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Sep 10, 2012, 10:57 AM
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I flew 2 packs with a ten minute pause between the packs as there was a rumble of thunder..flew the second pack and the wind came up..that was it for the 120SR. Happy flying
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Sep 11, 2012, 06:42 PM
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elan's Avatar
Three packs on the 450 and one on the King V2. I haven't flown in a few days and boy did it feel fine...
Sep 11, 2012, 06:53 PM
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6 packs with my brand new V939 micro quad ... paired with 300 mAh nanotech -> i'm totally amazed with this thing ... it's like new realm of flying adventure !
Sep 11, 2012, 08:10 PM
Stop me before I build again!
6 packs on the v911, although one of the batteries is clearly dying a premature death. Good thing I have more on order. Felt better today, actually feel like I have the unit under control most of the time and slowly getting used to the rudder. Was perfectly still tonight and was able to confirm that the unit does in fact hover mostly stable when trimmed.
Sep 11, 2012, 09:48 PM
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Flew my V929 this morning plus two V911's and all is fine. Late this afternoon my Walkera Y-6 Scorpion showed up. Heli direct RTF with Devo 7 $109.00. Anyway charged batteries and tried it out. Very impressed as very stable but its quick to respond. Very smooth and handle fine once out of groung affect. I will give it a workout tomorrow. No toy TX here but full on 7 ch heli radio. I bought some Turnigy batteries for my Genius C/P and they fit fine.
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Sep 13, 2012, 09:48 AM
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One pack on the MSR before work :-)
Sep 16, 2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by elan
One pack on the MSR before work :-)
I flew 2 packs this morning on the 120SR in light wind with the last pack at the end of the flight a gust took it up in the tree branhes and knocked it down before i could recover. It appears to have damaged the rear motor as the rotor does not spin freely..possibly a bent shaft. I fly under a canopy of Live Oaks in my culdasac and have to be real careful in the wind. Regardless the streak is alive at 22 days without a miss.
Sep 16, 2012, 02:04 PM
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Flight # 124-129 on my Blade 130 X this morning. Still amazed how great this one flys big air and my FFF loops have gotten a lot better. My son flew it a couple of flights and it amazes me how much it flys like his FBL 450.

Sep 16, 2012, 05:34 PM
Stop me before I build again!
Two packs on the v911 before my day fell apart. Finally nailing things like banked turns and landings. I have even master launching and retrieval by hand.
Sep 17, 2012, 03:20 AM
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I tuned her up and took my V100D01 to the park for another try at flying it.
Through osmosis... It's slowly seeping-in how to fly this heli, well it's the longest I've been able to keep her in the air so far... fun tho. eheh

V100D01 practice (2 min 9 sec)

doh... just noticed the date on my #11 808 must've reset again.
Sep 17, 2012, 09:08 PM
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I'm jealous; it's been cold and rainy here in my corner of Vermont....
Sep 18, 2012, 07:28 AM
Safety : practice & promote!
RoboHeli's Avatar
Two batteries on my new V929 quad indoors. What a fun little aircraft!
Sep 18, 2012, 10:54 PM
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Started out with V929, then flew U 816 quad. I am getting better with it and did not crash it or knock off any props. My favorite muti rotor is Walkera Scorpion Y-6. .Little guy is just pure fun to fly and handles very well. Hope my OR Ladybird V1 shows up soon. Devo 7 TX works very well and controls are unnreal smoothness.
Sep 19, 2012, 07:03 PM
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Man. I finally got to fly some packs back to back and it felt sooo good :-) Three packs at the Park and Ride after work; 2 on the King V2 and 3 on the 450...
Sep 19, 2012, 07:14 PM
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Got my new Walkers Super FP
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