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May 20, 2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by cap231ex
Got the 550 pretty much built , ended up installing Power HD digital HD-3688HB servos on the cyclic and a Futaba S9257 on the tail.
A Tarot ZYX 3 axis FBL unit , a Hobbywing Platinum 80amp ESC , a Moxie AX-3026 880Kv motor and running it off a 3000mah 6s 20C battery.

I ended up replacing the main gear with an Align helical 134t main and an 11t pinion and an Align tail slider and slider arm on the tail.

Other then those and the head and tail boom stretch it is a stock HK 500.

It flies great I still need to tune on it a little to tune out a small tail wag I had the first couple times I've flown it.
Hoping the weather will straighten up and the wind will let up a littl to get it and my stretched 700 to the field and shot some video of both.
How did those servos work out for you on the cyclic ? After trashing my gaui 550 (forgot to check my pitch curve, it came down real quick and parts went to flying) it looks like I'll have to do a stretch on my 500 for my jet ranger build I had originally ordered 3 of those servos (power hds) for my 500 blackhawk build, but got to reading they werent good as cyclic servos, so I used them for tail servos on a couple of my helis. After crashing the 550 and it cutting the servo wires in half during the mishap I'm going to need some more cyclic servos for my blackhawk. I got some solar digitals to go on the 500 which were intended for the blackhawk fuse. I may go with another set of solar digitals on it as well.
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May 21, 2012, 12:02 PM
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Mine are pretty good on the cyclic but they have a little gear slop to be used as a tail servo.

It makes for a very lite weight 30 size (550) heli and would be great in a Jet Ranger fuselage, Sideways LS4 has one in his JR and seems to like it a lot.
May 26, 2012, 11:23 PM
Redjestird Youser
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A couple notes...

I had that Hobbyking motor I mentioned in a previous post, and I'm fairly certain that I did the run time adjustments for the radio timer before. Today I got some flying in on the .30/stretched 500 JetRanger with the 'new' 880kv Protos (by Scorpion) motor I installed. I definately need to bump that time up longer after seeing what the charger put back in the packs...seems much more efficient than the HK motor (runs a bunch cooler too).

And another side note if you are playing with a BeastX...did some tuning and got it to feel a lot better for me via going to minimum stick deadband and fastest cyclic response options. Got rid of the dead spot and delay I was getting (compared to my Vbar birds). Funny thing about the BeastX, the tail gyro seems to be much more robust than the 'gold standard' Vbar, lol. With generally mediocre 'scale' tail blades and an 'ok' tail servo...seems to work noticably better than some of my Vbar birds using a less-powerful tail system like this stretched JetRanger.

Well, that's all
May 26, 2012, 11:58 PM
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Good info as always......... I'm waiting on my aluminum tailboom material and belt, from the looks of the pics you didnt cut much off the 24" length for the boom itself... what did it come out to for overall length ? Luckily hobbypartz had hobbywing esc's on sale last week, got a 100a platinum in to replace the one that let out the magic smoke on the gaui 550 crash.
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May 27, 2012, 12:21 AM
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Yeah those HK motor are not vey efficient for sure.

I getting right at 10 1/2 minutes on mine which is plenty for me I usually start to get board with it after about 7-8 minutes.

After a 10-10.5 minute flight my voltage per cell is usually at about 3.72- 3.78v per cell , I'll have to check on the charger the next time and see how much it puts back in.

On my Tarot ZYX on mine I have my deadband set at 10 default is 60 and yes the lower deadband give it a much better feel.

I don't have a cyclic response so to speak I have "Acceleration" and "Roll & Pitch Agility" and you can crank those 2 things up to where it is like trying to balance a nat on the ponit of a needle without sticking him.

The tail gyro on the Tarot is pretty killer as well I have mine cranked up on the gain and slowed down on the "pirouette speed" so it is more scale like , never have seen a real 1:1 heli doing super fast piros.

Crazhorse IIRC I think I cut off about 3/8's of an inch off a 24" piece but measure with your belt installed on the heli like I did to be sure.

I put the AH-1W 450 Cobra in the dirt today and it finally did the old girl in I think , so I'm thinking of a new project for her.
I've threw the fuse in the trash and I'm thinkin' a stretched 450 to a 500 class to fit in a 500 size fuselage .
As soon as I figure out how to bolt a 500 head on a 450 shaft I'm in.
May 27, 2012, 08:31 AM
Redjestird Youser
SidewaysLS4's Avatar
Heh, I played with my 450's also they are lightweights after being used to the bigger stuff for some time, lol. Not so sure that 5mm shaft will hold the mass of a 425+mm head. I guess if you chance it, DS95's have to power to drive it though for sure. Although maybe doubled-up frames, figuring out how to get a thicker main in there, etc. might work, hmmm. And probably a bigger motor... There is that Align 500 size Cobra

I think I took off around around 1" off of mine, pretty much just matched up where I wanted the head and tail to be on the fuselage and went from there. I wasnt trying to duplicate a T550 length doing this, although that fuselage had a T550 in it before. I'm not sure I wrote down the exact length, I'll look around if I did note it somewhere and if I find it I'll post it.

