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Sep 05, 2012, 01:09 PM
or GPS, F, J, K, or even TD
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Alex Parkin- Please PM me with your email address...or if someone knows it, maybe you could forward it to me via PM. Thank in advance.

Great flying dude!

Mike Smith
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Sep 05, 2012, 01:14 PM
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That is great to hear about the clocks. I was curious how they did and how everyone felt about them. We've been spoiled here in the NW, getting to have them at all of our contests.

Just wondering.... did they end up using the BlueTooth or wired connection to the clocks?

Kudos to Adam and Adrian on the clocks and F3Kmaster.
Sep 05, 2012, 01:46 PM
A different attitude to RC
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As always at these events, what fantastic people, conditions, flying and fun. So well organized and even though everything was against us (TFR, wind, dust, lightning, rain!) it was an incredible time.

Competition was extremely tough (HUGE understatement) and I was pleased to have done better on Monday (way too late) but got hammered for the other days.

I had a hard time getting back with my B3's (from my lack of practice on them - nothing wrong with the aircraft!) after breaking my Concept's boom on Saturday in a double tap midair. Looking forward to fixing the Concept and getting a bit more practice in before Arizona.

Originally Posted by like.2.fly
As for the F3KMaster app, it ran perfectly as far as I know, other than a couple of tiny burps in the rhythm of the countdown to launch. AD said those were due to that Android device lacking the processing power to handle the current workload. But it was hardly noticeable anyway, and AD was able to quickly resolve it with a more powerful master device and/or some small code changes. Same goes for the buzzer volume & tone, which needed some adjustments. On the drive home we talked about future enhancements that will make it even better, like custom sound files for the pilot names rather than having the Google lady try to pronounce them (perhaps having each pilot speak their own name into the device during the contest sign-in procedure).

Two big thumbs up Adrian and Adam!
Thank you for the comments Mike and a big thank you to Dave Jensen for supporting F3KMaster and believing in it enough to use in this very important contest!

The F3KMaster changes were to Increase the window "buzzer" volume, mix three DTMF tones together instead of one and stop it from talking over the buzzer to prevent the voice distorting with the louder tones.

I intend to make more optimizations so it can be used on the "lower powered" $70 android mini pc we used on Friday without the occasional "rhythm of the countdown" issue.

Originally Posted by balesse
Just wondering.... did they end up using the BlueTooth or wired connection to the clocks?
We drove the clocks over Bluetooth with an update sent to them every second from F3KMaster. (without using the clocks internal countdown timer)

Sep 05, 2012, 01:55 PM
Russ Young
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Originally Posted by like.2.fly
(perhaps having each pilot speak their own name into the device during the contest sign-in procedure).

Two big thumbs up Adrian and Adam!
Now THAT would be cool, and possibly interesting also
Sep 05, 2012, 02:04 PM
Full disclosure, not sponsored
I would be happy to do the names.......
Sep 05, 2012, 02:39 PM
Throw it like you hate it
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What a great contest! I am finally home and rested and very happy that I went. It was a great contest even with the TFR and unpredictable weather. The organizers did an incredible job at navigating the contest through some unpleasant weather and the TFR. We still got a lot of rounds. I was gassed at the end of the contest. That's a good thing.

I want to thank all those that helped make this such a memorable contest: the organizers, helpers, and pilots! The Jensens are great! Kelsey, thanks for doing a superb job with scoring. It is a thankless task but you did it brilliantly with all the updates. Dave, you were a great CD! I will come to any contest you put on. The wives and daughters were so supportive. They fed us, collected score cards, kept us hydrated, so that we boys could play with our toys. Thanks!

The competition was world-class. Being able to fly with such amazing pilots was a real treat! I loved every second. It was great seeing some new faces. I am very proud of the Juniors! You will all represent the USA very well. Skip and John Padilla, thanks for coming out. I like seeing more people getting involved in F3K. You guys need to make it out to more contests. It was great flying with you.

Congrats to all that made it to the TS. This contest is unlike any contest I have ever attended. The skill and experience of all the pilots was actually a comfort. I have flown with most all the pilots before and their experience and predictability was quite a benefit. There was very little carnage at the contest and I think this was due to the vigilance and experience of the pilots. This contest was really incredible.

Jun, I am very happy for you; you flew flawlessly. Mikey, your hard work has paid off; kudos, buddy. Sorry about all the carnage. George, your "never give up" mentality has gotten on the team again. I couldn't be happier for you. I hope the wrist heals quickly. Seid, you are awesome! Great flying all contest long. You should have no regrets. Thanks for timing. You saved my butt countless times. Much appreciated.

Hope everyone had safe travels home!
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Sep 05, 2012, 03:00 PM
Launch high. Fly low.
Thank you, everyone!

