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Mar 07, 2012, 01:22 AM
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NEWBIE ALERT! --What plane to buy!

Hi all! I've always wanted an RC airplane soooo im gonna buy one.

I've done a bit of research and I think its between these 2:

The Champ:


Slow Stick:

Which one is better and why? Im usually the type to catch on fast and will probably want to upgrade as soon as I get some skill built, so which one of these planes will I be able to use parts for in later airplanes to be purchased? I have heard to invest money in the radios, batteries and rechargers. When I have time to fly I want to be able to fly not wait on batteries what do I need to do to always be in the air when im out?...What else am I missing as a complete noob? ....I should mention I am 8 hours away from completing my actual pilots license so im familiar with lift, drag, thrust, stalls, gravity, landings, upwind downwind, taking off and landing into the wind, weather...and all the other basic. Im also aware that its completly different than RC flying too

Any help is appreciated!!
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Mar 07, 2012, 03:26 AM
An aspirational fast jet pilot
Great_Goose's Avatar
It does not really matter you have made the first correct decision not wanting to fly a 100mph EDF for your first flight. The slow stick is better suited to indoor and champ is better for outdoor use it can handle more wind.
Mar 07, 2012, 04:03 AM
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Hi J, welcome, great place to hang. Have you thought about the HZ Supercub, would you have the room / space? It is a awsome trainer, more durable than the smaller planes, and will handle more wind also. I usually try to get out at least once a week weather permitting. My batteries are always charged, I charge when I return home from flying, some would say not good, but I haven't had any problems with my batteries from doing so.
Mar 07, 2012, 04:36 AM
Fly it low.. and fly it fast!
Hit N Run's Avatar
I also recommend the HobbyZone SuperCub.

It's a great trainer, and you can do a lot of upgrades/mods later on as you progress your skills. They even have a float set for it so you can go flying at the local pond.

And later on when you get a better radio, you can bind it right to your radio (if you get a spektrum radio).

There is an entire thread dedicated to this plane. CLICK HERE
Mar 07, 2012, 07:26 AM
Winter Haven FL
Byrdman's Avatar
Slow Stick without question.

1. Any gear for the Slow Stick can be moved to other planes later. The Champ, and CUB, gear is pretty much useless on anything bigger or faster.

2. The Slow Stick is cheap, easy to fly, easy to repair, slow flying and big. disregard what someone says about Slow Stick being an indoor plane. It's too big unless you are flying in a football stadium. Neither plane flies well in wind and you should fly only when it is calm as a beginner anyway.

3. Slow Stick will allow you to fly further away and higher to allow for the pucker factor. Three mistakes high is doable with the SS not the Champ.

IMO, you are correct in getting the best multi-model radio you can afford along with a reliable charger and lipos first, then decide on a plane.

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Mar 07, 2012, 07:39 AM
Suspended Account
Slow stick agree with the above no matter who you are the cha
P will oh need repair soon after and limited.
Mar 07, 2012, 08:09 AM
An aspirational fast jet pilot
Great_Goose's Avatar
Originally Posted by Byrdman

3. Slow Stick will allow you to fly further away and higher to allow for the pucker factor. Three mistakes high is doable with the SS not with champ
I disagree I found easy to fly the champ three mistakes high with out problem. At the park I fly at there is a new beginner who routinely has his champ 150' up and his is a retired gent in his 60's.
Mar 07, 2012, 08:21 AM
Winter Haven FL
Byrdman's Avatar
Originally Posted by Great_Goose
I disagree I found easy to fly the champ three mistakes high with out problem. At the park I fly at there is a new beginner who routinely has his champ 150' up and his is a retired gent in his 60's.
I agree that it can be flown high, but unless it is an extremely calm day, it will get tossed around a bit. It doesnt matter how high he is flying his champ, do to the size factor alone, you can fly the SS at least 3x's higher. If he is flying 150' with a champ, he can fly 500' with the SS, and I have with mine.

Have you flown both the Champ and the Slow Stick? If so, please tell me why you prefer the champ.
Mar 07, 2012, 08:39 AM
Shelter Kitty "Orange Death"
bartricky's Avatar
The Slow Stick is the most versatile plane I know of.
With enough power it can be a trainer, an AP platform, a pylon racer, a float plane and so on.
With ailerons it will roll and fly inverted.
I have no problem in the wind with mine and have even towed gliders.

The Champ is a toy compared to the SS.
Mar 07, 2012, 09:24 AM
Registered User
I vote Slow Stick so you will get experience building which will translate to repair skills. The experience you get from building this plane will also teach you how to set up a more advanced plane, even if it is RTF/BNF.

Also it is very easy to fly.


Use clear packing tape and don't be afraid to use extra and have it look a little sloppy close up. I wouldn't use any of the included tape.

You don't actually have to measure anything - the kits nowadays have clear markings in the foam to guide the placement of the tail surfaces.

Thick CA foam-safe glue and a bottle of "kicker" spray will cover your gluing needs. For the tail, I bolt on and CA the horizontal stab, and CA the vert stab. The kicker is extremely noxious so fresh air is needed.

Buy some pushrod connectors to attach your servo control rods to the tail surfaces, instead of trying to "z-bend" your wires. You can adjust these with a screwdriver or hex key.

Go to for component suggestions and building advice.

