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Apr 21, 2012, 02:35 PM
Memento Mori
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Question on my next purchase

New to the Heli world so please forgive me in advance for any lack or terms or lack of knowledge that I may have. Quick rc background I would consider myself an average car guy, intermidate airplane guy and an advanced boater.

I've been playing around with Phoenix for a long while now. I played around with the Blade 120sr long enough on the sim that I felt the courage to purchase one. So far I've gone threw about 15 batts on it and I'm really enjoying it... A LOT. Also nice that it uses the same batteries of my mqx which is a bonus. I really dig the fact I can open my gararge door and fly around the house and yard with both the mqx and 120sr. I am looking to advance myself in heli's and learn some mild aerobatics. Little inverted and some loops. I find myself stuck though on what my next purchase should honestly be. Listed below or the choices I've found and curious on what the more experienced guys would suggest.

Blade 450 3D:
- I really like the size and the price point.
- Like the fact it uses standard servos
- Been practicing with the manual setup in Phoenix and learning on it
* I imagine their are more beginner settings to help tame it down?
* If flybarless is the wave of the future, should I spend money on this flybar model?
* Being it has a flybar is it going to have the same kind of (forward/aft rock/sway) that my 120sr has especially when coming to a stop or attempting to level off? (haven't really noticed or paid much attention to it in Phoenix, but figured I'd ask)

Blade mcpx v2:
- I like all the available information on it, especially the user guides on taming the little guy down and making it more beginner friendly
- it's smaller size I would imagine would mean less mass in crash and cheaper parts to repair
* I really don't like how small it is, my 120sr is about the smallest I would want to go

Blade 130x
- Like the looks a lot and like that the size is similar to the 120sr
* I imagine through settings that it could be tammed
* don't like the price point
* parts may not be available asap
* hate the cyclic linear servos, imagine similar to the 120sr

Blade 300x:
- LOVE the size of it and the look
- I like the fact it has the beast x stuff (never flew with it, but read its pretty cool)
- really like the fact it uses reg servos and not the linear servos
- Like how it's bigger then the 120sr and 130x, but smaller then the 450 3D
* Hate the price
* parts maybe not available asap

I'm honestly not sure if I should suck it and buy the mcpx as more of a learing curve to more advanced flying, but I really don't love or honestly want that heli. I really like the 300x most of all, but I know I am know where near ready for it (mcpx either) but I'd imagine I could tame it down with my dx8. Thing that scares me most about it is I really doubt there will be a good supply of spare parts availble and I'd hate to have a nice heli grounded because of small parts issues. I'm leaning toward the 450 3D, but crashes maybe costly, not 100% sure on that. Really I can go either way which is why I asked the question.

Thanks for reading............
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Apr 21, 2012, 03:33 PM
Registered User
go with the Blade mcpx v2 then a 450 size
Apr 21, 2012, 03:42 PM
Memento Mori
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Originally Posted by wc_wickedclown
go with the Blade mcpx v2 then a 450 size
Thank you for your input. Any major reason why (curiosity)?
Apr 21, 2012, 04:16 PM
Cranky old fart
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The MCPx is very durable and stable for a CP heli. It's also widely available and has a pretty good track record, so far.
Apr 21, 2012, 04:53 PM
Registered User
and the mcpx feels like a 450 so if you advance to the bigger birds they will be much slower and more easy to fly
Apr 21, 2012, 05:50 PM
Memento Mori
Diesel6401's Avatar
Makes a lot of sense and thank you. I've been practicing for the last hour on Phoenix with the 450 3D and the setting per the instruction manual, getting a lot better at inverted hovering, but not constant. Hovering in one place I'm pretty comfy with that and getting a good feel the heli. Gonna rack up some flights with the 120sr now. Hopefully I remember not to try and flip that lol.

Next I will try the mcpx and the suggest factory settings. Thanks again guys.

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