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Apr 09, 2012, 11:33 AM
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Foxtech HoryzonHD 1080p FPV cam V3 old thread, pleae check the new thread

Hi guys ,Due to too much information in this thread ,I opened a new thread ,you can find new firmware there
and more test videos will follow up!

HoryzonHD V3 is a revolutionary Full HD 1080P camcorder and FPV camera.
It has a seperated cam module connecting the mainboard module by 20cm cam wire.
It creats a lot of possibility and saves a lot of weight for HD FPV and other applications.

Many improvements are made on Horyoznhd V3 from hardware and software.
It could be the easiest to use HD FPV camera in the world.
we designed new keypad, new video/photo trigger, new video out port
and the most important of all.
You can still have a full 1080p cam onboard with just 48g extra weight.

Horyzonhd V3 is a cam that needs no DIY job.
fully shielded, specially made photo, video trigger and av out port.
this port is safer than the normal 3 pin plug on FPV cameras that doesn't break easily.
we also put in 2 heat shrinks in the box ,so if you want to remove the monitor to save weight.
that's fine.

about the software.
we reduced image noise and made the image looks more natural.

also start-up recording was added. so normally you install it on your plane.
power it up through the V-reg.
and plug in the main power battery ,then it just works as a normal FPV camera while it's recording 1080p video.

if you remotely trigger the video recording on and off.
you even don't need to press the buttons after setup.

Product link:


Lens: 120 degree wide angle. (140 degree with Gopro lens)

Sensor: 5.0 Megapixels CMOS 1/3''

Video resolution: 1920x1080 30fps

1440x 1080 30fps

1280x720 30fps

1280x720 60fps

Photo resolution: 2592x1944

Video formate: H.264 encoding

Audo: built-in Microphone

Memory: Support Micro SD card(TF card) up to 32 GB

Power supply: 3.8- 5.5 V DC

Features of V3 plus:

Open box

The new V2 V-Reg with protection circuit to avoid over voltage and reverse polarity.

Horyzonhd 1080p FPV camera

First V3 onboard test video
glyder600+horyzonhd v3 (1 min 39 sec)
AV out test video
HoryzonHD V3 AV OUT Test (1 min 5 sec)

V3 introduction Video
HoryzonhdV3 Feature Introduction (4 min 37 sec)

the followings are demo video of V1 horyzonhd,we will add more V3 video soon
HoryzonHD 1080p cam introduction (2 min 10 sec)
720p 60fps, 1/2 playing speed.
HoryzonHD with Virtue F16 cockpit (2 min 32 sec)
HoryzonHD with Virtue F16 cockpit

1080p 30fps
HoryzonHD onbaord video (2 min 51 sec)HoryzonHD onbaord video
1080p 30fps
Beauty and a Fly (2 min 5 sec)
HORYZONHD Cam on a Doll ! (1 min 6 sec)
HoryzonHD park2 (2 min 19 sec)
Horyzonhd on Skymaster 2m Viper JET! (4 min 2 sec)

How to connect a 3 way cam switch?

for any question, please write emails to us: (Doris)
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Apr 09, 2012, 11:37 AM
Honey Badger
Blue Chip's Avatar
I would be happy to - but don't have NEAR 300 subscribers.
Apr 09, 2012, 11:40 AM
glassfox's Avatar
Originally Posted by Blue Chip
I would be happy to - but don't have NEAR 300 subscribers.
ok, just show us you best video here , we will consider it.
foxtech-Fu Xing
Apr 09, 2012, 11:43 AM
Honey Badger
Blue Chip's Avatar
Originally Posted by glassfox
ok, just show us you best video here , we will consider it.
foxtech-Fu Xing
Here is the link to my YT channel... I cant say which is "best" but there is everything from crashes to clouds, high to low flying - and a fair amount of night flights.

I use #11 keychains, GoPro, and flight cam.

Caught in the Clouds BWEZ (2 min 33 sec)

Night Tandem Flown With Dragon Link (3 min 59 sec)

BWEZ Graceland Tandem Night flight - EDITED (5 min 37 sec)

Funjet in the Clouds (7 min 59 sec)
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Apr 09, 2012, 11:47 AM
Kiwi in Germany
whakahere's Avatar
yea my 17 subscribers don't help either. But I have reviewed a few products. I have been able to get the 5.8ghz 200mw to 8km and showed others how I did it.

