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May 03, 2012, 05:07 PM
FPV flyer

Beta 1400 wings upgrade, CP antennas first experience

Hello all FPV pilots,

I made some improvments on my BETA 1400. Firstly I have to say, that 1,2kg all on board weight is to much for this airplane.
It was very unstable and uneffective, 13 minutes flight time with 2200maH 3S Li-Po. The pure taste of flying starts be missing me...

*Then I made upgrade to BETA 1800 - I changed the wings for the Easyglider ones.
Now is it so stable in the air I realy like it.
Flight time increased to 20 minutes with same batteries
I loose however a speed performance a litle bit

*Wings upgrade was very easy, it was already prepared for those wings, nothing necessary to cut or change
(I have BEta 1400 type 2 - as I know there are three types of them, just evolution, but some details are realy different, for example wing fixation system)

*when I put the video transmiter out from old wings, then I decide to change the video antennas to CP ones,
Now is there clover leaf antenna on Vtx (3 wires)
on first VRx is clover leaf 4 wire antenna
on second VRx is CP patch 8dB
both VRx stil connected thrue Oracle diversity controler, I will love this device for forever

*I have to say that CP antennas (experience with them just from the first flights) are awesome, the picture is prety nice
maybe is just subjective, but online video feed is much more clearer then before, I think it canot be beter now!

*I dont tested now the CP antennas on the long distance, "only" 1,8km and now problems, I have to made soon distance test
but I am expecting that distance will be shorter with thm because lower gain

*Next big change is GoPro Position, made this change today, I have test it in the air, but looks good
it is first position where is not airplaine in the picture when using wide videomode on Gopro

*The final weight of my Beta 1800 is now 1240 -1260g all on-board Gopro included (naked)

*Then I have done first flights with cheaper FPV system (but proven components) instaled on my old MULTIPLEX Cularis
It was my first real fliyng feeling FPV experience, it is so fuc...g stable, and if you have some altitude, you can fly without engine for long, long time...

*Just a problem with regulator for Lawmate video transmitter, it is so sensitive device to unclear power
sometimes I have stripes in picture, I will order soon the special power downstep regulator for this 5V Vtx from new generation hobbies

*I also like the propeller in the picture, just not good for HD HERO videos, I will use this platform just for the pure fun, no Gopro
This new FPV Cularis is 1650grams everything on board, Axi motor, 3200MaH 3S battery, KX201 SONY camera, LW2,4 Ghz 500mW again, simple OSD, IBC V antenna, more info comming soon

Here is a ground recorded video sample, best live-on picture I can get now
this also the first flight with Easyglider wings, realy diferent aircraft now
HD videos comming soon...
FPV with Beta "1800", CP antennas test (2 min 55 sec)

This is last trip with short wings, check the first 30 seconds, I AM LUCKY GUY!!
FPV flying BETA 1400 - Průhonický park, zámeček (6 min 44 sec)

bye David!
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May 05, 2012, 03:27 AM
Registered User
mandevil's Avatar
Nice job there. I wonder if the EG wings could be fitted to Beta version 1/Bixler (the same thing). 1,2 kg take-off weight is quite a lot. I fly my Bixler with GoPro HD incl. the housing and even those 160 g are very noticeable.

Have you manufactured your own clover-leaf antenna or did you buy it from somewhere?

In the first video, the stability is nothing short of amazing. It really looks like you're shooting from manned plane. Still, the stability in the second "short-wings" video still very good in my book.
May 09, 2012, 12:43 PM
FPV flyer
Hello, thank you, it is nice to read something like that
The EG wings helps a lot, it is possible to fly slower, easier landings, but the max. speed is lower by 20-30% then with shortwings

but I found that main reason of this very stable video (the ground recorded one) is I was flying on very early morning. The air was very stable, thermic upstreams and other common turbulation are very low in this time I tried it next day at evening and it was not so smooth

The clover-leaf antennas are from UrbanDrones, works prety well, I finally get high enough to fly under clouds, with linear antennas was the picture not so clear in this height (900m AGL).

Beta 1400 FPV - Clouds kissing (3 min 45 sec)

Have a nice day, David.
Jun 10, 2012, 07:48 AM
Registered User
mandevil's Avatar
Only now I noticed your response -- thanks for information. I've just googled Czech shops for spare EasyGlider wings and came out without any.

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