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Apr 27, 2012, 08:15 AM
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Derogatory Thread/Personal Attack in Trader Talk - No sale or fraud occured

Original Advert; Castle Field Link Portable Programmer For Castle ESC's W/ BONUS Castle Link & USB Included $22.00 Shipped/PP'd

I had this item sell in the Heli/FS section yesterday in the heli F/S classfieds. It came to my attention from someone in the TT thread otherwise I would have probably missed it, that i was being put in the spotlight for allegedly backing out of a sale. I honestly believe this TT thread was started with the OP just looking for a way to do some kind of damage to my name/reputation here on RCG. The thing is in my Email #2, I replied "Let me know if thats ok", if you read the flow of the 4 emails, at that point I was waiting for Rob/Viper to get back to me and confirm that we had met acceptable terms for the sale; and if they were, I would wait until today in the AM to hold the item.

When I didnt get a timely reply, and someone was standing by with the cash in hand (PP) I sold my item as i believe is within my rights to do so. I then sent a polite email explaining why I sold the item to another buyer, the reason why, and my apologies even though I was clearly expecting a return email from him in order to hold the item for the requested amount of time.
In response I recieved what I consider a mild threat......And sure enough it was acted upon.

The last part of Vipers last email says "wont be forgotten" I really did not know how to take that.... my first thought was there was revenge in those words, and as far as not knowing him that could run the gamut...... So the red flag went up and I said do not engage to the whole situation. Cooler heads will prevail, I do not enjoy argueing with people especially with something so trivial and have avoided doing so with this person via PM or on the started thread. It seemed he really just wanted to argue at this stage and thats a bad place to be on a hobby forum.

Like many others here that use the classifieds, I take a lot of time taking pictures, wording my ad's accurately, packing things right and going to the post office to ship items out. I feel as though I do my part as the seller, its up to the buyer if they want the item bad enough to communicate effectively, stay by the computer and square the deal before heading off to do chores, makeing sure that they respond back in a timely manner. As mentioned I was waiting for confirmation of the terms we agreed upon, 1/2 hour went by and I never got it, then was offered instant payment and moved on.

As it is my understanding the Trader Talk section of the forum is supposed to be used primarily as a tool to alert forum members of potential or real fraudulent activity going on in the F/S section. And not a place to get even because there's a need to make someone pay in a vengeful way for not selling an item to them. I ask that you please at least Edit, if not Remove or Delete this thread so it is non-descript toward me. The OP has edited a lot of post in this thread and I am concerened about what information was posted before the other guys in the thread called him out on it, things like paypal address, names or other personal info about me. The rules are pretty plain and clear about personal attacks and what the trader talk section should be used for from what I've read from the RCG site owners postings in this section. Overall, I think the thread speaks for itself as a large percentage of the userbase reactions (guys i've never even spoke to before) expressed that it was an over the top reaction and the thread should be closed.

Also.......- please note that the OP never posted his "Wont Be Forgotten" reply email to me in this "Public Notice" thread he started, which does not accurately reflect 100% of the whole story to the public.

Sorry to have to bother you with this and whatever you guys decide I still appreciate having a place on RCG to buy, sell and trade gear

PS - If you need to verify you can go into my Private messages and confirm these emails are word -4-word copy and pasted here, the only thing that I didnt post are the times but rest assured this all happened over an hours time..

PSS - The funny thing is I purchased a bunch of Castle Products for the season and could have easily given Viper a Coupon code that I have for a Free Castle Link Adapter.
I would have worked it out with him some how as i always try to do with a buyer/potential buyer, but I cant work with "wont be forgotten" and then a public smear thread shortly after.

Here is the thread in question;

Email #1 - Original Answer to Advert

Castle Field Link Portable Programmer For Castle ESC's W/ BONUS Castle Link & USB Inc
I want this. $22 shipped can pp you as soon as my check hits my bank tonight or in am.

let me know.


Thread: Castle Field Link Portable Programmer For Castle ESC's W/ BONUS Castle Link & USB Inc

Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711
For Sale;
Brand New In Package Castle Creations Field Link Programmer Card, for custom Tuning all Castle ESC's and Data Logging.
Very handy at the field need to drag a laptop around while tuning your bird away from the bench.
Comes with a USB Cable and BONUS NIP Extra Castle Link Adapter

◄ Get 2 Adapters ► One for the Field and One for the Bench... for less than the price of 1

Shipping/Fees Included Plus USB cable!

This is the most recent version, Lexan cover. Have too many of these and so it must go!

$22.00 For Both Shipped/PP'd - BuyToday - Ships Tommorow

Email #2 - My reply back

Hi Rob,
If you want..... I can mark the thread "Sold Pending Funds" and if you send by tommorow morning (4/27) in the AM I'll hold it for you for 22.00 shipped/pp'd. Please let me know by then as I dont want to lose a sale in the meantime.

Here is the Paypal Account;


Let me know if thats ok and its yours if you want it.


