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Mar 06, 2012, 09:25 AM
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Miss Norway 110% build thread...electric!!!

Miss Norway 110% build thread...electric!!!

The Miss Norway was a featured construction article from the RCM Flight Training Manual #2. The Ernst Totland design has some pretty terrific design elements for the time and has always been on my "build some day list".

Our model was "blown-up" 110% and is designed expressly for e-power using a Hacker spec'd motor and speed control turning a 12 x 10 or 13 x 8 prop at 13,000 plus RPM on a 5s or 6s battery.

The project began last Fall with my team of experts including Dave Guerin, Dave Snow and Tom Miller AKA..."Rusty's Elves". These guys have helped me create a series of custom kits (no profits or proceeds ever get to me!!!) including the MAN 1978 TOC Akromaster, MAN 1978 Laser 200 and the Model Aviation 1978 Zlin 526. Each kit is engineered for glow or electric, features laser cut inter-locking parts of balsa and light plywood, foam flying surfaces and turtle decks if applicable. Cowls, wheel pants and canopies are available from other suppliers as well.

Here is the photo dump of the basic parts and completed foam wing/stabs.

Short kits will be available from "Rusty's Elves" for a modest price.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
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Mar 06, 2012, 02:27 PM
Mach 1
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Had one back in the day.Beutiful flying airplane..
Mar 06, 2012, 02:46 PM
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Miss Norway

Miss Norway 110%...

The RCM Flight Training Manual 2 made a huge impression on me as a 12 year old. I wore it out memorizing the pictures and words and dreaming about the models.

Please take a look at an interview I did for my classic pattern periodical called "The Classic Pattern Trader" as well as the Miss Norway article.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Mar 07, 2012, 12:23 AM
KE your cub.
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Those stacks of balsa and ply look nothing like a Miss Norway rusty!

I expect you're going to go with a period colour scheme?
Mar 07, 2012, 07:37 PM
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Looking foward to this one. What are the specs of the "new" Miss Norway?

Mar 08, 2012, 08:41 AM
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Miss Norway...how big is it?

I realyyu do not remember and will have to measure it. The larger size will make it fly even better and take advantage of the incredible power of the e-motor systems today.

Step 1- Remove parts from the laser cut sheets.

Dave Snow has created (3) other models for me as well as make some specialized parts like servo boxes for standard and the special Futaba aileron servos. This kit is incredible from an engineering stand point with parts made from balsa, light ply and aircraft grade plywood.

The parts have little ticks to retain them in the sheets which I use an x-acto knife to cut and the parts fall out. The scribe is used to punch out the circles...note that the formers even have perfectly aligned holes for nylon tubes to capture the .07 carbon pushrods and rudder cables. The formers also have a laser cut center-line which I add thin CA to reinforce the part at the laser line.

The various pictures show the entire collection of parts and the sheet that is uncut is the fin and rudder building jig and ribs.

It took about an hour to remove the parts for one model. I am building (2) models simultaneously and identically. The wing stab and rudder will be Monokote with the fuselage glassed with Z-Poxy and 3/4 ounce cloth and then finished with PPG base coat clear urethane. The canopy will be made of green foam and glassed. We created parts to have a clear canopy but will not be used on the (2) models for this thread.

What is the mystery cowl? Bridi Super Fli which is ready to paint and cover!

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Mar 08, 2012, 11:48 AM
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Ernst really came up with a rather unconventional pattern design in the Miss Norway. He also drew some rather nice plans for it with several details being shown all of which lend themselves to it being an excellent candidate for Dave's outstanding CAD work.

The Strasser article was enjoyable to read. I can provide the original dimensions for those interested as they are noted on the RCM plans:

Length: 56-1/4" (1430)
Span: 57" (1450 mm)
Area: 610 sq in (40 dm^2)
Weight: 7-1/4 lbs (3250 g)
Max Weight: 8-1/8" lbs (3700g)

Assuming the 110% version is unaltered in planform and moments, it's dimensions would be roughly:

Length: 61-7/8" (1573 mm)
Span: 62-3/4" (1595 mm)
Area: 743 sq in (48 dm^2)

Given the modern and light construction approach, the spec weights will likely be very easy to maintain or improve on.

It's interesting how forward thinking Ernst was in coming up with a square model using a low aspect ratio wing. These very same 110% dimensions were used by Hanson 10 years later for the last in his series of Tipo's; albeit with a higher aspect ratio wing.


What was designed into the front end to provide for motor cooling? Will it be something simple like a hole in the chin of the cowl area?

Last edited by doxilia; Mar 08, 2012 at 11:55 AM.
Mar 08, 2012, 12:06 PM
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How to cool the motor?

David, your calculations look correct. I do not remember but I may have had the fuselage blown up an additional 10%...like we did with the Dalotel 30 size which we did based on how well the cartoony styling of the Great Planes fantastic flying Sequence.

How to cool the motor?

The spinner is 2 1/2" and there is not a lot of room so I chose to simply have the bottom portion of the cowl an opening. The Hacker A50-10S is firewall mounted to the plywood firewall (holes are pre-drilled on former) and will be easily mounted through the bottom and the screws through the canopy hatch.

