ya just get it way up there and fly around in circles. Now that was my perception of glider flying. I saw some video of some guys cutting it up with DLGs, doing all sorts of aerobatics and I became interested so I bought one to give it a try. Thermaling was not on my radar, what-so-ever. Now, flying aerobatics with my DLG is fun. Just the occasional loop or roll is all I ever do. Mostly what I want to do is improve my launch and learn to find thermals and stay with them. How did an aerobatic flying hard core end up looking for lift and flying circles all over the sky..... and how do I convey to all my old powered flight friends how fun this really is?
May 09, 2012, 02:44 PM
Chuck 'Em and Chase 'Em
Fly2High's Avatar

there are other kinds of flying??????

I have a few TD planes but they only come out when the club hosts 2 ESL contests a year so I fly the Mantis for a total of 4 days a year.........

My dad purchased for me a gas .40 trainer that is assembled, engine broken in but still needs the canopy and trim scheme completed. I am not sure it will ever lift off in my hands. I have it b/c it was the excuse to purchase a radio.

The DLGs come out on every occasion, even during the lunch break at the TD contests !!

There is no other kind of flying to me!!!


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