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Mar 06, 2012, 08:41 AM
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slope site database for the new england region.

I've been doing some slope hunting, and figured I would share locations and information that I have gathered.
I am new to the sloping world, but would love to help out and build up a nice data base of sloping locations/potential locations in the region. there seems to be a real lack of information on New England slope sites, which makes it real hard for a noob such as myself to get started.
I have a list of potential locations in the seacoast region of New Hampshire and Maine that I have been scouting out. usually I'll tag the locations in google earth then head out and hit as many of them as I can in one day.

If anyone has any slope sites or info on locations in New England, please feel free to add what you've got .
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Mar 06, 2012, 09:07 AM
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blue job mountain

first up, one that I know is good.

blue job mountain in strafford, NH. located on 1st Crown Point Rd.
best slope faces northwest, but has many more spots along the top for different wind conditions

this mountain has two peaks, the most northern peak has almost no trees on it.
like most NH mountains it is made of granite, so bring something that can take a hit.
the hike is about 20 minutes to the top. head past the radio tower down the backside of the mountain and you'll see the second peak.
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Mar 06, 2012, 09:25 AM
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Deer Island
copied from another website. I'm really looking forward to flying here

Deer Island is just minutes from downtown Boston and offers both east and west facing slopes. The property is part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Public areas are open dawn to dusk every day. Using the address 175 Tafts Ave., Winthrop, MA 02152 will get you close. The parking area is at the end of Tafts Ave.

There are several paved foot paths but the direct route to the launch areas is a well worn, uphill dirt path from the parking lot. In addition to seagulls and other soaring birds, the site is often When the winds are westerly you get a great view of downtown Boston and Logan Airport.
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Mar 06, 2012, 10:03 AM
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wagon hill farm

wagon hill farm. route 4 Durham, NH

this hill isn't very steep ,but if the winds are coming NNE or the SSE its decent for a lightweight sloper.
Mar 12, 2012, 09:21 PM
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prospect mountain. alton NH

found this mountain on google earth, and it looks pretty good.
I actually drove up there today ,but got stuck in some snow so I couldn't scope out the summit. from what I could see from the base, its steep, has almost no trees on it, and is covered in grass and small bushes.
there is also a road that goes up to the summit, but I'm not sure if its accessible to the public. its pretty rare to find a mountain with no trees on it in New Hampshire, this one might be a real winner.
once the snow melts and the roads are opened I'll head up and give a full report

in the meantime you can see prospect mountain in the backdrop of this photo
Mar 12, 2012, 10:45 PM
Piscine Promulgator
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Have you heard about ?

Might want to see if these sites aren't in there already, and add them if they aren't. Pretty cool website!

Mar 13, 2012, 05:05 PM
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cool thanks for the link. I will definitely add to it.
on a side note your VTPR videos are what inspired me to get into sloping. I've got a guppy on the way from LED.
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Mar 13, 2012, 05:12 PM
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Whoa, right on! Thanks man! I think you're going to enjoy this, it's possibly the coolest form of R/C flying. Especially when the wind is blowing hard - then it's downright cold!

Good luck! And have fun!!

Mar 13, 2012, 05:44 PM
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prospect mountain

ok, I couldn't resist. the weather was perfect today so I drove out as far as I could until I got stuck, then hoofed the rest.
well, it was totally worth it. the mountain is slopable from almost any wind direction, and is only about a 10-15 minute hike to the summit. some of the steeper slopes facing the north and west are pretty rocky, but not as bad as most mountains in NH.
I had at least three 30-40 minute flights with my weasel and a bunch of shorter ones as well.
the only downside I can see is that mountain itself is a blueberry farm hence the lack of trees. this means that we'll have to get permission to go up there.

here are some pics from today
Mar 13, 2012, 05:59 PM
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Nice site! I can already envision your Guppy doing taildrags through the bushes The face of the slope looks really good for VTPR-style flying. Have fun! I can't imagine the property owners would mind, especially if you can make a habit of showing your face in the "offseason" for the berries, then when they are ripe they will know you are legit and not a problem. In theory anyways!

