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Mar 23, 2012, 03:22 PM
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New to BL motors...break it in?

I'm new to RC and my dad is new to electric motors. I have the PKZ P-51D Mustang BL and my dad just got the E-Flight RV-9. we are both running the same motor, the 480kv. My question, actually my dad's coming from a nitro background. Do you need to break in a BL motor like you would i nitro or gas motor? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Mar 23, 2012, 04:50 PM
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No break-in necessary. The rotor is supported by two ball bearings. Break-in was done on the early brushed motors to seat the brushes before applying full power.
Mar 23, 2012, 05:22 PM
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A brushless motor requires no break-in, no tuning, and essentially no maintenance. It'll turn your prop quietly, cleanly, smoothly, and efficiently. It costs virtually nothing to run it, even if you're doing fifteen flights a day.

Not a bad deal
Mar 27, 2012, 11:50 AM
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As the other two blokes has already told you that you don't need to run a brushless motor in i won't bother adding to that as there really isn't any need.

I would say though as you like the PZ warbirds (as do i) you might want to think about using a better battery than the stock PZ ones,as i've had two of the little PZ green 3s 1300mah battery that have puffed for no fault of my own,i've left them on a store charge after use and always charge them up using the right settings.

I now use the blue Turnigy batteries or the Turnigy Nano-Techs from Hobbyking that are a lot better than the batteries PZ give us with there planes,i now use the blue Turnigy 1800mah 40/50C battery and that really makes the PZ P-51 go a lot faster with out even changing the motor or anything else,but i use the Nano-techs in my PZ warbirds that need a 2200mah battery and thats the best battery i have ever used in the bigger PZ warbirds,like my F4U Corsair,Spitfire MK IX,P-47D thunderbolt and a few others.

At the end of the day it's up to you where you get your batteries and what you use but someone told me about HK a couple of years ago and i've never looked back,i only wish i knew about them sooner so i now tell as many people as i can about them thats all.
Mar 31, 2012, 06:17 PM
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Thanks for the info guys. we were able to get his plane up and test flown with this info. we both appreciate it. thanks!
Mar 31, 2012, 07:13 PM
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hobbypartz also sells some good battries at real good prices ...
Apr 02, 2012, 04:35 AM
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I have a few different batteries. so far of the ones i have tried, i prefer the 2100 11.1v 30c eflight. I'm sure other cheaper batteries can match up with this one but i also noticed my mustang BL needs no mod to make it fit, where people with the 2200 have to cut up their canopy or the fuse to make them fit.
Apr 04, 2012, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by whitecrest
No break-in necessary. The rotor is supported by two ball bearings. Break-in was done on the early brushed motors to seat the brushes before applying full power.
oh yes the ye-old brushed days, we used to run the motor in water for break-in TG those days are gone

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