Finally coming down from my elation high. My cheeks hurt from the constant grinning ;-)

Many thanks to Dave Runyon, Gary and the Jensen family for your continued support. If not for you, I wouldn't have had this wonderful opportunity to play. 
Tom Keisling, thanks for the pep talk and encouragement.
Thanks to the RMSA for hosting the contest: The Jensens, The Jonkes, The Lovins. You guys ran an amazing contest despite the TFR and the wonderful weather. You kept us well fed and hydrated! I've never had that much gatorade and water in my life! You're life savers!
Thanks to our official timers and judges: John A, Bob P, Cody R
Thanks to our sponsors: SoaringUSA, SkipMiller, Atlanta Hobbies, Tom Siler
Thanks to Adrian for the flawless F3K Master and the field clocks! Loved them.
Thanks for the delicious breakfasts and lunches... The turkey BBQ was great. I wanted seconds but the wifey said 'No'. Lol.
Huge thanks to Kelsey J for doing such an amazing job with scoring and keeping everyone updated.

Huge thanks to my team mate, Jon Finch, for calling and timing for me. It was definitely to my advantage to have you as a team mate. Your guidance helped me do better and save many of my flights. I admit to not being a good timer/caller... At all. Some like my quiet way and some don't. I did my best to call for you as well as you did for me. Again, thanks, Tweety!

Please forgive me if I've forgotten to mention any names and know that I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort that everyone has put into this event.

Coming into the contest, I had some personal pressures that I needed to contend with and there was only one goal: to make the team.  My wife and kids wished me luck and said "Go get 'em, papa. You can do it... Again!" Leaning tunnel vision has now been switched on. ;-) Let's play!!!
I flew my trusty,  9.5oz, 3 year old Stobel V3 throughout the entire contest. It was ballasted to 10.5ozs only once, to deal with those passing hurricanes. Its age has given up much of its launching prowess but can still hang with what the young planes can do, whether in 0 winds or gale force winds. The plane just screamed 'bring it on!' with a little whoosh and some flutter! lol!
I tend to take contests one flight at a time so I forget most of what happened or who did what during a round. But sometimes I remember some of the flights. The Last 2 fours is one of them. The first four was pretty easy but the second one pushed my concentration to the limit. I was low when got into the thermal and the whole flight was a struggle and drifting fast. One thing I didn't realize was that I probably didn't blink during most of the flight and was in tears after. Wow! Never done that before. 
Unfortunately, I remember the Poker round. As always, still can't stand it. Tried to make it a real 5x2 by calling 1:58, 1:59's and 2's but still screwed me on the last flight, only because of the need for some cushion for the last launch. A fumble didn't help either. 
The 5x2 rounds are fun... If you're maxing the flights. Turnarounds mean nothing if you land short on one flight, which I did quite nicely. The right side of the field was working the whole time and for some genius reason I launched and went to the left side of the field. O_o duuurrrrrrrrrrr.
Round 16, Last 3 flights only, on the last day. Jon Finch and I were faltering all morning and were literally throwing away the small cushion that we had. Really need to maintain this round and get the 1000. Pressure was on. The first flight was easy, the second was lucky,  the third flight was a miracle over the tents. I had 2 seconds to launch for a three and I didn't have a good read and went for it anyway. Worked a small bubble over the tents for 2 stressful minutes until it finally broke off. Whew!

The TFR was a plus and a minus for me... It's unfortunate that we missed flying rounds in some great weather but at the same time, I liked that I was able to relax a little and even hear Mass at the local church, Our Lady of Victory in Aurora, CO. Funny thing was that the service was said in Traditional Latin so all I understood was 'Amen'. Lol!!!

Congratulations, Mike Smith, George M, Seid of Mike and the top ten pilots. I don't know why you guys let me get ahead of you but thanks! Lol!

Congratulations to our Juniors: Alex P (the man), Alex T and Jason F. You guys are off to a great start. Your launching and flying abilities will definitely surpass many of us sooner than later. 

Again, thanks!

Jun -- Juhn Catachachuhunnn
Sep 05, 2012, 03:29 PM
Play loud, Fly high
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F3K team

Congrats to all who made the team. When you get a little farther along in the organization process, particularly fund raising, have the manager contact me regarding LSF support. We have a little to get the ball rolling.

Gil Gauger
LSF Treasurer

Sep 05, 2012, 06:02 PM
Launch high. Fly low.
Thank you very much, Gil. The continued support of the LSF is greatly appreciated!


Originally Posted by Gil Gauger
Congrats to all who made the team. When you get a little farther along in the organization process, particularly fund raising, have the manager contact me regarding LSF support. We have a little to get the ball rolling.

Gil Gauger
LSF Treasurer

Sep 05, 2012, 06:13 PM
The ground's the limit.
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More Pics!