Mar 14, 2012, 08:40 AM
It's time for me to fly
JimZinVT's Avatar
Nice to see some New England activity here! I've been trying to get into sloping, but oddly enough here in Vermont, the "Green Mountain State", a beginner-friendly slope is hard to find. Here in south/central VT the mountains are entirely forested; the open land is all on the valley floors. I've got a couple shallow grassy hills nearby that I've been flying my scratchbuilt DLG-type planes off, and when conditions are just right I can catch a little slope lift. There are some sites around that might be good for a skilled flier but the launch/landing zones are tiny rock ledges and if you miss or go down, you're in the big trees. A great deal of the land around here is posted against tresspassing, which doesn't help any. The western US idea of "public land" really does not exist here. doesn't have anything useful to me in the immediate area.

And I'll also say that Surfimp's and SwissPeter's videos are a major reason why I want to fly slope....I love the slow relaxed feel of your VTPR flying. (If I fly vtpr in Vermont, is it VTVTPR? :-)

I'll add a few New England ideas though:

Cape Cod, MA - There are oceanfront dunes from ~20' to ~100' high all along Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic side that look perfect for sloping. Mostly drive-to access and multiple wind directions. I'll be down there in a month and hope to do my first "real" slope flying :-)
Here is the CRRC club web page for Cape Cod sites

Cape Cod Atlantic Coast dunes:

Mt. Equinox, Manchester, VT. - 3800' peak (3000' higher than surrounding valleys) in southern VT with a road to the summit ($12 toll). looking at Google Earth, it looks like there may be several potential roadside flying sites with grassy/low brush LZs but I need to get up there and have a look. The road is open May 1st - Oct. 31st. It's all private land; not sure if there would be any issue flying from the roadside parking areas, but we'll find out!

Lake George, NY area. - Not technically in New England but close enough for me! (~1 hour from home). There are at least a couple mountains on the east side of the lake with good western exposure and what look like good LZs from user photos posted on Google Earth. These are hike-to sites with a 2 - 3 mile walk through the woods each way.

Pilot Knob Preserve:

Pilot Knob Mountain:

Buck Mountain:

p.s. - I've found a way to add USGS topo maps as a layer in Google Earth. Pretty useful for judging the potential of slopes you spot on G.E. See this post for a how-to.
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Mar 14, 2012, 10:16 AM
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Dave Garwood has done a bunch of coverage about flying the dunes of Cape Cod in Model Aviation - looks like a super fun place to fly.

Good luck!

Mar 14, 2012, 03:14 PM
Dunetop Flyer
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I you want, send me a PM when you come to the Cape. Maybe we can get together and do some flying and show you some good beginner friendly slopes. Don't wait too long because some of our sites will be closed by the park rangers once the endangered bird species start to nest around the end of April.
Mar 14, 2012, 04:04 PM
It's time for me to fly
JimZinVT's Avatar
Thanks! It's looking like I'll be there 4/14 - 21, staying in Brewster a few steps from Linell and Crosby landings on the bay side. Some small dunes there that should work on a north wind, but I know the bigger dunes are on the outer Cape.

I've been flying some hand-launch and electric the last 6 months but am a total beginner when it comes to slope. So places where I can easily walk down to the beach and pick up my planes would be ideal....I'll probably be doing that a lot.

I guess those little Piping Plovers don't only displace the off-road vehicle crowd!
Mar 14, 2012, 06:39 PM
Dunetop Flyer
jcarstan's Avatar
Well, that's real close to where I live. The dunes at Linnel and Crosby work best in NW wind.
Bring along electric also. Can fly in the marsh area at Crosby - hand launch. For better flying need to go to Wellfleet about 30 min from Brewster. Duck Harbor (good for beginner) for W and SW and White Crest (small landing area on top but lots of area on beach below) for NE and E wind.
Yes, piping plovers rule The "environmental" ranger told us that our slope planes looked like predator birds and now flying near nesting areas is prohibited.

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