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May 08, 2012, 06:01 PM
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converting ff to micro rc, some help and info required.

looking to see if there are any good guides out there on how to choose gear for ff to micro rc conversions.

i have got hold of 2 long term projects that i want to complete to a decent standard.
first is a west wings spitfire mk1 18.5" keil kraft plan is very similar & the west wing link
the other is a veron cosmic wind 16" outerzone plan link.

i have looked at a number of threads in the scale electric section under the guillows conversions. some of these are quite good but i find it tricky to follow a lot of them as they are very disjointed and span a number of pages. as i am getting back into the hobby i've found it a bit tricky to follow some of the methodology of conversions.

i've got a dt receiver and a number of stand alone linear servos so that will be the rc gear of choice. i have a number of 1s 150mah and 160mah batteries that i will hopefully use as my charger and other planes all use 1s.

the main areas i am a bit lost is on motor selection and aileron conversion.

going for single aileron servo seems like the right choice for both of these especially as i would love to have the spitfire on some micro retracts. is there a good/standard way of converting the wing for ailerons?

i have been looking at motors and have read an article or 2 on selecting them based on watt per lb but not sure how i can do this without having an airframe built to start the measurement process. should i be looking at brushed or brushless? gearbox or direct drive? are the 1s batteries going to have enough 'puff' to keep up with the demands of the motor? both models have tight nose areas so i think geared might be to tricky to fit in.

any thoughts, links and pointers greatly appreciated. i am on a bit of a steep learning curve here but have picked up quite a bit the last few months of being on the forum. looking forward to more interesting months ahead.
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May 08, 2012, 09:09 PM
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You can do direct drive brushless with your 1s batteries. If you make a series harness you can run a 5gram motor on 2s. Now if you want to keep it 1s the PZ 8.5 gearbox is another choice. There are nice 1s brushless motors out there but they need bigger cells for any kind of performance or flight time.
May 10, 2012, 05:01 AM
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thanks for the info never thought on running 2 x 1s batteries in series.
is the 8.5mm PZ gearbox the one from the p51 mustang?

is there any sites with good listings/info on small brushless/brushed motor & gearbox options?

does anyone have thoughts on ailerons? both kits have fairly large aileron areas marked on the plans which i assume is so that the full size can be marked as a scale detail. i wouldn't have thought they would both require as large an aileron surface area.
May 10, 2012, 02:54 PM
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I've done some aileron conversions, they can be tricky. If you're having to build up the wing, you'll need to modify the termination point of the ribs (cut them short), and add an aft wing spar. Then, you'll need some appropriate sized trailing edge stock to form the ailerons and/or fixed wing trailing edge, if the ailerons do not go full span. When I've added ailerons to such models, I also cut lightening holes in them since a lot of wood is being added in these cases. Depending on the model, you can sometimes get away with adding straight stip ailerons by cutting off a portion of the existing trailing edge, then cutting some appropriate sized balsa ailerons to hinge to it, generally with CA hinges. This option usually increases wing area as well, not always a bad thing. Additionally, you should try looking at some plans for airplanes with ailerons, and modify your wing build to mirror their design. Hope this helps.
May 11, 2012, 02:54 PM
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Hi Paul, there's a great deal of product and info for small scale modellers on especially motors, speed controllers and the like. If you send Andy at Micron details of what sort of thing your looking for he can usually come up with some suggestions. He can also bespoke ESC connectors and other cables to fit in with what you already have.

Check out his materials and hardware section for ideas on aileron linkages etc.

For smaller craft I tend to favour a torsion rod system with a large Z bend that attaches to the aileron and an L bend perendicular to the Z at the other that I link up to either a linear servo or a small 1.7g rotary servo. I think this would work especially well for the Spit.

I've recently got into brushless motors and have to say they are worth the extra money. I run my profile models on a 1s setup with an AP05 brushless motor wound for 1 cell operation (5000Kv). It produces 90g of thrust but you do need a minimum 240mAh 25C battery.

Ive attached a couple of pics of the torsion rod system in my profile scale Fw190. It's not exactly representative of what you will need to do in your full bodied models but hopefully it could spark off some ideas.

May 11, 2012, 06:47 PM
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hi jon,

cheers for the pics and advice. i was thinking along those lines for ailerons. had thought about push pull system but it would need some bellcranks and that means extra weight.

made a start on the spitfire tonight. started with the tail and quickly remembered why i hate printed balsa sheet. took my time cutting out the half dozen tailplane parts with a nice sharp knife only to have a couple of the parts disintegrate under the lightest of touches. not impressed, almost ready to chuck the towel in already as i don't think i'll be able to get it anywhere near the standard i want. makes me realise how much more enjoyable and accurate laser cut models are. not sure if it is my crap cutting and wood technique or crap wood.

the cosmic wind kit looks to be even more of a nightmare as everything is squeezed onto 2 sheets. it's an original kit and the wood quaility isn't great at all. seriously considering learning how to layout plans for getting parts laser cut in decent quality wood.

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