See the photos of the TOC Akromaster. Same idea, understanding that the Miss Norway will be a cone shape rather than the side of a barn with rounded corners.

By the way, anyone interested in a "Rusty's Elves" Miss Norway kit, I have one additional available for $100 plus shipping for the laser parts and $70 plus shipping for the foam wings and stabs.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Mar 12, 2012, 09:03 AM
Registered User

Fuselage construction...40 pictures!

The following was completed in less than 4 hours in the work shop.

I will add comments as I have more time. The pieces and design logis is just about perfect so far. The rudder cable exit is 14mm too low and I am changing the fuselage sheeting to 1/2" balsa blocks in the landing gear area.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Mar 13, 2012, 07:50 PM
Suspended Account
Ahaa !!!!

We see who's really doing the building. The cat is out of the bag now!!

So let's get on with it, we are all waiting!!!

Mar 14, 2012, 10:56 AM
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Miss Norway...more photos of completed work

My son Tom (7) is actually becoming a pretty good little builder. He is quite helpful.

More photos of my boc of lettered, numbered and fractional drill bits, using tap to check threads of blind nuts before firewall is installed and nose gear bulkhead detal, view of formers before sheeting and details of how the tail fits together.

Dave Snow is very, very good at crating these special kits!! he is also an incrdible pilot winnning masters at the Nats a few years ago and finishing in the top 8 for many, many years.

I have been out of town the last few days and will have the model ready to cover by Sunday night.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Mar 14, 2012, 12:15 PM
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doxilia's Avatar

nice to see hours of work designing a classic in CAD fall into place with a bunch of laser cut pieces.

Is the front end all cut from 1/8" aircraft ply? Is 1/8" being used for both the motor mount plate as well as the nose gear plate? If so, I'm surprised that one can bolt ~1500 W to a plate that thin. Then again, I guess the stiffness is all in the framework.

I also saw what looked like two servo 1/8" lite ply plates - one for a P-P setup on rudder and the other for the elevator servo which seems to also allow a second servo to be installed (or maybe its just to give the option to mount the servo cross-wise in the fuse). I assume there will be three servos in the wing (ailerons and gear) and three in the fuse (rudder, elevator and gear)?

I see a yellow spinner, are you planning to do a yellow and red trim scheme? I assumed you'd want to be faithful to the Norwegian flag colours.

Looking forward to seeing the block work.


P.S. I have yet to finish up those Dalotel 30 drawings. One day, I'll just power through it. Enlarging the fuse was a lot more work than I first anticipated as everything has to be dimensionally cross referenced anew.
Mar 14, 2012, 01:28 PM
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David's excellent questions...

See photo below and nose ring, F-1 motor mount, F-2 retract mount and F-3 and the battery tray are 1/8 aircraft plywood. What we have learned from the e- motors is that the torque is just crazy. The motor will not puu through the material and the fuselage is very robust and does not twist. The pieces all inter lock.

There will be (2) retract servos probably the nose like I did for my Deception and conventionally (2) aileron servos and a retract servo in the wing.

You are correct; there are (2) 1/8" lite ply plates for the pull-pull rudder servo and the elevator servo. The opening for the elevator is so the output wheel can be centered. I use .060 or .070 carbon rods for the pushrods connected to a tube and then a ball end. The deflection differential is undetectable but mounting the servo perpendicular has 0.0 of deflection error from elevator half to elevator half.

The spinner is a Great Planes 2 1/2" with lightened back plate that I will remove the nose to reduce moror temperature 10 -15 degrees and simplify the mounting and removal. Yellow is just what I had available.

Color scheme...the Norwegian colors are red, blue on a white field. I am not Norwegian and will probably create a new scheme based on what I would have done a s a kid. The Trion that Dave Guerin is building, for example, will have the same crazy light blue, dark blue trim and orange like my Tiporare. The Tiporare is now Bill Cunningham's Tiporare!

Hanno's 1973 WC Super Sciroly is interesting to me although I am already doing my Sig Komet in that scheme. Mark Radcliff's Phoenix scheme would work perfectly, the Jim Kirkland Cutlass scheme works well...the Chip Hyde jeckyll scheme would work well and even my Conquest 120 scheme shown below.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Last edited by Berusty; Mar 14, 2012 at 03:28 PM.
Mar 19, 2012, 03:49 PM
Registered User

The first on eis always a little tricky

The Miss Norway 110% prototype continues.

Challenge- I am very ok with the motor not being totally enclosed and we designed the motor to be loaded and therefore cooled from the bottom...still a pretty tight installation.

Canopy- Hobby Lobby sells the foam which will be bonded to a 3/32" floor and a few bulkheads that were included with the kit.

Nose retract- Relieving for the steering arm. I will mount the Futaba 136G just in front of F-4. I also use a seperate steering servo and use cables.

Better photos of plans. I just do not feel comfortable just posting the D. Snow prints!

The tools I use to shape and sand...Permagrit and a cool japanese saw all from Central Hobbies!

I have basically figured out how to do everything and will now be able to build faster to complete this prototype and the second model by the end of the month.

Rusty Dose
Team Futaba
Mar 20, 2012, 11:42 AM
RC since 1979!! AMA 112747
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I always loved the lines on the Conquest. Sure would be nice to get my hands on one!

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