Email # 3 My reply after not hearing back from Viper;

Hi Rob,
Im very sorry but since you didnt reply back and someone offered to buy it now, I sold it. If you would have let me know I could have held it for you.

Sorry again and thanks for looking,

And Finally ......Email #4 Viper's Response

Wow!!! I step outside to cut the grass and wait for your reply since the site showed you not logged in and you couldnt wait for me to reply back?

Thanks, wont be forgotten...
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Apr 29, 2012, 08:49 AM
♘ Heli's Lives Matter ♘
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Hi, if one of the mods could respond to this thread I'd appreciate it.
Apr 30, 2012, 08:49 AM
Jim T. Graham's Avatar
Sorry for the delay. I was in GA covering SEFF.
I have read your post above and the thread in question. I see that the user didn't leave you a negative feedback so that's good. You have a good point and the other user also has a good point. I don't see that any rules were broken here and there is no moderation to be done.

If you still feel strongly about your point above you could appeal my decision.
Apr 30, 2012, 09:19 AM
♘ Heli's Lives Matter ♘
HeliFlyer711's Avatar
No need to be sorry for working the weekend. Ok I kinda figured the Pontious Pilot stance since you cant get in he middle and I respect that. The good thing is I still sold all but 2 of my items even after this mess of a spectacle. The thing Id like and value the most is anonnymity, if he had posted the experience without mentioning names that s cool all day long.

You have to understand when you got a guy whos been here coming up on 3 years, no points on record, with 50 100% sales gets slighted by a relatively new user with minimal post and minimal sales (basically nothing to lose) how easy it is to get stuck in the mud with people.

In the future I will be more cautious when dealing with other users and sales aka time limits, although i have had quite a few back out and lost the sale in the past waiting for paycheck flyers........thats better than having to go through this.

I'll wait for the thread to die a slow death then

I still believe the thread is worded in a way that could be contrived a personal attack, using words like comparing me to a "normal person", or "showing his ass" or "wont be forgotten" as a mild threat in an email and finally posting up personal info and then editing it, only you know what you saw there though and what you think is acceptable. As I have a feeling you can see each edit there on your end. And I still believe that this is not a thread for the trader talk section. i get this only from what i've read from Jim B's postings on the 2 subjects.

Later and thanks for reading

Just so I know how would I go about an appeal and what exactly does that mean?
Last edited by HeliFlyer711; Apr 30, 2012 at 09:56 AM.
Apr 30, 2012, 10:41 AM
Jim T. Graham's Avatar
Just so I know how would I go about an appeal and what exactly does that mean?
The site owner would look at your issue and make his own decision on the situation.
Apr 30, 2012, 05:10 PM
Jim T. Graham's Avatar
Link -
Issue - This user would like the post above warned as a Personal Attack.
I believe this thread is worded in a way that could be contrived as a personal attack against me, using words like comparing me to a "normal person", or "showing his ass" or sending "wont be forgotten" as a mild threat in an email and finally posting up personal info and then editing it.
I also still believe that this is not an appropriate thread for the trader talk section as its not fraud or anything underhanded. Just a common misunderstanding between 2 adults that one decided to take too far. I come to this conclusion from what I've read from the sites owner's postings on the 2 subjects.
May 07, 2012, 12:13 PM
♘ Heli's Lives Matter ♘
HeliFlyer711's Avatar
Im noticeing these types of threads are starting to become a trend on RC Groups Trader Talk section of the forum.

Based on the "Guidelines for selling items in the RCGroups forums" thread in TT, #5 states explicitly;

5. The seller chooses a buyer and posts in the thread to say "I am selling the item to ...". Since the buyer will be sending money during the next step, he should insist that the seller mention him by name in the post. That way the seller can't make arrangements to multiple buyers. The seller also uses the "sold" button to mark the thread as "sold" instead of "for sale".

I and Im sure many others would really appreciate if the Admin would take some action, and nip these types of waste of server space & peoples time....personal attack threads in the bud. Possibly even implement a rule stating that these type of sore loser threads are not allowed to be posted and get a warning in one of your next staff meetings.

In the case above the seller responded and lost his cool, among other things, and also got banned. One of the reasons i did not engage the potential buyer on his "public notice" thread about me. Theres no civil way online to deal with this type of attack other than to avoid it IMO and it puts the seller in a bad spot.

I think the user base is self regulating for the most part, and now if you read both the thread that was started about me and this latest one, a much larger percentage of the userbase does not think this types of "call out" threads are necessary and/or useful to anyone including the potential buyer, seller or bystander reading. Just upsets people and gets nothing done.

I know you guys are busy and this type of stuff is trivial at best, but please consider this request to ban these type of threads. I have handled this situation as best I could as a seller here on RCG and also a user, but there is only so much I can do.

Thanks Again
May 07, 2012, 03:05 PM
Jim T. Graham's Avatar
You asked to have your case moved to appeals but it looks like you edited it. I am going to close this thread since you no longer need an appeal. You can create a new thread for your new topic in the post above.
Last edited by Jim T. Graham; May 07, 2012 at 10:05 PM. Reason: grammar

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