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Mar 25, 2012, 07:42 PM
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Looks Like I join the club.


I'm currently going through a "HobbyKing lost parcel runaround" I knew there was a Lipo problem between Hong Kong and Australia but just realised I ordered a LIFE battery. Would this come under the same ruling? If it does it could explain why my parcel has gone walkies.

One other thing, I read on this forum last week about a member losing his HK parcel which was sent SpeedPost. For the first time ever my parcel was also sent Speedpost and for 7 days the tracking details were "In transit from origin" After 7 days they hadn't even got the parcel from Hong Kong to Singapore.

I then bit the bullet and went Live chat with HK and got the usual stock answers "Check your Post Office" and "Check with customs" but after more questions I was given an entirely different tracking number which belongs to an Australian Airline freight company. Firstly parcels from overseas arriving at Brisbane or Sydney are transported via road to their destination definitely not airmail. I have a feeling I've just been fed another dose of HK stock answers.

Has anyone else had problems with Speedpost and why the sudden switch from the normally reliable Hong Kong International freight. Also I paid for EMS and it's now been 12 days since it was posted by HK.

I know you've all probably heard it all before but I'm a disabled war vet (Nam) and $251.00 is not something I can afford to lose. I wonder if Paypal will help out? To top things off a friend asked me to include a few items for him as well. Now I have to pay him back. After hearing other HK buyers saying things like "I've been waiting 4 months for a refund" and "HK has been giving me the runaround for 6 months" I'm honestly very worried and sick to the stomach. I can't sleep and it's not doing me any good health wise. My wife is talking banning me from using the Internet to buy from but the closest Hobby Shop is too far for me to travel to.She only has to unplug my cable and there's nothing I can do about it. She's not that bad, she doesn't like to see me get upset.

Footnote. I spoke on Live Chat To HK this morning and I asked why my tracking number had been removed from my order. I was just told the old gtracking number, no explanation. When I asked WHY it had been removed I was disconnected. I certainly wasn't rude in fact I kept a copy of the conversation and I was very polite. Maybe the question was outside of their generic circle.
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Mar 25, 2012, 10:02 PM
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Paypal will help, another person with poor customer service from Hobby King
Mar 26, 2012, 01:42 AM
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The plot thickens. I have been in contact with shipping agents and I found out the following:

HobbyKing made out a docket for Singapore to freight the parcel to Singapore Tracking Number EQ30xxx3900SG it was then to be sent to Australia where a Company known as AEE (Australian Air Express) were supposed to pick it up and deliver it to me Tracking number 2QQxxx38.

The Singapore freight company says it has the information but as yet have received no parcel from HobbyKing. They even phoned the driver who was rostered on at the supposed time of pick up from Hobbyking and he went through the paperwork and no parcel bearing either my name or tracking number was picked up.

On the off chance a mix-up had occured and a different company carried the parcel I rang AEE in Sydney and after an hour they rng back and told me they had received documents from Singapore regarding my parcel but they hadn't received it. That confirmed the story I was given. BUT AEE inform me the parcel's originator wasn't HobbyKing it was a company called UBI Logistics. How many names does Hobbyking have? 1stHobby, Hextronic and God knows how many more.

Check the parcels you receive from HobbyKing, notice their name is never mentioned, it's always a Chinese guy who sends it. I think Live Help made a mistake when talking to me. They gave me the tracking number which was to be switched at either Singapore or Australia. Doesn't a parcel retain the same tracking number no matter which sub contractor carries the item?. Every time previous to this parcel I could track the parcel right to my front door.

I could be wrong but in my opinion something smells decidedly OFF. Everyone involved excepting HobbyKing are telling me the parcel was never sent, it never left HobbyKing.
After two companies who actually have a far superior help setup freely went out of their way to make International calls, all within an hour of my first enquiry, I know who I'm inclined to believe. I can vouch for AEE, they have sent me hundreds of parcels over the years and never a problem and have an excellent enquiry line. I can't vouch for Singapore Freight as I've never had any dealings with them before. From past experience who would you be pointing the finger at?

Is it 3 weeks we have to wait until putting a claim in with Paypal? I think it's the only way to go. Can someone with experience in this type of problem give me some advice please. I don't want to mess things up any more than they already are. Thanks for reading this.
Mar 26, 2012, 02:17 AM
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Update, UBI Logistics are actually a freight company which picks up the parcels from HobbyKing's warehouse. I now have to wait to see how good their customer service is and find out if they actually picked up the parcel or not.

Isn't it great when a customer has to go to all this trouble when HobbyKing who are on the spot and actually have my money couldn't give a toss?
Mar 27, 2012, 07:36 AM
Hey Guys, Watch This.......
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Step 1 - Open dispute right away

You can open a disputeA buyer asks for a seller's help in resolving an issue with a transaction. in the Resolution CenterLocated in My Account, the PayPal resource for resolving issues between buyers and sellers. to contact a seller directly and resolveA buyer and seller come to an agreement and close the case, or PayPal comes to a decision and closes the case. a problematic transaction. You have 45 days from the payment date to open a dispute. Common reasons for opening a dispute include:

You paid for an item but haven't received it and the seller is uncooperative or nonresponsive.
You received an item that was significantly different than described.

Click the Report a Problem button in the Resolution Center to open a dispute. Then, provide more information about the issue and post a message to the seller.

Transactions older than 45 days cannot be disputed but should still be reported. PayPal tracks seller performance trends in the event we need to take action to protect other buyers.

From the pay pal site. Why wait if your convinced you have a issue. Open a dispute.

