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May 09, 2012, 12:20 AM
I'd rather be flying!
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Eflite UMX Carbon Cub SS maiden - video & flight-report, proper use of flaps demo

Picked up an Eflite UMX Carbon Cub SS today.

Got everything set up & mechanically trimmed. I have fully proportional flaps on the right-rear slider of my Futaba 10CHP, with a switchable 5-point flap-elevator mix on switch D. I moved the rudder & aileron pushrods to the second hole from the inside & moved the elevator pushrod to the third hole from the inside.

I checked to see how my Hyp 240 2s packs fit. There was plenty of room to adjust the CG fore & aft of the recommended 27mm. I tried my Hyp 320 2s 'Babbelbatt' & it fit right in with no problem at all. With the pack all the way back, the CG is 28mm, so there is no problem getting the CG right.

Spooled her up & noticed that the prop was out of balance. A piece of clear packing tape on the inside of the light blade did the trick. Packed up & headed to the field.

Wind was out of the NW @ 3-6 MPH. A perfect evening for a maiden!

I used one of my homebrew Hyp 240 2s packs for the maiden. Measured CG was 27mm. Lined her up, rolled into the throttle, and she was airborne within a few fuselage lengths. Made a few passes to check the trims, and everything looked good. I did notice that I had the CG just a bit aft of where I'd like it. Flew for 8.5 minutes. Only used 140 mAh, which is just 58%. So, that would be 11:40 to the 80% discharge point with a Hyp 240 mAh pack., or 15:30 to the 80% discharge point with a Hyp 320.

This plane is just about perfect right out of the box. It doesn't even need a different prop to perform well. However, I'm sure the 5043 will provide a substantial increase in thrust for those who are looking for a bit more performance. It's easy to get the CG right with a wide variety of battery sizes & there's plenty of room for packs as large as my Hyp 320 'Babbelbatt'. The CC flies just like a Cub should. In many ways, it reminds me of my 1/4-scale Super Cub. Except the CC has a better thrust-to-weight than my 1/4-scale, which is powered by an OS 1.60 flat-twin four-stroke. The CC slows down nicely, and remains controllable at low speeds. It does scale aerobatics very well, and there is enough power on tap for large loops from level flight. Landings are a piece of cake. The CC is a real pussycat on approach. Just remember to control speed with elevator & descent-rate with throttle.

On the second flight, I moved the CG forward slightly. That was just perfect. I tried the flaps with & without the elevator mix. I found that ballooning is caused by extending the flaps at too high an airspeed. When I let the plane slow down until the nose starts to drop & then go to half-flaps, there is no ballooning at all without the mix. I was flying low & slow circuits at 35% throttle. Same thing when I go to full-flaps without the mix. The second clip is uploading & I'm just about done editing the third clip. The third flight was with the Hyp 320 pack. It flew very well. As expected, the extra weight wasn't the least bit noticeable.

Horizon really hit one out of the park this time!

Here's the maiden:

Eflite UMX Carbon Cub SS maiden (14 min 6 sec)

Here's the second clip. I moved the CG forward a bit this time, which turned out to be perfect. This is one excellent-flying plane! Not excellent for a 24" foamie. I mean excellent - period. She flies exactly how a Cub should.

I experimented with the flaps. I tried them with & without a flap-elevator mix. Guess what? There is no ballooning at all without the mix. Just let the plane slow down until the nose starts to drop before extending the flaps. That's all there is to it. You can see a comparison with & without the flap-elevator mix, starting at 5:30:

Eflite UMX Carbon Cub SS - second flight (10 min 14 sec)

Here's the third clip. I'm flying with a Hyp 320 mAh 'Babbelbatt'. This is my favorite pack for this plane! The weight isn't the least bit noticeable, and I get 15 minutes of flying to the 80% discharge point. I also do a fair amount of flying with the flaps, showing that a flap-elevator mix is not needed, and showing how to avoid ballooning by letting the plane slow down before extending the flaps - as one does when flying a full-scale plane. If the video isn't ready, stop back in 10-15 minutes:

Eflite UMX Carbon Cub SS - scale flying, proper use of flaps (13 min 29 sec)

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May 09, 2012, 09:07 AM
Landin' On The Canopy BAD
F-86FLIER4LIFE's Avatar
now alls u need to do is encourage a guy at your flying field to get the umx ask 21, then we can see a micro tow!!!
May 09, 2012, 09:37 AM
I'd rather be flying!
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Originally Posted by F-86FLIER4LIFE View Post
now alls u need to do is encourage a guy at your flying field to get the umx ask 21, then we can see a micro tow!!!
I plan to do just that! Since the CC has a towhook, I figured that I needed something to tow. So I pre-ordered the ASK-21. It will be my first pure sailplane. Now, if I could only figure out how to fly both of 'em at once....

There are a few sailplane guys in the club. Not sure if any of 'em have aerotow experience (I don't), but I plan to find out. Going by some of aerotow videos I've seen in which both pilots were new, I'm thinking that it would be best if at least one pilot knows what's going on!

May 09, 2012, 10:24 AM
Landin' On The Canopy BAD
F-86FLIER4LIFE's Avatar
Thats usually a good idea! Two completely new guys trying to do it MIGHT work with the micro stuff, but it still might be nice to have someone there to talk you guys through it

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