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Apr 28, 2012, 06:46 PM

Tuesday Soaring

Just a quick post about Tuesday morning soaring at our club field. Intention was to start the program this week, 5/1 but due to a funeral in the family, I won't be out there until next week. Anyone interested in joining up with the program drop me a line. See you on May 8th!

Jim C
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May 16, 2012, 05:36 PM
Managed to work in a Tuesday soaring day this week, 5/15, and had a memorable day! Conditions were just about perfect, weather was cooperating but the equipment wasn't up to snuff! Both mechanical and physical!

Bill Snow arrived as I did around 11:30 and Larry Vincek soon followed. Larry is still in the recuperating stage so his physical equipment wasn't quite up to snuff other than a chute retrieve. Thanks for stopping out and offering your help and encouragement, Larry.

Bill, after spending late hours the night before prepping his planes for the day, arrived and soon noticed he had left a wiring harness at home for his Unlimited TD ship. Ugh. He assembled his Radian Pro for an attempt.

Meanwhile, I assembled the winch after hours earlier reworking the brake, hooked up the new battery and took off some old, worn line. Ready to go, I assembled and range checked the Genie, since I had just installed a new FrSky module and receiver. Range check looked good (but as I later found, done improperly!) so I headed for the winch.

First launch was a "low launch" due to a line break but resulted in a bit under 4 min flight, playing with settings and getting reacquainted with the ship and it's new balance point and components. After a close in landing and retying the line, I pushed the Genie on launch and gave it a good zoom! Nice altitude had us up and away and started working lift to the east. Active air was tossing me around a bit, but as I got up to about 600+ feet starting to seeing some erratic movements. Was this my readjusting to a new radio link or just my thumbs needing some practice? I continued on to a large group of birds to the northeast.

As the lift pulled me further east I began to see some wild gyrations which were obvious loss of signal, power or both. The Genie went into a nose down spiral and just at tree top level as I moved toward it, she regained some control, looped unmercifully and fluttered resoundingly! I'm surprised it stayed in one piece! I added camber and leveled her out as she continued on track back towards the field. I steered her around the pattern, tested all functions and all seemed well. Brought the Genie in for an uneventful landing, but an eventful flight!

Further testing will need to be done to determine if the install was done as should be, if the battery pack has reached it's useful life and if I have the nerve to try this again! lol!

Research I have done has shown this system is reliable, I just need to check into what I have to do to get it right!

Bill's Radian will fly another day as the setup needs just a few tweaks before he starts to chase thermals! This Sunday, Bill!

First Tuesday in awhile so it was nice to get out and toss the Blaster as well as get the winch ready to go. Looking forward to Soaring Sunday this week.
May 22, 2012, 08:33 AM
Today looks marginal chance of flying...I've got other things on the agenda plus iffy weather so next Tuesday 5/29 looks better. Hope to make it then!

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