More coming. Honey Do's have kept me busy since Mon. See greencurry.smugmug.com for more.
Sep 05, 2012, 07:06 PM
Adam RED Weston
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We Made It Back to Brier, WA

Just a quick update and some pictures and some thank yous...

After packing up all our junk, the clocks (on thier way to the Canadian TS in October), a bunch of DUST, and 3 invasive species (a spider, a fly, and a grass hopper) we left the sod farm for Seattle about 4:30pm after the contest. 5 states later and only stoping for gas and breakfast, we arrived back home about 3:30pm.... Exactly 24 hours (with the time change).

Everyone else is saying it, so I'll just chime in, thanks to the RMSA and everyone else involved in producing a very well run Team Selection. I heard a lot of complaints over the weekend (weather, TFR, weather, dust, wind, rain, lightening, oh, and the weather), but NONE of it was aimed at the organizers or the organization of the event, and that is really saying something.

Take aways:
1) When throwing hard isn't enough... throw harder...
2) There is always a plane in lift somewhere, it should be you and not the other guy.
3) Never take your shoes off in Colorado, just ask Bruce.
4) The best lift is right BEFORE the storm front, the best complaining is right AFTER the storm front
5) When flying DLG in the dark for the last round of the day, be sure to stand in the middle of the field, your depth perception gets worse as the round ticks on... and those field boundaries get less and less obvious.
6) Preliminary contest standings are inversely related to actual contest standings... Equation: Prelim Standing * 11 + 1 = TS Standing
7) Sleeping at the field is pretty cool... sleeping WITH the field in your bed (dust and burrs) not so cool.
8) Everything they say about Cajuns and Kentuckians is TRUE.
9) Bagged wings still rock... I got lots of compliments on how the pink foam glows at altitude in the dark blue sky, and we all know its not how well you fly, but how well you LOOK when you fly.
10) TS 2014 should be on your list of things not to miss!!!

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Sep 05, 2012, 07:21 PM
Blind Hawk
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Just a bit more from Brier.

From a relative newbie to hand launch and first timer at a big contest I can say this was a blast. Sure some stuff (weather/TFR) was out of our control but everything else was fantastic.

My goals were to finish the rounds and stay out of everyone's way. First part I made and didn't hear any complaints so think the rest happened too. If you're into F3K at all you owe it to yourself to go to one of these contests. Watching many of the best pilots in the world make their flights time after time is a joy to be a part of.

Before the contest I thought I might be sore from all the flying for 4 days, turns out I was sore but it was from laughing. Bruce and Ryan you guys are a hoot to be around, thanks for letting me into your world.

Add my thanks to all the Colorado crew for putting this on, terrific job all around.

Sep 05, 2012, 08:07 PM
launch height can't fix stupid
I want to say ditto to what people have said about the event, the people running it, and the pilots that are representing us. You all have said it better than I could.

I will add that it was a privaledge to fly with everyone. Many of you I had never met and I was curious to see how others approached the contest and flying. I had low expectations as far as scoring and placing in the event but everything was more than I expected. I learned alot from all of you, got to fly in conditions that I didn't think existed, forced to fly in conditions that I wished didn't exist, and got to see how F3K should be done from the best. I can't wait to start implementing what I have learned and hopefully with newer equipment (donations appreciated).

My tidbits:
I need to learn to keep my tongue from sticking out while launching
Go "big pig" or go home (little pig let me down )
When launching into the beginnings of a dust storm, see tidbit #1
TFR's suck but I get why they do it, even if I don't agree with it
Jonke is a great partner
The Juniors have skills
Most of the Jensen clan rocks, Gary is tolerable

I'm sure there are more but that will do for now.

Thanks again everyone.
Sep 05, 2012, 11:22 PM
RC Discus (F3K) Junior
I wanted to say it was a great honor to have flown with such amazing pilots this last weekend. I would like to thank all of those seniors who timed for me and offered advice second to none. In particular Mr. Silor who has brought my stick skills on immensely at two contests now, Mr. Runyon for helping me improve my launch technique, Mr. Finch for being a great timer, and Mr. Golodov for a few awesome rounds of timing and selling me a Validol when it was so crucial for me to find a plane for the final day of the contest. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to represent the American community of DLG pilots in Denmark next summer and I promise I will be working hard all year to ensure I represent the USA well. Once again thank you to everyone who helped me, I know I did not mention everyone but I would not have improved nearly as greatly without all of your help and time. LOOK OUT WORLD and thanks again.
-Alex Parkyn
Sep 05, 2012, 11:37 PM
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Congratulation to the winners. I tried to find what I am going to ask in the thread but couldn't.
Just wanted to know what planes were used by the top 10.

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