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Mar 18, 2012, 01:18 PM
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Servos work with Servo tester but not with Receiver??

I'm really struggling to understand what's going on and am hoping someone else can offer some insights! The details are below but the ultimate issue is that I've got 3 servos that seem to work fine with my servo tester but won't work with any receiver that I've tried, while the receivers seem to work fine with any servos except these 3....???

Align 450 pro, stock servos (Align DS410M x3 cyclic/collective, Align DS 620 x1 tail), Castle ICE 50 esc
Spektrum AR6110E receiver
Spektrum Dx6i transmitter

I've been trying to sort out some intermittent tail shake after a crash and subsequent repairs. After a dozen+ flights I still didn't have the tail issue figured out but was playing with head speed as a variable . I went inside, hooked up the ICE 50 to the computer and tweaked the head speed slightly. When I went back outside I spooled up and then all of a sudden the blades went to negative pitch and I couldn't change them (thank God they didn't go positive!). After spooling down I found that I had no motion on any of the 3 cyclic/collective servos.

Since then I've done the following to try and figure out which component(s) is/are actually bad:

1) Check receiver bus voltage - right on 6 volts as set in the ICE 50
2) Hook up one servo at a time to the AR6110E. All you hear is a faint, relatively high frequency clicking (maybe 10 clicks/sec) but no response from any of the three servos to stick movements.
3) Hook up the tail servo directly to the AR6110E. Works just fine.
4) Tried a 2nd receiver (AR600). Same servo behavior (i.e. the 3 cyclic/collective servos still clicked and wouldn't move but the tail servo worked fine).
5) Bench tested the AR6110E in an different aircraft. Worked just fine.
6) Tried yet a different (known good) Futaba servo with both the AR6110E and the AR600. Worked just fine.

All of this would generally lead me to the conclusion that all three servos somehow went bad all at the same time.......EXCEPT that when I hook them up individually to my servo tester (Checkmaster II in servo test mode) I can run them back and forth just fine! Huh????

So, now I'm really confused. My gut and the testing with the receivers says that the servos are somehow bad. The fact that they work with the Checkmaster II, however, seems to say the opposite. I'm on the verge of buying new servos (either the same Aligns or Hitec HS-5065MG) but don't want to spend the $100+ until I am sure that's the issue. On top of that, if they are all bad in some weird way, I'm not 100% sure what caused them to go bad (see below) and I need to convince myself that I'm not missing something so that the same thing won't happen again.

On this last point (i.e. why they may have gone bad, if indeed they are). I do know that when I hooked the ICE 50 up to the computer the last time I initially forgot to disconnect the flight battery. Does anyone know if that could somehow have done something weird to the servos?
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