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May 02, 2012, 09:29 AM
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New c05m protoype brushless motor, very very very nice!

I had been waiting months for this guy to finally get these motors in, the wait was well worth it. I have a stock c05 motor with a 1mm shaft in my minicp with genius maingear(for lower headspeed and longer flight times). I was running my mini for the longest time with a 7t pinion and enjoyed long 6 minute flights. I crashed and lost the 7tooth pinion and installed a 9t off a old genius motor. My mini hit the ceiling, literally! I didnt expect that much power, but flight times went down considerably. I would get 4 1/2 min in the house and 3 1/2 outside.

I found the c05 prototype motor a few months ago but he only had 8 made. Of course they were sold in no time, so I waited. Well, the new motor is great! it weighs 4.54grams, and has a black top and bottom. The channels where the screws are located are thinner than the stock c05. You can tell this motor is constructed different. My stock c05 had a brass washer on the shaft inside the bell/can. The new motor does not need a washer at all! Also, the new motor is supposed to have stronger magnets, It might be hearsay though. I do know the old c05 has no glue/epoxy showing holding the magnets in, but the new motor has gobs of glue/epoxy. I do not know if that is good or bad. Also, this motor has a 1.5mm shaft, no tiny 1mm shaft to bend/break.

The old stock c05 is wired with dual strands of 34awg wire wrapped 8 turns WYE. Old and new both have a 9tooth stator with 6 magnets.
The new motor is wire 28awg wire 6 turns WYE , The power is substantial!

I had two options to run the new motor in my minicp since I didnt have a 1.5mm pinion(it has a 1.5mm shaft). My old c05 motor in my minicp has a 1mm shaft and a choice between a 8tooth pinion or a 9tooth. I could use the bell/can with 1mm shaft and stick it onto the new motor or I could file down the 1.5mm shaft to a 1mm shaft. This is done by running the motor half throttle and holding a file up to it. I decided to use the old bell with 1mm shaft and went with a 8tooth pinion.

I happened to receive my Turnigy Nano-tech 300mah 35C lipos(for the solo-pro) from hobbyking on the same day as the new motor!. these batteries are only 1.72$ and well worth it.
I charged up one and installed it into the mini. Immediately I am greeted by this growling sound. This motor not only performs mean, but sounds that way too. Headspeed using an 8t pinion with genius maingear is too high for the house. I compare it to running the stock motor on a 9t pinion except there is no bog whatsoever.
Very nice!

So, I violently flew the heli around my small living room after switching the timer on my Devo7. I was doing fast forward flight, backwards, figure 8's, random pitch pumps etc, no 3d though. I managed to run the timer down to 5min 28sec. This is with the very first charge on those nano's!
Unfortunately I havent been able to run the heli outside, the weather has been too poor. I decided to order the correct 1.5mm pinion from in a 7tooth,mod 0.5mm . I know the 7 tooth will give me more runtime and bring the headspeed down to a more mundane level. It is too high for me but I dont fly 3d. I just managed my first flips a week 1/2 ago and a 5sec inverted hover.

You do not need a 35C battery to take advantage of this motor's power. I have zippy bare cells from hobbyking which are 350mah 20C and the flights seem no different then the 35C. That surprised me, I also have rcecho/ebay cells which are 350mah 20C and they flew the same too.

I definitely recommend this motor! Its about time a new motor hit the market. Its cheap too at $20.95 and thats with shipping! It only took 2 days to get to me too. Also, I think I need to mention that I am not affiliated with I just like the motor he is selling!
ALERT do not order it with a pinion installed!

You have the option to order with a pinion or without, go without if you want to use the motor on a genius or minicp, The optional pinioned motor is for a Blade MCPX and will NOT fit the genius or mini. The pinions needed to fit the genius or minicp are .5mod, the mcpx is a .3mod which is smaller. Go here for .5mod pinions.

I recommend buying both a 8t and 7t and decide which you like.
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May 04, 2012, 01:09 AM
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Glad he got the new stock. Was waiting for them.

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