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Mar 30, 2012, 06:25 AM
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Full Aileron Servo Travel with Sky 705

Here is a work-around to get full Aileron servo travel with the Skyartec 705 Tx.

For those that don't know, the 705 Transmitter firmware limits the travel of the Aileron servo to about 50%. There is no way to change this as the firmware cannot be modified.

Here is how to shift the "problem" to the Rudder channel which on many planes (like the Skyartec Cessna) is less important.

Lets assume you are Mode 1 operator. You simply switch your radio to Mode 2 using the USB cable and software. Then unplug all connections from your receiver. Now reconnect the cables to the Rx as follows:

- ESC cable to the ELEVATOR (2) Pins
- Aileron servo cable to the RUDDER (4) Pins
- Elevator servo cable to the THROTTLE (3) Pins
- Rudder servo cable to the AILERON (1) Pins

Now you will have full Aileron Servo Travel, but 50% Rudder Servo travel. Unless you are flying a 3D Plane, 'Bob's your Uncle'. Print yourself a new little label and pop it over the Rx for easy identification of the new channel assignment.

If you dont have the USB cable to switch your Tx Mode, there is a little hardware hack that also works. Open the Tx. Trace the signal line from the aileron stick potentiometer to the connector on the underside of the circuit board. Cut the wire and pull it across to the connector from the other sticks pcb. Now also identify the wire from the aileron trim potentiometer and cut it as well.

Do this for the Rudder potentiometers as well (two wires).

Solder the wires back onto the pcb, just near the connector pins. Be sure to connect the aileron wire to the rudder pot, and vice versa.

Once its all reconnected, you have full aileron travel and 50% rudder travel!

If this discription is a bit vague and you want more details, I might take a few pictures to descibe it better.
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