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Mar 12, 2012, 11:27 PM
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Written Build Instructions for KKX525 Quad ARF kit

KK X525 Quadcopter ARF Build Instructions: By Gary R. McCray

No written instructions of any kind were supplied with this kit, hopefully this will help. Other than that it is a tremendous bargain and quality is very good.

1. Verify the following items in kit. (Items underlined in the text must be supplied by you)
a. 4 aluminum main spars, 2 red and 2 black.
b. 3 Carbon fiber center frame members: X525 etched bottom, middle, skeletal top.
c. 4 Carbon fiber motor mounts and 8 Carbon fiber landing struts.
d. 1 Bag of small parts: Screws, Allen screws, lock nuts, washers, stand-offs and springs.
e. 4 brushless motors with bullet connectors and 4 motor mount and prop nut kits.
f. 4 ESCs (20 Amp) with bullet connectors. 1 3 wire to 3 wire cable. 1 3 wire to 3 1 wire cable.
g. 1 KK main control board, 1 USB programmer and 1 ESC / Battery power distribution board.
h. 4 three blade Propellers (2 CC and 2 CCW rotation) and 4 batches of center bushings.
2. Put the contents of the small parts bag in a suitable tray for easy access.
3. Install 4 male / female nylon standoffs in the 4 slots closest to the edge of the middle frame member with small screws & small washers screwed into the female end of the standoff.
4. Assemble the aluminum spars to the Carbon fiber center frame members. (Layout is critical)

a. The Carbon fiber center frame with X525 etched in it goes on the bottom.
b. The more solid of the 2 remaining frame members goes on top of the spars (studs up).
c. The skeletal frame member goes on top of the more solid frame member.
d. From the top each frame member’s four spar open / close crescents should line up.
e. Assemble each spar leg into the frame members one at a time.
f. The Spar end with the 2 closer holes and no side holes goes in the frame above the X525 member and below the middle frame member with the nylon studs on the top and with the skeletal member on top of the middle member.
g. It is essential that spars be placed such that the 2 very close together holes on the outside end of each spar are facing down (on the X525 frame member side.
h. The 2 red spars should be on one side of the frame (from the bottom below the X525 logo on the bottom frame member and the 2 black spars should be above the X525 logo).
i. Assemble each of the 4 spars to the corners of the frame members with two (large diameter) Allen screws with large washers inserted through the top of the skeletal frame member then through the middle member, then through the spar and finally through the X525 bottom frame member & secured with a large washer and large elastic lock nut.
j. Position each spar to full open and tighten all stop nuts.
5. Install each carbon fiber motor mount to each spar with 2 (shorter) small Allen screws and small washers from the top through the mount and then the spar and then secure with small washers and small elastic lock nuts on the bottom and tighten.
6. Install the spring loaded carbon fiber landing gear.

a. Place a long small Allen screw and small washer through the semi pointed end of one of the carbon fiber landing gear arms and place that through the hole in the side of the spar closest to the center of the Quadcopter. Place another landing gear leg onto the other side and secure it with another small washer and stop nut. Do not tighten
b. Place a long small Allen screw and washer through the landing gear leg closest to the one you already put one in and through the same hole in the adjacent leg (not through the spar) and secure it with a washer and lock nut. Do not tighten
c. Place a long small Allen screw and washer through the landing gear leg closest to the one you just put one in and through the same hole in the adjacent leg (not through the spar) and secure it with a washer and lock nut. Do not tighten.
d. Place a brass standoff from the inside through the landing gear leg right next to the Allen screw you just put in and fasten in place with a washer & lock nut.
e. Put a small screw and washer through the other landing gear leg into the brass standoff.
f. Repeat above for each landing gear leg.
g. Tighten all screws and locknuts on all landing gear legs but leave sufficient play to provide free movement of each landing gear leg pair.
h. Install a spring into each spar end hole and over the landing gear Allen screw that is immediately adjacent to the brass standoff.
7. Install the brushless motors onto the carbon fiber motor mounts on the end of the spars.
a. Position a motor with the power leads aligned with the spar on the top of the carbon fiber motor mount on each spar.
b. Loosely install the motor using 4 small screws from the parts bag (not the ones supplied with the brushless motors). Tighten the screws after installing all 4 of them.
c. Repeat for each motor.
8. Connect the cables on all 4 ESCs to the motor cables (we will fix direction later.
9. Tie wrap the 4 ESCs and cables on top of their spars (Do not over tighten tie wraps.)

