How to fix the coil on a Minicp RX(WOWS SILiCONE DOES NOT WoRK!) - RC Groups
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Mar 31, 2012, 08:34 AM
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How to fix the coil on a Minicp RX(WOWS SILiCONE DOES NOT WoRK!)

This RX is from WOW hobbies and had their white silicone fix. As you can see it didnt help. Remove and glue it. I recommend white gorilla glue. IT says on the bottle "Dries White 2x Faster" Its strong, light and expands 10x so go light with it. i also use it for canopy cracks,boom cracks anything and everything. And if you havent yet, glue the black antennae wire down on he mini's board. It can and will short itself out onto something. dont let the end come in contact with anything. Glue the base of the battery cables too.

Recently a member on Rcgroups sent me his Minicp receiver for repair. He had broke the battery cables and coil from the RX. The coil is in the bottom right hand corner and it sticks up a little. Its common for it to break off (poor design on walkera's behalf) and then the rx will not power on. On his board there was a base of ceramic left over which needs to come off. I ground it down with a dremmel. This is what was left over:

That pic isnt mine.

I made the new coil with 8 inches of wire that was the same diameter of the minicp/genius red/clear tail wire. I just found out recently that a member on here has used headphone wire. Much smaller diameter! cleaner install too! Here is his post I coiled the wire around a small drill bit and soldered one end to one solder point on the left of the pic. I soldered the other end to the solder pad on the right in the pic. i then tested to see if it worked and it did . Then I glued it to the board with 2x white gorilla glue. You only need a tiny bit cause it expands. I use that for everything, cracks in the canopy will never crack again with that stuff.
I am sure the wire could be both thinner and shorter. I didnt want to experiment with his board though. MX48 over at rcgroups was the first to try the wire for the coil. So I just used what he did. Here is what the finished board looks like and the of it working.
Benboys Minicp RX coil fixed + battery cables (0 min 3 sec)

Benboys Minicp RX Working, Fixed coil and battery cables (0 min 24 sec)

If you are scared to do the repair yourself then I can do it for a 5 dollar plus shipping fee. I also fix battery cables too for the same price.
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Feb 07, 2013, 09:38 PM
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I just performed this repair on a Mini with the new reciever. The new reciever dosent appear to have a coil and instead has a low profile black chip. The heli powers up, binds, and flys.
I used wire out of an old set of headphones. It was not solid wire it was multi strand twisted wire. I took 8 inches of wire and wrapped it around a small allen wrench being careful to keep it tight and neat. once it had it coiled nicely I coated it lightly with CA glue to keep it nice while I worked with it and soldered it in. Once in place I encased it in epoxy.
Feb 09, 2013, 08:28 PM
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Hey did you get my pm?
May 05, 2014, 09:36 AM
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why the video is privet?

Can i buy the coil ready?

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