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Apr 07, 2012, 03:52 PM
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Flew for my first time

Flew my first three packs on my LH450 clone. Only casualty was a broken tail drive shaft, probably from too much belt tension. And a couple minor dings on the tail blade, but noting serious. I mostly just bounced around in a 12x12 area between some trees to try and shield from the wind, but it was great to finally take it outside. Charging my packs now, and hoping the wind dies down a little as the day goes on, so i can try and put another few packs through it. She flew pretty good as far as I can tell. No major trimming necessary, although even with the gain all the way up, the gyro was drifting quite a bit. I found myself giving it a lot of right rudder. I put an EXI metal head and tail on it last night, so I guess its installed correctly. Anyway, just had to post about my first flight.
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Apr 07, 2012, 05:28 PM
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I guess the belt was still too tight because i twisted the tail belt drive shaft in two again. Installed thy third and last spare, and flew my 5th and half of my 6th pack before the set screw of my outrunner backed out. I had put loctite on the pinion, but I didnt think to open up the motor and check there too. All fixed up, but calling it quits for today.

I was able to get a handfull of decent 30 to 60 second hovers despite the wind. Due to the tight space, I really had to keep it low (in ground effect) so that I could drop down whenever I lost it. I really need a bigger space, and a lot more practice. Hopefully things will get easier once the nerves die down, and I learn what translates well to the sim, and what does not.
Apr 08, 2012, 12:01 AM
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Getting the belt tension just right can be tedious. Some pilots use a specific deflection of the belt, some go by feel, etc. But, with a belt you need to get used to adjusting it. After your first 20 flights or so, the belt will stretch and need adjusted again. After the break in period the belt will keep its tension for a good while.

Belts are nice to have for the inexperienced pilot. When you crash, the belt is almost never damaged, whereas with a torque tube setup, you are replacing the whole tail system guaranteed.

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