Good Luck hope it gets resolved.

Mar 28, 2012, 07:35 PM
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Hi Mike,

I sent a "request" to HobbyKing regarding this order. After being told by relevant shipping companies that they had the consignment number but never saw the parcel the darned thing turned up. Stuck on the box was an invoice listing Hong Kong as the pick up point and It then got handed to AEE with the correct consignment number. This means that Singapore post weren't involved in any way. The tracking number on the box doesn't match the one HK gave me but on tracking the number they did give me it showed Singapore post as the carrier.
Has anyone ever heard of Quantum Solutions? This parcel never came from HK according to the invoice, it came from Quantum Solutions, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

Does HK pluck these tracking numbers out of the sky? Simply making them up? Does their weighing machine need a decent overhaul as I paid for 2.5 kg according to HK and yet the weight showing on the box and it's actual weight is 2.1 kg.

Honestly, this entire purchase has been a complete stuff-up from start to finish. I've been given bogus shipping numbers, stories of my parcel being under investigation due to being lost, no reference of HK on the box, in fact no parcel from HK has ever mentioned HK or indeed any payment made to them has mentioned HK.

Oh yes, the box containing 30 different items was marked as containing a charger. Just as well Customs never opened it.

Finally, HK sent me an email telling me the parcel was posted 13/03/2012 it was actually sent 20/03/2012.

After all this misleading, false and confusing saga, I wrote to HK to apologize for the "request" I sent asking if they actually knew what they were doing and for treating their customers as fools. Plus threatening to seek Paypal's help. Why, I have another order sitting there for 5 days and still not packed. I couldn't take another HK balls-up.
Mar 28, 2012, 07:48 PM
Hey Guys, Watch This.......
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Most of what I get from them is though the USA warehouse. Been some time since I've ordered from Hong Kong. While I never have had a issue with any of my orders I hear of plenty of guys who have had pretty bizarre experiences with them. My new HK SOP is never send them more money than I'm afraid to lose.
Nov 03, 2012, 05:20 AM
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Just one final note. I mentioned this on the HK forum and was immediately set upon by the would be if they could be moderators. One of them complained and I was accused of making a racial remark, which is bull as I'm certainly not racist. The outcome, a moderator sent me a PM and in a reply I mentioned something about him being a jumped up, hopeless moderator. I was banned for life. No warning, no mention I'd been banned I must be mistaken when I thought a PM was a "personal message" and as such couldn't be used to ban anyone. One thing I was told was that there was a nice party hosted by this moderator to celebrate "yet another one given the boot"
Nov 03, 2012, 05:12 PM
Suspended Account
Originally Posted by cr2o3
Just one final note. I mentioned this on the HK forum and was immediately set upon by the would be if they could be moderators. One of them complained and I was accused of making a racial remark, which is bull as I'm certainly not racist. The outcome, a moderator sent me a PM and in a reply I mentioned something about him being a jumped up, hopeless moderator. I was banned for life. No warning, no mention I'd been banned I must be mistaken when I thought a PM was a "personal message" and as such couldn't be used to ban anyone. One thing I was told was that there was a nice party hosted by this moderator to celebrate "yet another one given the boot"
I'm sorry to say it but you made Two fatal mistakes. In the beginning you wasted too much of your time trying to figure out what went wrong instead of quickly opening a Paypal dispute. Your second mistake was to post about your problem on the HK forum. I see you met the HK forum Goon Squad. That group comprised of HK moderators/employees and a devoted army of bullying thugs constantly patrol that forum searching for customers to attack. They appear to have free rein to break any and all the rules in order to harass, belittle, discredit, attack, censor and eliminate anyone they don't agree with or anyone that dares to post about a problem they had with HK. After they ban you they all have a big laugh about it, then they edit and delete your posts to suit their needs. I find it disgusting that any company would allow their customers to be treated in such a manner on a forum operated by them. How unprofessional can this company be. When I complained to HK admin about the customer abuse on the HK forum they said it was necessary to deal with the HK bashers. I believe they enjoys watching his gladiators throw the peasant customers to the lions so it will never change. Just Disgusting.
I'm sorry you had be subjected to that abuse. What was the name of the HK administrator that banned you?
Last edited by co pilot; Jan 22, 2013 at 10:57 AM.
Nov 04, 2012, 05:19 PM
RC plane addict ;-)
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The first time i ever went over to HK's forum a few years back i went over there moaning about the Chinese New Year (the postage slow down) and i never got attacked like some say they have.
I did get people explaining why my parcel was going to be a few days late,which was of course because of the CNY and to be honest how was that HK's fault,it was mine for not knowing and the good people on the HK forum where very helpful and still are as far as i know,i only pop over there every now and again,mainly to find out what new Durafly planes are coming out.

I think it's more how some people go about things,if someone goes on any forum and start in on everyone trying to help them then don't be surprised when the people trying to help them get a little upset,of course i'm not saying anyone on this thread would do such a thing,i'm just saying how things could soon get out of hand,ok some people should know better but at the end of the day they are only human,so they can get upset too,just remember to treat others how you would like to be treated your self,simple.
Nov 05, 2012, 07:02 AM
Heli nut
FYI: Kowloon IS IN Hong Kong - Quantum Logistics are a courier service that collects for various shippers out of Hong Kong (I had an issue with an order from R2 hobbies and that's who collected & lost my parcel).

AAE's tracking is totally useless even within Australia - I use them daily (OEM car parts East to West coast). Their tracking is never accurate.

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