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May 04, 2012, 01:44 AM
Requires Further Research :)

What Drawing Tools For Fast Development Of Simulator Airfield Sceneries?

I am looking for fast and cheap development of simplified simulator airfield sceneries to be 3D enough to enable Crashes-Into-Trees and First-Person-View and Chase/Follow-View.

I have already seen replies to requests for flying fields ( on ClearView forums ) indicating that a good flying field takes about 40 man-hours to create. (Also a direct reply indicating even more hours).

I used to live in Los Angeles and I am not sure that Hollywood would reach for an Aerospace / Automotive / Architectural CAD program for a 3D scenery layout. Does anybody here know of other tools for fast and cheap sceneries? My target is less than four (4) man-hours of development time. Suggestions would be appreciated.
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May 04, 2012, 01:48 AM
Requires Further Research :)

Information From Previous Posts

What Info Needed For Simplified Flying Field ?

1 - What input information would be needed?
…..Panorama photograph
…..Arial photograph (Google satellite)
…..Map Layout with distance to trees and height of trees
…..Approved flying area versus no-fly zones (over spectators)
…..Intended runways to be highlighted / differentiated from remainder of park lawn or farm
2 – What simulators would be supported? (easily ported to)
…..FMS, Clearview, RcDeskPilot, Phoenix, RealFlight, etc…

If this process could be made reasonably affordable,
Then I see a business opportunity here at less than 4 (four) hours of development time,
lots of flying clubs and individuals and maybe even vendors might be convinced to sponsor their flying field in simulators, as a way to draw in new members and for existing members to practice during bad weather.

Very Simply Scenery

I know that the sky is the limit when creating a virtual world. I have seen not only grass and trees but also; simple buildings, complex buildings, cars, people, cows, tractors, ships, water with reflections, flying birds. Yes, a complex world can eat up lots of hours.

But all I want is a row of trees to be landmarks to be the endpoints of a racetrack flight pattern and make me practice staying high enough to not crash into them, the rest of the “world” could be flat because it would be “outside of the safe flying area” (in an unsafe area, a no-fly-zone).

I am sure that many club fields could also be described in similarly simple way.

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