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Apr 18, 2012, 12:05 AM
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Thoughts on this design (Henschel P75)

I am beginning to feel there is no place left for me to comment. Anyway, I found this unique design. Being German I wanted to try something different that the germans created. This is called the Herschel HS P75. I threw this together in Autocad 2010.
I don't have any clue as to the weight yet. I think this would fly in strong winds without any sacrifice to the performance of it. I am going to tinker around in Inventor and see if I can create a 3 d model of it constructed in 1/2" dollars tree foam and 1/2" owens corning pink foam.
I am purposly shortening the fuselage and exaggerating the control surfaces. I think giving this a flat bottom airfoil and offsetting the canards should help with the stalls and lift. I think the challenge will be the CG once it is roughly built. The next challenge would be the powerplant.
Henschel p75 Layout1 (1)

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Apr 18, 2012, 02:46 AM
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(I think you meant to spell it Henschel?).

That's really cool. You should build it in some form.It would be perfect for electric. Even the contra rotating prop (somehow?).

Coincidentally I just finished reading 2 books on Burt Rutan's career, his designs & so many of which featured canard layout. And here you have that similar looking bad boy, circa 1941. Very interesting bit of history. I wonder if any FS ones are around & flyable?
Apr 19, 2012, 12:28 AM
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I enjoyed those articles thank you for sharing them.

I got about this far with this plane in Inventor tonight. After measuring it up the wing span came to 60 inches. I did not intend this. I will go back tomorrow and make the appropriated changes for the size. I would like this to come in around 42" for the wingspan. I did notice as I built the nose tips that in order for them to work correctly they needed to have that bottom part removed. I find this interesting in this design.
I like the way the wings came out. I have read from most builders who built this design they were not giving it any dihedral. I gave this plane a measured incidence of 2.7 degrees. I am also going to add in the proper amount of counter propellor turn. What do you think maybe 2 degrees incidence? I don't know which way to add it. I will have to do the opposite of my normal planes I would imagine.
The reason they gave it the bottom rudder was to protect the propellers. I am wondering if it is really necessary to the design to keep it on the bottom? I can try it both ways. Once I get this down to a manageable size, I will start on the construction. Should be fun to see where this goes.
One cool thing about Inventor is that you can see your mistakes even before you build it. I love this program.

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