Those blue heatsink HW esc's are nice, and have an excellent upgrade path should you want to have a Vbar doing the governer duties for dead-solid speed great with the Vbars
May 27, 2012, 02:52 PM
Track clear , smoke on !
cap231ex's Avatar
Yeah the motor is no problem , however the shaft and the main gear are.

If I could do it the heli probably would have to be a 2-blade only and everything would have to be spot on as far as tracking and balance go.

Aligns' 500 size Cobra is a flying brick from what I've been told , doubt if one would want to go with that. For myself it doesn't have to be another Cobra it could just be a civilian AS-350 , but then that would have a 3-blade head adding that much more stress and strain to that little 5mm shaft.

Yeah the HW Platinum PRO Series ESC's are the shat , I now have 3 of them and love them all the very soft start is King for a scale heli too.
May 27, 2012, 04:31 PM
Redjestird Youser
SidewaysLS4's Avatar
Yeah, but the 500 size AS350's are kind of...mehhh. I'd love to get that .50 AS350 Funkey has and stick the T500 stretch into that...I do have a 8mm shafted 3 blade head for a T500. The only issue is the blades, no 600's with the bases like the 425mm's, drat.
May 27, 2012, 05:17 PM
Track clear , smoke on !
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Well that's not to hard just mill down the blade roots by 1mm on each side paint and you're done , problem fixed.

Yeah I wanted to get their 30 size AS-350 for my stretched 500 , but it seems they no longer carry it.

I may just try my hand at turning a 30 size JR into a Kiowa Warrior so it won't be so much like my 60 size LR , I hate having similar helis just different sizes.

This is what I'm thinking like this , 4-blade head and all.
May 27, 2012, 09:24 PM
Redjestird Youser
SidewaysLS4's Avatar
Good idea! I still have a spare .30 JR (I'm a sucker for a sale). I was thinking of cutting the doors out and painting it helodrab. Not sure if it will be a replacment for the Red/White JR, or I'll be dumb enough to build a whole new heli just for a different JR of the same size...or I'll just be lazy and do nothing. I think the alternate fuselage for the existing stretch might happen if I do this though. I do like the Kiowa (but will do the generic version with 2 blades)

Man, I'm still picking bits of blade out of my forehead from last time I tried to thin out some CF blades
May 28, 2012, 02:13 PM
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I might do the same when I get back (home) ... too bad no other .30 size available.
May 29, 2012, 09:49 PM
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Got my belts and aluminum tubing in for my JR stretch. Sideways I'm curious as to what sort of mounting platform you used in yours. Did you go with the supplied wooden spacers that came with the fuse ? I read where you went the with longer X5 shaft in the other thread. I am mocking up mine and it looks like I will have to make a fairly tall base for mine, taking into account that Im using stock mainshaft with the Gaui head.
May 30, 2012, 11:30 AM
Redjestird Youser
SidewaysLS4's Avatar
I went with the Gaui X5 flybar mainshaft because it was the longest 8mm shaft I knew of. The reason for this was to maintain a scale rotor height, while maintaining the ~5 degree forward main rotor angle like the real thing has (need the airframe lower to create this effect). You do have to get that origional HK500 autorotation bearing sleeve which was out of spec with the Align part to adapt the Gaui shaft to the Align main gear assy (8mm straight through where the Align part allows for that stepped main shaft). I did check the HK site recently to see if they still sell that, it is off the site now when I checked. Before it was listed as just out of stock, and the comments/ratings section had a bunch of people commenting how that part was out of spec. I guess you might be able to get one from someone unloading an origional HK500 kit, or maybe some other clone supplier is still selling that non-updated clone part.

My fuselage origionally had a T550 in it, and that was mounted directly on the floor of the fuselage. To beef up the floor, I layed in a couple layers of fiberglass and resin. Later I put the stretch in it, so to do this I made some blocks out of some 5/8" pine board I just happened to have around and then glued those to the floor of the fuselage. I have some ply board screwed to the base of the airframe, and that board screws to the blocks. Somewhat crude, but it works, lol. I also have the HK aluminum airframe base because my origional was stripped out where the nuts go. Maybe that stiffens things up a bit, maybe not. Starting from scratch I think I'd just glue a thin sheet of ply onto the floor of the fuselage and then do the same block routine I'm doing now. I did the fiberglass route before as I was in a crunch for thinness working with the T550 in the fuselage.

I also made some custom links out of some threaded linkage rod bits JBweld'ed into some CF tubing to account for the higher main rotor height. Yep, I still need to paint that aftermarket head block to match
May 30, 2012, 07:10 PM
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Thanks for the details and pics, I'm not going for a strict 1:1 look I was concerned about the mains hitting the fuse.... I may have to build a box similiar to what sidneyw did in the JR thread. Got some lite ply and balsa blocks ordered to rig up the base for the mechanics.

I may go a bit lower than what I have it mocked up in the picture.
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May 30, 2012, 08:48 PM
Track clear , smoke on !
cap231ex's Avatar
What about something similar to this , it is very lite and super stronge and not that hard to build plus it looks good.

I made it out of 1/8" liteply and 1/4' square balsa to strengthen the joints for my 700.

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