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Oct 27, 2003, 06:49 PM
Visitor from Reality

Short, fat & yellow/black or red/white?

Logic has prevailed - I've put off the quarter scale winter project until I've figured out if firstly I would be able to extricate it from my basement shop and, secondly, when I have a vehicle that will carry it (and other oddments, like perhaps the wife and a decent sized aerobatic ship ?).

That leaves the Gee Bee Z, or the R2 - and one MaxCim 13D looking for a home.

Whichever, it'll be from the Page Aviation 1/5th scale kit:

I've a few days to decide. Idly wondering what you lot out there would go for, or what anyone has to say about this as an electric project. The aim would be a practical flying scale model, but with a fair amount of detailing (possibly added after test flying ... )

The 13D will allow me to drop to around 10 or 12 cells and keep decent power into a goodly diameter of flying prop, while the 1950 FAUP would allow for a suitable length of demo flight (mostly involving going very fast in low passes !).

Any suggestions, comments etc gratefully recieved.


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Oct 28, 2003, 12:51 PM
jrb's Avatar
R2 seem a bit bigger than the Z: R2 .60 @ 600sq or Z .46 @ 550sq

12 cells would seem to me to be a bit short on power; I use a 12x1950 Zapped in my Kyosho T-33 RTF 50oz.

Yes their good for 40+ amps, but I didnít think you joined Edís group of 40.

A 14x10 and 60/14 on a D is about 45amps, right on the edge Iíd say; but youíd likely be lighter than glow.
Oct 28, 2003, 08:55 PM
Visitor from Reality
Sounds about right. Cell count is easy to mess with - I have close ties to my battery maker

I've had a special closet membership to Ed's 40A club for a while, but don't spread it around. The Page Z flew on a Saito 50 fourbanger - bet I can do better than that! The fus will take 16 x CP2400 in four sticks of four end to end soldered, but that's a lot of battery in there.

One trick looks to be in keeping the pack low over the wing - even so, it's a long way above the ground. But swings and roundabouts - the Z has 4" wheels, with fair clearance under those spats.

One thing in favour of the Z - it ain't as common as the R2

Oct 29, 2003, 01:59 PM
Registered User
Seeing as how I am doing to Adrian Page red/white right now, how about you doing the yellow/black?
Oct 29, 2003, 07:49 PM
Visitor from Reality
Hi Jeff
It's about settled - yellow and black.

What you feeding yours on?

Am looking at a MaxCim 13D, 12 or 14 cells, perhaps 1950 FAUP. gearing around 4.5:1, propping to a 15 x 10 initially. 16" prop dia. only comes down to the level of the front point of the spats. Running that lot around 40A, +/- 5A should have it off the deck and climbing well enough.

I know that the Page models are a lot more aerobatic than the full size - the R2 replica was not capable of looping, for starters - but will be aiming to fly a profile like the replica R2 - some lineup of rolls, four points, knife edge, and very fast passes.

In the interests of sanity and my wife's allergies to all the nicer smelling areas of model finishing, mine will probably be Monokote'd


Oct 29, 2003, 08:26 PM
Registered User
Mine's getting fed a bit of Hacker and a bit of Nicad. Maybe some LiPo for dessert.

Specifically a Hacker B50-13S geared 6.7:1 and 16 RC2400s to start with. I'm toying with getting a 5s4P LiPo instead of the Nicads since I have to buy new cells this year anyways.

Dereck, you going to be anywheres around downtown DC next week? I'm there for a conference. We could possibly meet and discuss projects.
Oct 30, 2003, 10:52 AM
Visitor from Reality
Keep thinking about lipo, then read the battery section, see what caught fire recently... We'll all be using them for everything in a couple of years, but I'm still a little wary about making that kind of outlay on technology that's not mature. Maybe if someone wants to pay me to be a development dept?

16 cells sounds more logical on the model's size, but for the performance I'm after, still have this niggling thought that 14 or maybe even 12 might be enough. Keith Shaw has flown his R2 on 10 cells and an AF05 BL with great success, and its about the same size as the Page GBZ, IIRC.

Keep wondering about the prop size - that much torque would need careful handling on the ground until the tail gets up and there's some airflow over the rudder. Adrian only used an 11 x 6 on his Saito 56 prototype.

Must look up the scale prop size?

Sent you a PM ref your visit to DC.

Nov 13, 2003, 10:57 PM
Registered User
Kevin Murray's Avatar
Dereck how's the Z comeing allong ?

What is your projected AUW ?