I like the Spektrum DX6i for the programmable features at a low price.

Go ahead and buy a soldering iron and decide what connectors you want on your battery/ESC. Buy a bunch of them. Buy extra heat-shrink. I like the "bullet" connectors for my motors and the Deans Ultra for the battery/ESC.

Tools - small screwdriver, metric hex set, x-acto knife, needle-nose pliers w/wire cutter

Get a tackle box
Mar 07, 2012, 09:39 AM
RC plane addict ;-)
startazz's Avatar
They are both good planes to go for and you will always get different people liking other planes to fly for a first plane,maybe because we used different planes to learn on.

I'd say go for a slightly bigger plane than a micro because you might be stuck indoors when there is just a bit to much wind for that to fly in for a new pilot.

As for the a slow stick i never really like that plane but thats just me and i have read how good it is but just not my cup of tea,thats all.

I'd say go for a AXN floater/jet only because it's a bit bigger than the two you picked and it can fly in a little wind or a lot once you get used to it,plus it will fly slow and fast once you get used to it,so i tend to think you won't get bored with it to quick as you might with other trainer planes,you can buy one from but i think they only do them in a PNP/ART format but if you want one ready to fly ( RTF) go for the hobbyking Bixler as that comes RFT and is close to how a AXN will fly,oh if you do go for a Bixler or any other RFT plane try and get a mode 2 radio as thats what most people will use to fly there planes.

If you want to see how good and how popular the AXN is just go over to youtube and type in AXN and you will find loads of good video on it.

I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post so you can find both planes and others in the trainer class.

As you seem to know what would make a good trainer you are half way there to getting a good plane,just remember no matter what plane you do go for now and in the future always do your research.

Good luck and happy flying and remember to stay safe.
Mar 07, 2012, 10:48 AM
Registered User
I vote Slow Stick too. SS has been well known and flown as a trainer, while experienced pilots enjoyed their relaxing hours by flying their SS'.

SS is the most affordable plane on markets, all you have to do would be spending a day or even an afternoon to build it up, and learn to install the motor, servos, receiver, ESC, battery pack and push rods on it. It's a part of this hobby, and the experience you got on it will be very helpful when upgrading to other advanced airplanes.

Mar 07, 2012, 10:53 AM
'tis nothing
shunyata's Avatar
Originally Posted by jammerz

The Champ:


Slow Stick:

... I am 8 hours away from completing my actual pilots license so im familiar with lift, drag, thrust, stalls, gravity, landings, upwind downwind, taking off and landing into the wind, weather...and all the other basic. Im also aware that its completly different than RC flying too
Well, for one thing, you're way ahead of most of us who enter this hobby. You understand patterns, the importance of having a routine for missed approaches, the relationship between the throttle and trim, flight envelopes, etc..

What you are missing is the experience of flying a plane disembodied. And that flight controls become reversed depending on the perspective. For some of this, a flight simulator is hard to beat.

Of those two, if you have the room to fly it, go with the Slow Stick. If budget is not an issue, get both. The Champ is a hoot and a keeper and a great lunch time flyer.
Mar 07, 2012, 10:55 AM
Redacted per NSA "suggestion"
dedStik's Avatar
Slow Stick.

Reasons for:

It's a larger plane, 46 in wingspan 12 oz flight weight. It will do better in winds between 5 - 10 mph than the Champ.

The champ.

20 inch wingspan
1.3 oz

You will not be able to fly in wind above 5 mph.
Mar 07, 2012, 11:00 AM
Drone offender FA377YHFNC
Okay, there is one question you have to answer in order to answer your question: do you feel competent building a kit that leaves a lot to the imagination in the instructions department?

The Slow Stick will fly better and be more tolerant to wind than the Champ, BUT it is strictly a by guess and by golly experience for the builder. There is plenty (underline that!) of help in the RC Groups Ultimate Slow Stick Help Thread, but you can get buried in a thousand side tracks and differing opinions. The truth is most everybody over there is right as there are a thousand ways to build a great Slow Stick. You must feel confident in navigating a sea of options and strong opinions. Then you must be confident that your building skills can turn out a Slow Stick. If you're okay with all that the Slow Stick is maybe the best single plane ever designed for beginner and fossil alike. Even if you don't start out with a Slow Stick, BUILD ONE!

The Champ is the current king of the hill in totally ready to fly out of the box learner planes. It is reasonably crash resistant, easy to fly, take it out the back door and toss it in the sky. Because if its small size and small flying field requirements, you can amass more stick time per month with a Champ than with any other kind of plane, Super Cub included. So why are these clowns pushing the Super Cub?

It's because the Champ, being an ultra-micro is completely non-tolerant of wind. 5 mph is about the ultimate hurricane conditions for the Champ, yes I know some have successfully flown it in more. It isn't fun and many have crashed doing it too. Early in the morning and just before sunset may be your only opportunities to fly this thing. But that is STILL twice a day and as I said above, just open the back door, toss her in the air and you're flying before you could load up your car to go to a distant flying field.

People get in trouble with the Champ by trying to extend the envelope by flying in inappropriate conditions for the plane. I wouldn't fall for the build it so you can repair it song and dance. You own lots of things you can repair that you didn't build. Think about it. Lots of people have never built a plane but are very good at repairing them.
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