a. 1 large tie wrap around ESC and Spar
b. Small tie wraps around wires and spar at both ends of ESC
c. A small tie wrap near motor end around ESC cable by connector ends and spar.
10. Install the power distribution board with 4 more nylon male / female studs onto the top of Quadcopter with the printed side up.
11. Pre-tin (heat up & apply solder) each of the red power and black ground leads of the ESCs.
12. Insert each black lead into the adjacent outside large hole in the power board and solder.
13. Insert each red lead into the adjacent inside large hole in the power board and solder.
14. Pre-tin and Insert a red battery wire (14 gauge) into the pad marked power and solder.
15. Pre-tin and Insert a black battery wire (14 gauge) into the pad marked ground and solder.
16. Arrange ESC power and battery wires neatly to clear control board which is installed next.
17. Install the control board above the power board with roll axis facing between the two red spars.
18. Secure the control board to the Quadcopter with the 4 female / female nylon spacers.
19. Neatly roll each of the ESC control leads around a rod to produce a coiled wire.
20. Connect ESC control leads to the control board with the black leads to the outside as follows.

a. Put the plug from the ESC next to the control board gain pots into the top connector.
b. Put the plug from the ESC next to the vertical yaw board into the 2nd connector.
c. Put the plug from the ESC next to the control boards ESC connectors in the 3rd connector.
d. Put the plug from the remaining ESC into the 4th connector.
21. Install the 3 wire receiver cable with a 3 wire plug on each end into the control boards outside connector (next to the trim pots) with the black wire towards the corner of the board.
22. Install the 3 wire receiver cable with a 3 wire plug on one end and three 1 wire plugs on the other end into the remaining control board connectors. The one wire end plugs install with the wire to the inside of the control board as follows: connector 2 = white, 3 = red, 4 = black.
23. Install and solder a compatible connector for your 1200 to 3000mah 11.1 volt LiPo battery onto the battery wire you installed to the power distribution board previously.
24. Install a Velcro battery retention strap through the slots in the Quadcopters bottom frame.
25. Velcro tape your 4+ channel receiver to bottom frame within reach of the control board cables.
26. Run the plug from the 3 wire to 3 wire receiver cable installed in the control board to the first channel of your receiver ensuring that the power and ground (black and red) leads are facing appropriately for your receiver. (Power and ground are supplied on channel one).
27. Run the plug from the 3 one wire to 3 wire receiver cable installed in the control board to the channel 2 = white wire, channel 3 = red wire, channel 4 = black wire on your receiver ensuring that all wires are in the signal edge of your receiver.
28. This completes assembly of the KK X525 ARF Quadcopter: Weighs 1lb, 10oz (740 grams) or with 1800mah 11.1V SuperTigre 7oz battery and Hitec Optima 7 receiver 2lb 2oz (960 grams).
29. You should now charge, install and connect your battery, bond your receiver. Tune and verify correct operation of the control board and motors then balance and install the propellers (Use the number 6 bushings on both sides of propellers).

Once I have set everything up I will publish an addendum that covers that process also. (Done, search my other Posts!)

Overall I am extremely happy with this kit it is a tremendous value.
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Aug 14, 2012, 03:40 AM
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muscleflex's Avatar
Thanks for this. I have recently found this quad package and I'm very tempted. I might order one end of this week when payday comes...
is everything ok on it? the esc are listed as 20amp. are they fine? this is gonna be a first quad for me (i fly helis)
Oct 03, 2012, 12:12 PM
Registered User
Many thanks for this documentation, just what I was looking for.
Oct 03, 2012, 06:41 PM
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gitit20's Avatar
you need these for the x525 kit http://www.ebay.com/itm/160757154600...84.m1423.l2649

A lot better then the stock motor mounts
Oct 03, 2012, 06:42 PM
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gitit20's Avatar
and yes thanks for the info but why do posts keep getting deleted from this thread?
Oct 08, 2012, 02:13 AM
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gitit20's Avatar
The admins should have a sub form for instructions like this :P
Dec 02, 2013, 11:02 PM
Registered User
Thanks for the guided instructions. ive been stuck for the last week trying to trouble shoot my first quadcopter build. Everything is connected as it instructed, however I am still stuck.
I bought the x525 v3 kit of ebay ( 30 A ESC, kk v5.5 flight board) however i received a much different power distribution board ( http://img.dxcdn.com/productimages/sku_149282_2.jpg). I flashed my kk board with 4.7 firmware, plug my 1800 maH battery in, and only the 3rd motor will rotate, leaving all the others pulsating and beeping continuously.... can anyone assist me. in addition i was using a Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2) to communicate with my copter....
Jan 05, 2014, 10:32 AM
Registered User
Which motors did you use here?
Mar 13, 2014, 09:03 PM
Registered User
I recently bought 9xr and X525 V3 (without LED ) QuadCopter
I am thinking to get FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack & V8FR-II RX.
My question is can I use servo extension lead three cables without cutting ?? (though I have 9xr ) and if i need to setup the transmitter.How to do set transmitter because I never did setup :-),can I get instruction ?
any help will be greatly appreciated

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