I have been using 5.8ghz behind trees and far away. I have a few different FPV style of planes. Wing, twinstar 2, tri copter.

anyway I do test things and since I am unemployed I have the time to test like mad

I have a few videos on youtube and vimeo
range on omnis 5.8ghz 200mw (4 min 23 sec)
v=cNKNRxsW4jY&list=UUBVwe8Lns9d3NfPQSw9NXtw&index= 8&feature=plcp
Water Flying (1 min 42 sec)

Low flying (3 min 16 sec)
Apr 09, 2012, 11:53 AM
Suspended Account

i can do a review and it will be an honest one. but you can't be too demanding from a camera that weighs only 30g
Apr 09, 2012, 12:04 PM
Do a Barrel Roll!
rcbif's Avatar
I have a tech based youtube channel with R/C content and 2000+ subscribers.

I would be happy to do a review. I don't have many fpv videos yet, but it will be a major part of my channel soon, so I could offer a good FPV beginners take of the camera. My youtube channel can be found under the name rcbif101.

Here is a FPV setup video. I dont have any fpv flying videos yet, as I have been working on, and just finished my tricopter. It would be a good camera testing platform

Simple Portable FPV flying Groundstation (7 min 5 sec)
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Apr 09, 2012, 12:25 PM
Suspended Account
Don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but horizon is spelled with an I, not a Y. Not sure any of you spelling buffs noticed, but it stuck out like a sore thumb for me?
Apr 09, 2012, 12:57 PM
fmkit's Avatar
Originally Posted by glassfox
Hi, Guys,
I have the honor to bring you a revolutionary FPV cam, HoryzonHD.
It's a 1080p video cam that take Full HD onboard video and store it in the
memory card, and transmit the PAL or NTSC video signal to the ground station
through video transmitter.
I adopted a separated sensor module design that enables many possibilities.
you can now use a tiny pan/tilt to take HD videos.
the whole unit is only 38g including the monitor and less than 30g without the monitor.

I should get free sample cause you stole my idea and now call it "a revolutionary FPV cam"
Apr 09, 2012, 03:00 PM
Registered User
Yeah, my YT channel is pretty much in its infancy as I've just begun to start putting up videos.

I'm also just beginning in an FPV setup, so might be good to put it into the hands of a total noob so others can see it from that perspective.

Here's one video from my channel with my maiden of EA's Axon.

Flying the Axon (3 min 4 sec)

The next on repair after the crash.

Axon ... after the Crash (6 min 14 sec)

I was also going to begin doing short reviews of items I have used and my thoughts on them.

If you're willing to take a chance on me, I'll do it.

I've already got the FOXTECH CE OSD V1.5 which I just ordered about a week ago and should be arriving to my hands here in the next week and am planning on putting up a review/setup video on that item.

Thank you for your consideration.
Apr 09, 2012, 03:18 PM
Great Britain
MrBen.'s Avatar
not far off 100 subscribers, 49,000 video views

I use a gopro and a gopro 960 with sunex lense, I would love to test one of your cameras!

I run too

some of my favorite vids

Quad Gopro Victoria Park Warrington (3 min 5 sec)

FPV Sheep Herding : Quadcopter / Gopro (3 min 56 sec)

Super Alulah 2m on a Frosty Morning : Gopro / Sunex (5 min 24 sec)
Last edited by MrBen.; Apr 09, 2012 at 06:34 PM.
Apr 09, 2012, 03:28 PM
Registered User
Hi Glassfox, you have a PM.
Apr 09, 2012, 05:41 PM
Registered User
looks really good so far. would be interesting to see how strong the jelly effect is, because that's the thing the gopro does very right (besides the marketing), and ALL the other action-cams suck at or are at least noticably worse.

send one to and one to trappy@teamblacksheep. should be very effective

PS: also make sure the lag from camera to av-out is minimised (if possible) and the brightness of the camera adjusts very quickly and maybe only to the lower 1/3 of the image or so (ground) and some wide dynamic range kind of stuff (if possible)
Apr 09, 2012, 06:03 PM
Registered User
Not much on the competition but i'll put my best video in.. I would love to test one.

FPV Maleny and Roma, Queensland (Fort Minor - Remember the Name) (3 min 48 sec)
Apr 09, 2012, 06:33 PM
Suspended Account
Wow, what a great looking cam, it appears to solve all the pain in the butt issues with other cams (bricks)

I'd love to review one but have only just started out and don't have many subscribers
I do however already use Foxtech AIO goggles as well as Foxtech 5,8ghz tx/rx and a Cyclops Nova OSD

Oh and my Youtube views are 78,746 views, not counting my Vimeo and Metacafe stuff

Skysurfer 4th FPV Test (3 min 20 sec)

Tricopter FPV Practice (3 min 26 sec)
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