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Mar 12, 2012, 03:10 PM
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Brand New StuMax 80mm duct fan unit with 1738kV motor installed $400

This is a brand new StuMax SM80-45 eleven blade Duct fan unit with a brand new HET 700-60-1738kV motor installed. Everything was tested and balanced before shipping. I purchased this to install it in either E-flite's Habu 32 DF ARF or E-flite's F-4 Phantom DF ARF but decided to go in a different direction so I now have a new duct fan shipped from Australia direct from Stuart Maxwell who is the designer and owner of StuMax Aircraft. Stu charged me $320 for the Duct fan, $110 for the HET 700-60-1738kV motor and $35.00 for shipping it to the U.S. from Australia. He set out the motor, balanced blade, and test ran it before shipping. It's as perfect as you can get.

I'm shipping this free Priority shipping through the U.S. Postal Service so you'll have it within 3 days of me dropping it off at the post office.

Below is some info Stu personally put out about the unit. Plus a search on YouTube and you'll find many video of this duct fan unit in action and it's something to see. Plus the whole unit is still covered under the original StuMax warranty.

I paid $465.00 for the unit. I'm letting it go for $400.00. Since Stu is the only one that sells these you wont find a better deal.

Hi guys, after lots of requests, I've finally made an 80mm fan for all you Habu32 flyers. It originally seemed like an odd size fan, but Eflite's reasoning that they wanted to stay with a 6S pack seems quite sensible now that I've done it, once you go over 6S you get into multiple packs and extra cost etc. A single 6S 5000 pack can give you 2kW+ of power and still get 3-4 minute flight times. Power hungry crazies can go for more cells if they wish, of course. So, the new fan is not actually all that new, it's the super efficient SM100-45 rotor cut down to 80mm. I've spent a lot of time redesigning the shaft adapter to keep the weight down, and I'm machining the back of the rotor hub back which allows the rotor to be pushed back a bit further, which is important when the rotor is a bit heavier than most. The motor tube is the same as the new ones I'm using in the SM89-45 and will be using in the SM100-45. It's got a 39mm inside diameter, and is suited for the HET700 series motors or thin case 15 series Neu motors. The motor is fixed via 5 x M3 grubscrews just behind the stators, similar to how Tam's fans are done, it's a great idea from Tam (and probably patent applied for by BVM.....) but it does mean you have to use a good high viscosity thermal grease to provide total support around the motor inside the motor tube, as you're grabbing the motor at the rear and not screwing the front down. I'm using the HET700-60 series, it is very efficient, high quality, affordable and readily available. The Neu 1512's would also be a good choice or perhaps the 1509 but do remember it's a low rpm/high torque fan compared to the rest. For 6S I use the 1738kV version which, on 6S Turnigy 40C 5000's gives a peak of 2.1kW, settling to about 1800W, on 7S it gives about 2.7kW. For 8S the 1485kV gives a peak of about 3.1kW on 40C 5000's and about 2kW on 7S. Those two motors really cover most options that you would consider, although I'd like to try a lower kV and go for 12S 2650's (as I have a bunch of 4S 2650's for my EF-1 pylon racer). As for thrust, 3.0kW gives about 4kg (8.8lb) static thrust, 3.5kW gives 4.5kg, which is more than enough for the little Habu. The shroud is made from alternating layers of unidirectional and woven pre-preg carbon. It's a solid walled tube as that's a lot more durable than a foam sandwich one and only very slightly heavier. It's also made in long lengths by someone else, which means I'll be able to keep up with production rather than spend my time laying up shrouds (which is oh so much fun). There's no tailcone, as it's tight getting anything into the Habu, adding a tailcone would just make life difficult for no reason other than having a pretty carbon fibre tailcone which you can no longer see. For guys who just have to have a tailcone it's available as an extra. BTW, I just run the motor wires out a slit in the exhaust tube, put some heatshrink around the three of them to keep them in line, then bend them forward and tape them to the shroud and tape around the wire opening in the exhaust.

OK, so how does it perform? I reckon it goes pretty good. I've had quite a bit of flying on my Habu now, and everyone who's seen it perform seems pretty impressed. with a single 6S 5000 pack to charge and the Eflite electric retracts it's a very "no-fuss" model to take flying, which is a refreshing change after playing with the big ones which require a small portable nuclear power station for charging duties. My Habu was built totally stock, except I used JR378 wing servos for flaps and ailerons, Ino Lab HGD250MG's (awesome servo, but hard to find at the moment) for elevators, HS85MG's for rudder and nose steering and a 2A 1100mAh A123 Rx pack. It has the SM80-45 with HET700-60-1738kV motor with 6S 40C Turnigy 5000's and an ICE 100 esc (with red wire removed to disable the BEC). Even though it's stock, it's come in at 8.0lb RTF which was a bit of a shock as I'd heard of Habus weighing 8lb with 8S 5000's. Still, it flies very well, and with this moderate power setup it's not lacking in performance at all. I'm using the stock exhaust tube as well. Basically, I wanted to see how it would go if the stock fan was replaced with the SM80-45 and everything else left the same. Here are a couple of videos showing how it goes. It was pretty windy that day, so I was landing without flaps, and still getting used to the model, but it gives a pretty good idea. The wind was buffeting the mic on the camera, so it's hard to hear the fan, which is actually very quiet. The stock 66mm dia exhaust is ~100% FSA for this fan, which surprised me after I worked it out, as we would never dream of flying an EDF model with a 100% FSA exhaust. I have tried going smaller and it goes faster, loses vertical etc, as you'd expect, however the sound gets louder, probably due to increased exhaust velocity.

We can do the transaction through PayPal so both of us are covered and I'm verified on PayPal as well. I wont accept cash, check, or money order. I'll update PayPal with the tracking info as soon as I ship it out which would be within 1 or 2 business days.

So if interested email me at
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Mar 12, 2012, 04:13 PM
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you scared bro
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pm sent
Mar 12, 2012, 04:24 PM
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Just for clarification not looking for a trade of any kind. Just looking to sell it. I don't think you'll find a brand new unit like this cheaper anywhere else. Plus you'll have it within 3 days once I ship it.

Thanks for looking.
Mar 12, 2012, 09:01 PM
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Wow, wish I had an 80mm jet! And the cash for the fan!

Nice buy!
Mar 13, 2012, 01:35 AM
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Ya it'll be a great deal for someone with a 80mm jet. These things are hard to get and the price is low.
Mar 13, 2012, 01:37 AM
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I definitely thinj the sapac 70mm composite airframes should have been 80mm seems like the happy spot.
Mar 13, 2012, 09:28 AM
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Just having fun before I die!
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PM Sent will take it for $400.00 See PM.
Mar 13, 2012, 03:15 PM
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Badlemon email sent back to you.
Mar 14, 2012, 03:11 AM
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1+1=11 DUH
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stu and espritmodels sell these bad boy mamajamas

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