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Nov 05, 2001, 12:41 PM
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Gyro for pitch control on Flying wing?

Can you put a gyro on a Zagi for pitch control?

Perhaps put it in series with the elevator receiver port, not using mixing, and use a mixer after the gyro?

Would prefer to use transmittor mixing though.

What brand and where would you buy?

I figure it may be fun to fool with, and be downright helpful with onboard ignition of an Estes "Helper".

Ron Parigoris
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Nov 05, 2001, 01:44 PM
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I've thought about doing what you are talking aboutbut havn't tried it yet. But here are some of my thoughts.

I think to make it work right you need to use one of the new varieaty of wing Gyros. These have two inputs and two outputs and will work with any mixing that you have on the transmitter. They are primarily designed for aircraft with seperate servos on each aileron. These should work great on a flying wing with elevons. A couple of issues come to mind though. They need to be orientated in a specific manner to achieve the desired results, ie. pitch instead of roll or yaw. They are also a little larger and more expensive than the single input micro versions out there. Most are about an inch or so in the important direction and might not fit in a wing if there is no body to hide it in.

In theory you probably can use a single output micro gyro on the elevator output from the reciever and then use a onboard electronic mixer after the gyro to get elevon action. Might be worth experimenting with. A single axis gyro and a onboard mixer might be cheaper and fit better in your Zagi than the wing gyro.

Another option is to run an inboard elevator and seperate ailerons outboard. This would work well on a plank or delta style wing. Then you could use a single output micro gyro on the elevators for pitch and a wing style gyro on the ailerons if you wanted to for roll and yaw


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